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Found 48 results

  1. Hello all, I want to buy CM Devastator 2 (keyboard + mouse) and I want to know if it is Linux-compatible. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers
  2. So basically when I hold a button on my keyboard it starts spamming it at a crazy rate. Like when I hold a button instead of holding it spams. It's extremely frustrating in games that require you to hold something to do an action. I've already clicked FN + E, unplugged, swapped ports, and read the manual multiple times. I don't understand really and would appreciate some help.
  3. Does anyone know if Cooler Master are going to offer alternative key caps for their SK650 keyboard? Although I love the action of the keys, the caps currently supplied with the keyboard cause me to make numerous keying mistakes due to the small amount of distance between each key cap. My present SK650 has been modified by me using key caps from a generic key cap supplier but I could only replace the "normal" keys. I was unable to replace any key that has a key lever underneath as they were incompatible with the purchased key cap set. So I now have a keyboard with a mixture of key cap styles. The keyboard is now MUCH better and more accurate to use but looks like the keyboard equivalent of Frankenstein's monster. An alternate, complete, key cap set by Cooler Master that has a smaller surface area top (and/or bigger gap between keys) would be MOST welcome. I would buy the alternate set (if it was suitable) as soon as possible. The SK650 keyboard, although excellent in most aspects, is totally let down by the current key caps.
  4. So the thing is, after pressing Caps Lock once it would stop the rgb under it for a moment and it would go back to normal. But After downloading this software to customaize rgb and playing in it for a bit, something is wrong. Now when caps lock is Off there is no light under him and after I press it the backlight is ON all the time... same for scroll lock key. It pisses me off that with my caps lock off there is no backlight! I dont know what happend. Tryed reseting all profiles in this rgb software and nothing works. The problem occures in all modes, wave, static, circle etc. I dont understand why the backlight wouldn't come back after pressing it 2nd time to set it Off! Thats how it used to be all the time wth!
  5. I have a QuickFire XT keyboard. For a long time, I had noticed that when pressing some keys together may cause the computer to restart(macOS) or sleep(Windows 10). After a series of tests, I find out it's caused by the left CTRL+WIN keys. When I press CTRL+WIN together, the computer will halt. That's SO WEIRED? Is it a bug of the keyboard hardware or firmware? Need help.
  6. When I type on my new Masterkey S, each press registers many times unless i tap as quickly as possible. tttttttthhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiissssss iiiiiiiiis wwwwwwhhhhhhhat iiiiiiiiiittttt looooooookssssssssss likkkkeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiffffffffff iiiiiiiiiii ttttyppppppppeeee nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnorrrmmaaaallllyyyy. I ran the example SDK (was just curious what it did), I thought this might have something to do with it. I have tried reinstalling, and changing keyboard settings in windows, both didn't work. Using another keyboard works fine.
  7. Ok im not english speaker but ill try my best you to understand me :) My keyboard magically is locked and i cant unliock this, the letter G now is turned on and i "Fn + F11" doesnt work, so i dont know what to do, i need help, the lights works, windows recognize the keyboard but this is locked and i cant unlock this, i really need help :'c
  8. so i hold down any key on my keyboard (Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S) and instead of it just holding down it spams the key so when i hold W it's like spamming w instead of just moving foward it goes like im just pressing the key over and over? Help please.
  9. Hi, I have a new SK650. The "manual" (if you can call it that) that comes with the device is nearly useless. Is there any better documentation for this device? Many of the Function key combinations do not behave as described in the manual or react at all. There are also no instructions for how to save profiles, reset the device, reset specific features, and more. For $150+ product ($149 plus tax and shipping) I think Cooler Master could do better. Thanks.
  10. okay i am new to mechanical keyboards and Masterkeys Pro L is my first mechanical keyboard. i love the keys and the design but the leds are bit off well not off.. when i turn off all the lights there are still some lights on but they are dimly switched on. i tried resetting all the settings and it still the same. is it common or is it not how is supposed to be. i used the function keys to turn off the lights and its like this. while i am typing this the Y keys is not turning on. its flickering. is this a common issue?
  11. HI, Can you dim the Keyboard light on the CK630?
  12. The software does not recognize my keyboard, I have reinstalled, and it still does not recognize
  13. I have a CMStorm Devastator keyboard with blue backlight. I am a big user of 'Excel'. However, when you put the keyboard 'Backlight' on using the 'Scroll Lock' key, it applies the 'Scroll Lock' to 'Excel' and I can't 'Arrow' between cells.....I have to turn 'Scroll Lock' off to use 'Excel', but then I can't see the keyboard as it turns the 'Backlight' off. .....Arghhhhh!!!....... I have downloaded 'Sharp Keys' to remap the 'Scroll Lock' key elsewhere....but then I lose the 'Backlight' altogether. This must be a common problem.....How do I manage to get the 'Backlight' on without applying the 'Scroll Lock' ?
