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Found 5 results

  1. Burl


    Im upgrading from Intel to Amd Ryzen. Id like to keep my MA610P but sadly didnt keep the other mounting brackets. Is their a link or point me a way to buy some?
  2. Hello! My motherboard - MSI B150M - does not support 12V RGB connections, so I have to use the controller included in the cooler package. The problem is that LED does not work. I tried connecting it to 3 different molex ports. Fans are working perfectly, however. Searched for solutions on the web, inc. forums, but did not find a working one. By the way, PC case's LED lighting is also connected to the same molex (after the ma610p controller) and work without any issues.
  3. I want to remove them and have them as case fans can i do that?
  4. I needed to replace my old V8 GTS cooler because the fans on it started to get a bit grindy and I also wanted full RGB with Aura support. I ended up settling on the MA610P. I installed it last night, but for the life of me I cannot get it to light up with Aura. I'm using the RGB header from the back of my ASUS Strix Vega 64 with two trident (3 way) RGB splitter cables. - first Trident cable is connected to the header. - one connector is connected to the RGB cable from the MA610P which doesn't light up. - other connector is connected to the other Trident cable which is connected to 3 CM Pro Case Fans which all light up as expected. I've tested all of the cable connectors with the CM Pro Case fans and they all work as expected, so nothing is wrong with the cables. I've tested the controller that came with the MA610P and it lights up the cooler as expected. This tells me that functionally, all connectors seem to be working as expected, the fan lights are all working, but it's just not talking to Aura even though there is a Aura icon on the packaging. Does anyone have any ideas? Did I miss something?
  5. Hello, I'm facing issues with my new CPU cooler (MasterAir MA610P), The cooler is functional and assembled properly, but RGB lighting is not working. All the connections are perfectly attached and cooling part is working well. The controller C10L is connected to cooler and Molex and I can feel the controller heating, but lights aren't there. I tried reconnecting every cable and tried playing around with the controllers buttons, nothing seems helpful. Specs: 6700k (LGA 1151) Asus Z170 Pro Gaming (no RGB support) CM G550M PSU CM Storm Trooper GTX 1070 FE Thank you.