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Found 13 results

  1. Recmmended cooler for CM Trooper Tower

    Can anyone recommend an AIO Liquid Cooler for my CM Trooper Case. Currently using Corsair H80i V2. 970A Gaming series Mobo with AMD FX series 9590 CPU. Wanting to OC. I don't want to mod my case or the cooler. Is there an AIO especially suited for this case? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have a mastercase pro 5 what liquid cooling (with radiators) are supported on the TOP? please suggest options thanks
  3. Hello everyone, So I have the masterliquid 240 but I've read somewhere that the tubing is too short for frontal installation in some cases. I want to buy the masterbox lite 5, does anyone know if that's gonna be a problem? Thanks in advance!!!
  4. Gurgling/Trickling Noise

    I have just installed the Cooler Master MasterLiquid 120 to my Phanteks P400S and upon the first boot I could hear gurgling and water trickling so immediately worried and shut my PC down. Upon research it seems other AIO users have had similar problems however I want a definite answer. Is this okay or do I need to return my product and get another? When I rebooted my computer I have had the same problem. I stress tested my CPU and FPU for 45 minutes with AIDA64 and 15 minutes with CPU-Z and Cinebench. Temperatures didn't go above 50 degrees celcius at 3.8ghz with voltages not going above 1.325V. This seems good to me however should I be expecting more for my money? I am using a Ryzen 5 1600 and a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard. Should I be concerned about leaks as I don't have another £450 to replace my GTX 1080 if it does.
  5. High Static Pressure Fans

    I am rather confused regarding what is considered "high static pressure" fans. The Masterfan Pro 120 Air Pressure RGB Fan has a rating of 1.45 +/- 10%. The Masterfan Pro has a low of 1.45 and a top of 4.6 Are the two fans being measured the same way? Why does RGB kill static pressure?
  6. okay, first off I have 2 questions.. first off.. i am reading that this is supposed to be on full speed at all times? using hwinfo64, the cpu fan is the fans on this AIO correct? well i dont know if what im using came with my motherboard or what "asus rog crosshair VI hero" but there is this thing thats on my screen a circle with an X.. if I click on it it has silent, standard, turbo, or full speed.. i normally put it on standard when doing stuff that does not need alot of cpu.. but if i game or something i put it on extreme or tubro which takes it from 700 rpm to 2000 when its on 2000 there is a whineing noise im guessing from the fan, or fans.. so my first question is... I have this running to the cpu2 fan header using the y splitter that came with it.. am I doing something wrong? am I supposed to leave it on extreme (2000 RPM) at all times? my 2nd question is.. im wanting to upgrade, replace the fans.. with 2 of these NF-F12 iPPC-2000 PWM Fan with Focused Flow™ and SSO2 Bearing they are 4 pin.. first off will these be good for me to use? they are 4 pin.. will the splitter that came with it work? cause I dont remember if the fans that came with it are 4 pin or 3 pin... and if it wont work.. what splitter will i want to buy? do I want a splitter that hooks two 4 pin fans into one 3 pin? or into one 4 pin? i want to make sure that i buy the right thing cause its going to set me back $50 I have added an image of my hwinfo64 which shows all the temps and stuff.. this the max on the temps and speeds was gaming on battlefield 1 just in case this will help you answer my question i have asus rog crosshair vi hero amd ryzen 7 1800x 2x8 (16GB) corsair vengeance ram 3200 m.2 evo ssd 2TB SSHD windows 10
  7. Haf 932

    Got a cooler Master haf 932 that's six years old.How do I remove cooling tank so I can change the water
  8. I'm preparing a new build and have bought a Silencio 652S case and the Seidon 240M liquid cooling unit. I will mount the radiator at the top of the case and I have two questions: 1) With the radiator mounted at the very top of the 652S and the fans mounted under the radiator inside the case, thereby pulling air from the radiator, must I keep the top plastic cover off the case in order to expose the vents or can I keep the cover on? I'm pretty sure the answer is to keep the cover off but I want to verify this. 2) If the top front cover is left off, is it preferable to push the air through the radiator to the outside of the case?
  9. Hi ! I've got a tower case HAF-XM, in which I mounted the following: NZXT KRAKEN X61 for the AMD FX 9730 processor, on a ASROCK Xtreme9 with 32GB Gskill 2400 ram, 2x EVGA 660 SC and few HDD My idea now is to cool both VGA with a 2 set of Seidon 120 (or NZXT KRAKEN X31) with 2x NZXT KRAKEN G10 on the back of the HDD rack (between the rack and the PSU). Question is: Would they fit both radiators and fans? as there is this plastic cover to hide all the cables in between the PSU and the HDD cage, not sure if would fit. Another option I'm considering is to mount 2x Arctic Cooling Accelero Hybrid II. Any advise you could give me? Many thanks for your support guys! L.
  10. cpu temps too high with nepton 280l

    I recently bought a nepton 280l be cause i wanted to overclock my cpu for 3d rendering, but when i first turned it on after installing the cpu temps where too high, on idle with nothung running and without overclocking, the temp would be between 45°/60°C after seeing this i tried running prime95 to see if the temperature would stay at a reasonable level, but it went up to 98°/100°c. i already checked to see if everything is correctly installed, and everything seems fine! what can i do? or has anybody else encountered this problem? my specs: core i7 4770k fractal 2300 case gtx 769 graphics card nepton 280l
  11. Hi, I have just purchased a seidon 120m and it does not say socket 1150. For the socket 2011 I need to use different standoffs so will these be ok for 1150?
  12. Enforcer cooling

    Hello, lately I received (finally) my enforcer case (without the side fan). I've noticed that it comes with the Megaflow front fan and another pretty simple rear fan. I wanna know if having 1 Megaflow front fan and 1 Megaflow top and 1 Jetflo rear fan is enough for overclocking or should I maybe use x2 Jetflo in front, x2 Jetflo in top and x1 Jetflo in rear? Also, I wanna get the Seidon 120XL and I would like to know if I can fit Seidon 240M in my case on top or not? And if I will get 120XL, can I change the fans to whatever fan I would like to put there in the size of 120mm (something like SickleFlow)? Thank you!