  14. Yesterday i have plugged out and back in my Keyboard. Since then the only thing glowing is ''CAPSLK'' and ''NUMLK'' ''FN'' and ''P1''-''P4'' are not working either. I already tried the support but it's not working either for me. I can't find my Keyboard or any Mechanical Keyboards at all. Pretty Frustrating that even the Support isn't working, isn't it?
  15. Hello, I have a problem with my master key lite l keyboard. As shown below on the picture attached, a white clamp in my spacebar is broken, It's tiny and I tried finding replacements and spare spacebar key with it. I have failed to find anything. Is there anyone that can help me with this problem, please? I would appreciate your help. thank you
  16. This is my first post in this forums. I've been into the mechanical keyboarding building journey for about 6 months now. I've been looking in the market for a wireless TKL keyboard that has RGB lighting and is exactly the same size as a CM Storm QuickFire Rapid. Reason for this is I have a custom aluminum casing that can only fit a QuickFire Rapid. So below are my questions before I go out and buy a MasterKeys Pro S RGB 1. There seems to be some typo on the dimensions in the product link. It says 359 x 130.8 x 39mm can I get a confirmation from the community what the actual size is? My worry is with the 130.8. I believe it should be 138mm? 2. Is there a way to set a timeout on the LED back lighting? I basically need to know if there are any power saving features from this keyboard? 3. Is there an audio-visualizer feature on this keyboard like with other competitors such as Corsair keyboards? What I hope to do once I get a MasterKeys Pro is to recreate the project in the imgur link. What the project did was to fit a Bluetooth HID emulator into the case of a wired keyboard. Together with the modifications above. I hope to change the switches too to some modified switches that I have. I will keep this thread updated with my build log whether or not I get a MasterKeys keyboard or not.
  17. The CK550 seems like the perfect keyboard for me, but I want to use it over PS/2. Will the CK550 work if I plug it into my PS/2 port using a USB to PS/2 adapter? I can't find any information online about this so that's why I'm asking here.
  18. I cant switch between colors and modes on my masterkeys lite l keyboard it is stuck in the rgb rainbow effect.Does anyone know how can i fix this problem?
  19. Is there any info on where will the Masterkeys MK750 will be available with spanish layout? I'm looking specifically for the one with brown switches. I'm actually really surprised it isn't available as of now, because I've been waiting since launch, but can't find it anywhere. Thanks
  20. Hello, when i hold a button it keeps clicking the button not at a high speed but it will keep clicking and i got the keyboard today, but anyway FN + F5 wont work even tho i have the driver open i think its something about the keyboard but i don't know i bought the keyboard at Komplett it's like a webshop but i don't know if i should contact you guys or the webshop please respond with a real message and not a robot email please respond
  21. Hi, i registered to cm fan zone in order to check my keyboard warranty status. Everytime i put my serial number it doesn't read it and i don't know why. I purchased it on amazon but cm website doesn't recognize it. I found that that my serial number has a pipe in the middle of it, for examble SGK9999GK1|XDXDXD . Don't know if it's a pipe or an l, but it doesn't work either way.
  22. I just purchase the MasterKeys L RGB which I've been looking at since launch, but I wished I payed more attention to the software when I realised there was no way of remapping keys through it. I feel the profile buttons are straight useless and I had the Quickfire TK from coolermaster before and loved the F-lock to have easy access to media keys. Now I find it a hassel to have to hold the key to have quick fire of the media keys. Is there a way around this? Would there be or could there be a software update soon?
  23. Hi, I had my Octane keyboard + mouse combo for about a year when suddenly the lights in the keyboard wouldn't just turn on any more. I stopped using it for 6 months or so but I really like this keyboard and want to use it in dark environments, which at the moment is impossible as I can't see which key is which. Is it possible to get this fixed, or get a replacement part? I'm happy to open up the keyboard and install the part myself (got good soldering skills). The keyboard works perfectly otherwise, every single key, just the lights have stopped working.. I would really not want to throw this into the bin, just because the lights are not working.. I'm really enjoying CM products but if they start dying so quickly, I'm not sure I can justify buying a new keyboard every year.. Many thanks, PJ
  24. these would be wonderful in a masterkeys board
  25. Hi there, Many people experiencing expeirencing same problem on their mouse from Masterkeys Lite L combo set so i decided to make main thread about this trouble. So, the static mode with option to change colours not working after some time after purchase. The light stay at cyan colour (for me) and nothing happens when clicking DPI button + back button on the side. This command (dpi button + back button) isnt totally broken because im able to change effect speed ONLY in color cycle mode - in other modes like static, static breathing nothing happens too. Tried every button combo and nothing change color in static mode. It's really annoying because mouse static light mode stuck on one colour (last user setting). It's looks like internal memory bug or something related to mouse firmware. I think best way to solve this will be make a software where we can change light via pc. Cooler Master please fix it but remember - return is not an option for some people becasue they got this mouse in set with keyboard and returns/warranty servicing must took whole set with keyboard... If someone know how to fix it please reply in this topic - let's fix that worldwide problem ! Kudos for any tips/infos/solution/answers