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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all, I was just wondering if there was any way to get just a replacement key. I was cleaning my keyboard today and I have lost a key. It is the letter "G" so not ideal lol I have emailed CM but waiting on a reply and just thought if any of you have had any keys needing replacing. Thanks
  2. Hi there. I currently have the Cooler Master MS120 and the keys H and N don'g work, not sure if there is other keys not working but i'll sort these ones first. I get no response from them whatsoever. I have updated the software for the keyboard using the download files provided by Cooler Master. I have also cleaned under the keys. I am not sure what else I can do. Has anyone dealt with this before or have any solutions? thank you
  3. So basically when I hold a button on my keyboard it starts spamming it at a crazy rate. Like when I hold a button instead of holding it spams. It's extremely frustrating in games that require you to hold something to do an action. I've already clicked FN + E, unplugged, swapped ports, and read the manual multiple times. I don't understand really and would appreciate some help.
  4. I Bougth the combo but the mouse stop working so i opend it and just fixit by re asamble a lose screw but then my keyboard specific keys only like left Alt, dot, left windows key, fn(so i cant change the color and effects) left ctrl left arrow key and num 0 and del keys are not working pls help me
  5. Please help me I have a question Does work with cooler master masterkeys lite L software?
  6. Yesterday i have plugged out and back in my Keyboard. Since then the only thing glowing is ''CAPSLK'' and ''NUMLK'' ''FN'' and ''P1''-''P4'' are not working either. I already tried the support but it's not working either for me. I can't find my Keyboard or any Mechanical Keyboards at all. Pretty Frustrating that even the Support isn't working, isn't it?
  7. So i recently bought the CM Storm Devastator combo and the mouse works fine. The keyboard has problems. I plugged it in and it worked for the first time. But now whenever i plug it into my actual gaming computer it doesnt work. I am aware of the Scroll Lock/LED on/off button and whenever i press that it does not turn on. I plug it in and the PC says installing device drivers and then it tells me it does not recognize the device and it says driver install failed. When i do plug it in it turns on for 1/2 second and turns off. (using windows 7 64 bit)