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Found 8 results

  1. I just received my new Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S and have been testing the macro functionality. The functionality in it selv suits my needs, but the execution speed is way to slow! As far as I can see it executes in the same speed as I recorded it (?). But I want to execute it as fast as possible. Scenario: I want to clean a 2000 lines space delimiter text file, so I start recording, record what I want to do on one line. Then I want to execute it for all 2000 lines in the file. As it executes in the same speed as I recorded for one line, it will take too long time to execute for the 2000 lines, so I want it to execute immediately without any dealy between each key stroke. How can I achieve this?
  2. Is there a way to make the delay between macros custom? Like is there a way to make it 15 ms instead of the two closest options 12 ms and 24 ms?
  3. Hello everyone, I made a video on how to record a macro for a Cooler Master Storm Gaming mouse. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! (only related questions about macros). Cheers, Cooler Master Representative Pim
  4. In Cooler Master website, at ''Trigger Z'' section, there is no software to download. But at ''Trigger'' section, it does, but i have a Trigger Z keyboard, so, does Trigger software works for both ? If it doesn't, can someone show me where to download Trigger Z software? And last question: this is the software where we can make the keyboard macros/profiles, isn't it ?
  5. My Sentinel III software stops working everytime I try to create a macro. If I press the "New" button the software stops working. I already downloaded the latest versions of the firmware and software. Can someone help me, please? (since I bought this mouse mostly because of the Macro function)
  6. Hey ! I encountered a problem with my CM Storm Trigger Z keyboard ! In any program , for example : Skype , Teamspeak , Any program that u can bind keys to it , it seems like it doesnt even recognize the M1-5 keys .... For example , I went to Teamspeak settings -> and I wanted to bind Mute Mic to M1 ! , in the box u need to press what key you want to bind , and when I press M1 , NOTHING happens ! Like they doesnt even work.. Is there any solution to fix this ? How can I enable my M1-5 keys ? Thanks !
  7. Hello i recently bought a CM Storm Reaper and i have to say its a great mouse problem is i cant get the Rapid Fire to work i really have no idea how to get it to work i add it to my left click button but when i go into my game i click it and noting happens can some one help me i looked all over YouTube and the internet for help videos but have found none.
  8. Hello! I need help please, I recently bought a CM Storm Mech keyboard I can not use the macro, how to configure them? I can not use the software .. How to combine two keys during a game? For example if I play Call Of Duty, I'd aim and shoot just a touch, but how? Thank you for all your answers, it's urgent thank you I started^^