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Found 6 results

  1. So, 1 year ago I assembled a brand new PC, with a MSI Z390 MEG ACE and Cooler Master ML360R CPU Cooler, until 1 month ago (before I left my house to go in France) I didn't have ANY problem at all, but the exact day I came home I found out that the pump leds were basically dead, beacause when I turned on my PC I immediatly noticed that ALL the pump leds except one were turned off, and just one led was working (the cooler's fans leds work perfectly) I checked on MasterPlus if someone did something to the pump led, but nothing, it was all exactly as I left it. After a few time the PC was working, the other pump leds restarted to work but they were freezed except for the same one that worked before. After other time I noticed that the ARGB Spectrum effect was going to start but it worked 2 seconds and then..freezed again. Actually all the LEDs are freezed with a "blue color" since a couple of hours. The ONLY problem (but I don't think so) it could be that I haven't changed yet thermal paste since 1 year.
  2. Hi, I'm from India, Hyderabad. I raised a ticket yet I am explaining my problem each day with one comment. I'm not sure how many days it will take. I felt I will get any help and assistance here PC Configuration : AM4 Socket 1. I wanted to apply thermal paste and taking out the screws attached to Clamps (C ) and I found the frame was detached I thought it will fit. 2. I applied paste and I unable to connect D and L parts as screws are going completely into L because the frame was loose. 3. Even I connect them, when I try to screw for L, frame and L completely are detaching from the cooler. If anyone facing issue, please let me know how to find resolution. Thank you.
  3. Little time ago I built my first pc. I bought it from Arvutitark Estonia. From the beginning it made some noise, from time to time. Like one week ago I heard something really bad. I installed Argus monitor to control the fans to make it quieter. I tried putting SYS_FAN3_PUMP to max (100%) and it started making hard, hard rattling noise. I dont know what is causing it. I already brought the pc to Arvutitark and they said that they changed some kind of a fan. Do you have any recommendations? I really thought that it wouldnt cause any problems, but turns out otherwise... I think the noise is coming from the pump or from the radiator fans.
  4. Bought my liquid cooler a year ago. It started making noise other than that of air being stuck. The pump sounds more like a the pump is giving up i guess. If anyone knows about this do help me
  5. Hello, I wanna register my Product Ml240R and I can't find the S/N of the item as I threw the box, Cooler Master says that it is on the wire of the CPU Block/ Pump and I can't find anything. Thanks.
  6. Hello there i have been out the pc game for a canny few years, memory is slowly coming back lol I have a cooler master liquid cooler 120 i think on an intel 6700k i7 For the past couple months there has been a problem with the cpu fan speed not registering on intel tuning utility for the first 10/15 mins of the pc being booted up and the temperatures rise just sat there ticking over until the fan speed registers then the temperature plummets to 20+degrees, the fan on the cooler is spinning constantly so that can't be the problem, is my water pump on its way out? Im hesitating on buying a new one incase the problem magically persists once a new cooler is installed lol. Can also hear like a surging noise/pulsating sound until the rpm registers 2 imagas are attached of the cpu rpm and temps rising/lowering Any help would be greatly appreciated - kind regards john