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Found 32 results

  1. I cant switch between colors and modes on my masterkeys lite l keyboard it is stuck in the rgb rainbow effect.Does anyone know how can i fix this problem?
  2. I have a CMStorm Devastator keyboard with blue backlight. I am a big user of 'Excel'. However, when you put the keyboard 'Backlight' on using the 'Scroll Lock' key, it applies the 'Scroll Lock' to 'Excel' and I can't 'Arrow' between cells.....I have to turn 'Scroll Lock' off to use 'Excel', but then I can't see the keyboard as it turns the 'Backlight' off. .....Arghhhhh!!!....... I have downloaded 'Sharp Keys' to remap the 'Scroll Lock' key elsewhere....but then I lose the 'Backlight' altogether. This must be a common problem.....How do I manage to get the 'Backlight' on without applying the 'Scroll Lock' ?
  3. Is there any info on where will the Masterkeys MK750 will be available with spanish layout? I'm looking specifically for the one with brown switches. I'm actually really surprised it isn't available as of now, because I've been waiting since launch, but can't find it anywhere. Thanks
  4. When I type on my new Masterkey S, each press registers many times unless i tap as quickly as possible. tttttttthhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiissssss iiiiiiiiis wwwwwwhhhhhhhat iiiiiiiiiittttt looooooookssssssssss likkkkeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiffffffffff iiiiiiiiiii ttttyppppppppeeee nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnorrrmmaaaallllyyyy. I ran the example SDK (was just curious what it did), I thought this might have something to do with it. I have tried reinstalling, and changing keyboard settings in windows, both didn't work. Using another keyboard works fine.
  5. Hello, when i hold a button it keeps clicking the button not at a high speed but it will keep clicking and i got the keyboard today, but anyway FN + F5 wont work even tho i have the driver open i think its something about the keyboard but i don't know i bought the keyboard at Komplett it's like a webshop but i don't know if i should contact you guys or the webshop please respond with a real message and not a robot email please respond
  6. Hi, i registered to cm fan zone in order to check my keyboard warranty status. Everytime i put my serial number it doesn't read it and i don't know why. I purchased it on amazon but cm website doesn't recognize it. I found that that my serial number has a pipe in the middle of it, for examble SGK9999GK1|XDXDXD . Don't know if it's a pipe or an l, but it doesn't work either way.
  7. I just purchase the MasterKeys L RGB which I've been looking at since launch, but I wished I payed more attention to the software when I realised there was no way of remapping keys through it. I feel the profile buttons are straight useless and I had the Quickfire TK from coolermaster before and loved the F-lock to have easy access to media keys. Now I find it a hassel to have to hold the key to have quick fire of the media keys. Is there a way around this? Would there be or could there be a software update soon?
  8. Hi, I had my Octane keyboard + mouse combo for about a year when suddenly the lights in the keyboard wouldn't just turn on any more. I stopped using it for 6 months or so but I really like this keyboard and want to use it in dark environments, which at the moment is impossible as I can't see which key is which. Is it possible to get this fixed, or get a replacement part? I'm happy to open up the keyboard and install the part myself (got good soldering skills). The keyboard works perfectly otherwise, every single key, just the lights have stopped working.. I would really not want to throw this into the bin, just because the lights are not working.. I'm really enjoying CM products but if they start dying so quickly, I'm not sure I can justify buying a new keyboard every year.. Many thanks, PJ
  9. these would be wonderful in a masterkeys board
  10. Boyd Winters

    CM storm octane

    Hello everyone, I recently got the cm storm octane gaming gear combo. After 2 days the mousewheel started squeaking, I find this very annoying I can not find a way to open the mouse, so can anyone help me to fix this? Thanks, Boyd
  11. I have a Devastator II keyboard/mouse combo plugged into USB 3 ports on a windows 10 PC. When controlling volume directly through windows (clicking on teh volume bar), volume adjusts fine. But when I try to use the keyboard volume keys, pressing either 'Up' or 'Down' just once seems to trigger a constant 'key is pressed' signal to the computer, because the volume bar is driven up to 100 or down to mute, and stays there. If I try to change the volume through windows, the volume is just driven up or down again, as if someone were holding the key I pressed. I've tried the following: - Unplugging / rebooting - Uninstalling/reinstalling generic drivers - Using SharpKeys to disable the volume keys (no effect, keys weren't disabled) - Using KeyTweak to disable the volume keys (no effect, volume keys were not even recognized when pressed) The only solution I've found is to unplug the keyboard or restart the computer, and then just avoid touching the volume keys. But if it's accidentally pressed, then I've got to unplug/restart all over again.
  12. Is there a firmware for the QuickFire Rapid-i Model SGK-4040-GKCL1-SP (Spanish Layouts) keyboard? Thk!
  13. In september i have build my own pc with a white coolermaster case and until now i've used a white keyboard that had been lingering around in my house. Now it is time to replace it but i can't find a decent white gaming keyboard anywhere. Since I'm also living in Belgium it needs to be a keyboard with AZERTY layout. It would also be nice if it had some led lights to have the "gamer" feel to it. I'm very sad that I can't find one at all :/
  14. My son bought a Masterkeys Lite a few weeks ago. for no apparent reason the keyboard has gone onto Full Keyboard Lock, indicated by a red letter G on the top righthand side of the keyboard. Pressing FN + F11 does nothing to unlock it. All the keys are unresponsive. Is it a faulty keyboard? Is there a way to overide or factory reset the keyboard??
  15. MoneybagsHastings

