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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, sorry if this is not the right way to make a topic but i'm new. I have this masterkeys pro S RGB, after the update to windows 10, when I play FPS games, and for example I hold down W button to move forward, it doesn't register the button as being held down, but apparently it registers it as it being pressed multiple times extremely rapidly, making every single game unplayable. I also noticed that while holding down W, Windows registers it as ''Held down' only when I press another random button. Can someone help?
  2. I have bought the MC500M with this RGB-panel in it. The most terrible Thing with this case is the fact, that there is no PSU cover. Is there a possibility to buy a PSU cover without removing the panel?
  3. Hello, Im new here also new to the whole RGB world. Recently i have purchased and put together a computer in NZXT 710 Case, I purchased the ML360R, MF140R, and 3 MF120R RGB. Alos my motherboard is a MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon board. My question is the ML360R came with a controller, how do i plug all 7 fans into this controller to get all the fans to sync? I have had success with the 3 fans from the ML360R and MF140R syncing but when i try to plug the 3 MF120R fans, i cant get the lights to show. All the fans have power. any help would be great
  4. so i hold down any key on my keyboard (Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S) and instead of it just holding down it spams the key so when i hold W it's like spamming w instead of just moving foward it goes like im just pressing the key over and over? Help please.
  5. Hello there everyone. I'm just trying to make a simple macro for sliding attacks in WarFrame, yet I can't seem to find out for the life of me where and how to actually make one. I tried downloading the SteelSeries 3 engine like I saw one of my WF YouTubers had when he was showing off his set up, but I quickly came to the rude awaking that just because you have the software for a macro, doesn't mean you can make it. You need the hardware as well. So I tried to look up "How to make a macro with Cooler Master" and "Marco software from Cooler Master" and just got a whole bunch of keyboards and mouses with build in macro builders and a lot of other stuff. I tried downloading the Cooler Master Portal as that seems to pull up when I searched for a solution and so far it has only pointed me to the forms. So now I turn to the forms and probably people smarter than myself at 4 in the morning for help. I have the Cooler Master SGB-3040-kkmf1-us keyboard and mouse combo for anyone who is wondering
  6. I have bought 15 May 2014 the "devastator kit" keyboard (MB24) and mouse (MS2K) on 09.04.2014 Today the mouse (MS2K) kit no longer works the left button. How do I send it to the warranty (which is still valid for 2 years)? thanks for the help in advance.