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Found 7 results

  1. josh

    case fans to loud

    hello. i was wondering how to turn down the fan speeds on my case fans because there very loud an i can stream with it or record. thank you.
  2. built a new pc featuring the psu in the title and im having a few problems. 1. it sounds like a jet engine while gaming even when temperatures are below 50 degrees 2. it doesnt quiet down after ive exited the game and temps have dropped below 30 3. getting some annoying coil whine which can only be heard when the pc is turned off any help is appreciated, dont really want to rma it as ill have to redo the cable management that i put too much time into
  3. i just recently bought and installed a coolermaster masterliquid240l and connected it all up to the pc and found that the fans are extremely loud, like really loud. I have tried going into the BIOS and changing the fan speeds there but nothing turned them down. this very annoying seeing as some people said in the reviews on amazon saying that the fans were really quiet, did i do something wrong? i just followed the manual, thats all.
  4. I just installed the Master Liquid 120 Lite. Is it supposed to run at 100% all the time? Since it's a 3 pin connector it doesn't work with PWM? The reason i bought this item was because my previous air-fan was loud, but the 120 Lite pump is even louder....
  5. My brand new masterwatt 550 is squealing when under load from say a game or what not. Should I be concerned about this?
  6. This is not coil whine. It starts revving after the GPU has been going, but it becomes louder than the GPU. In this video, the PSU goes from max speed to Idle:
  7. OK Im going to be as specific as possible. The pump sounds like a fish tank pump and is overpowering in my room. I am using the motherboard Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3. Here is a diagram of the fan inputs on the board: Currently I have a NOCTUA PWM Y-CABLE coming off the CPU_FAN 1 The 3 pin connector is going to the fans and the 4 pin connector is going to the pump. These are my BIOS options: The CPU Smart FAN Control is set to NORMAL CPU Smart FAN Mode is Auto OK...thats the current setup and Im just guessing that my pump is either running nonstop FULLSPEED....or there is some problem with it. Any help or suggestions for adjustments are greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!