    Devastator II RGB

    Hi! Just something to throw out there, I'm a big fan of Cooler Master's peripherals, and am typing currently on a Blue LED Devastator. However, one of the pegs has broken and I'm in the market for a new Keyboard, preferably something RGB with a nice program client to change colors easily and on the fly for whatever I'm currently feeling for my setup. So I was thinking browsing through your site, what would be better than a Devastator? A Devastator RGB! Manufactured with the same client that your Masterkeys Pro relies on. I don't know, just something I thought I'd throw out on the forums, if that ever were to exist it would be an instant purchase from me no matter the cost.
  16. So basically, I've had my Octane KB + Mouse for just over 6 months now and it's been fine. But all of a sudden it stopped working. Not a single key works, the LEDs are on, kb lock is OFF. Please help, the cm my product(s) system isn't working either.
  17. Laima Udre

    Quickfire TK Numpad failure

    Hi. Bought Quickfire TK recently, for my transcription work. It's lovely, good job on that, but I have a problem with Num Pad that i cannot solve. Num Pad keys when NUMLK is off (INS, HOME, etc) work perfectly, but whenever NUMLK is on and i need basic Num Pad, numbers 1 and 3 are not working. Everything else is working just fine. Is there any way at all to solve this, as this is very important for my job. Thanks in advance. P. S. There is nothing physically wrong with the keys.
  18. I recently just bought the CM Storm Devastator and I noticed that there is no software to go along with it to change the DPI, etc. Am I missing something or is there no software. P.S. I mentioned changing the DPI, how do you do that?
  19. Thodoris Xatzis

    Master Keys Pro s Keyboard Layout

    Hi, I would like to ask if anyone knows what is the difference between master keys pro s Italian layout and master keys pro s UK layout. I am asking because i see photos of the master keys pro s italian layout at stores and it seems pretty much the same. No differences at all. Thank you.
  20. I just bought a CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid keyboard. But I don't know how to turn the Number Lock on key? There is no number pad on this keyboard. I need to use the number lock at work to log in and out and for all passwords on the applications we use at work. So it is imperative to turn the number lock. Please help!
  21. Hi guys, I purchased my new CM Storm Octane Gaming Gear Combo, i.e, Keyboard and Mouse. I thought about trying the new awesome keyboard and mouse, so I started a game. The mouse works really well. But when I try to move the character using the keyboard by holding the "W" key, the character moves as if I was pressing the key repeatedly and not holding it. I thought it might be a game problem but when I tried it with my old keyboard, it worked. So, does anybody know how to solve it or has any other person faced this problem before? It's not just W key, it happens with all other keys.
  22. I have verified that its the keyboard causing my computer to crash as it doesn't happen with this other one i have plugged in. This seems like a rather weird glitch, and it is quite annoying.. After about 10 to 20 minutes of playing a game whether it be H1Z1 or CSGO, the sound will loop and my computer fans will turn on full blast and the screen will go black, the only way to restart is to hold the power button. My specs are as follows: asus z-87k 8gb corsair vengence i5 4670k @4.2ghz GTX 770 ACX SC Corsair 550vs Windows 10
  23. Hi I have a problem with my octane keyboard. I've only 3 colors : blue, red, purple and off. But the mouse have the 7 colors. I tried to connect on other pc but it did nothing. i bought this keyboard with this problem, so is it a manufacturing problem? or upon delivery, my pc or other? My PC : HP p6-2475ef windows 10 Please help me (sorry for my english, i'm french )
  24. Panda The Person

    Time To Take 10 Keyless Further

    I found my way to the cooler master site in hopes they would be one of those awesome companies that still have a suggestion area and by Odin's beard there's a link on the main page to the forums that serve as just that. So i signed up and now it's time to do my part. I apologize for the spelling and grammar you're about to experience. I'm about 3 hours past when i should've went to sleep because of Newegg (is there a medical term for Newegg spec +/- price comparisons that keep you up at night? There should be. ONCD or something.) Anyways Cooler Master here is my conundrum. I am in the market for a keyboard, and i was so interested in the Storm series that i immediately decided i need to go 10 keyless. And my wallet is just yearning to give you my money. But I can't. Initially i saw the Quickfire for around $90 with mx browns and i was like, "yup, that's the one." Then I saw the Rapid-i with the programmable lighting for each button, which for most people wouldn't matter, but i am a console convert still trying to learn the standard keys on a keyboard in shooters. The shift is always easy to find, but i constantly forget which button is the melee. So I love that feature for my specific situation. But that $130 price bracket is tough. The Corsair K70 is at about $120 right now,, with one additional USB for the mouse or headset + voice control scroll wheel. The Razer Black Widow Stealth Edition Expert is $100 with 3.5 mm jacks and a mouse side usb w/o programmable lighting. The K70 being full sized hurts it for me, and I visually dislike the key design on all Razers so incredibly much. I've used a friends extensively, and I find the font on the shift and enter keys distracting. Even though i don't look at the keyboard 97% of the time while typing, i'm constantly seeing those funky letters out of the corner of my eye and they cause me to pause before i use them. So this is what i need out of a CM Storm TKless. It needs to have a side usb for the mouse. and it needs to have volume jacks. IT WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE to add an inch back on the width of the keyboard for those features to be there! Atleast the side USB for the mouse. If the Rapid-I had both of those I'd be done shopping. And unfortunately, without them i may have to settle for a fullsized keyboard that i don't want. I think the CM Quickfire Keyboards are the best looking keyboards within $50+ of their price range.And it kills me to be buying something else. If CM dropped a press release saying they would be launching a Quickfire with those features in September i would wait willingly. So please. Remove the ten key, replace it with goodies. A volume wheel for the headset would also save me so much fumbling in the dark.
  25. So I was having a glass of Sprite and I accidentally spilled some on my keyboard (on the right side where my numpad is) and after I was finished cleaning that up (it's still going rampant, won't stop writing), my mouse started double clicking. I wasn't able to open the mouse to see what was wrong, but does anyone have a fix? Any help is appreciated!