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Found 3 results

  1. Good Day, I was very pleased and delighted on the return of SickleFlow Fans which is one of your legacy cooling products at CES 2020 but with improvements to its Bearing and Fan Blade Design hence why its named "SickleFlow Version 2". But this time, it is now available in 80mm, 92mm, 120mm & 140mm Variants and I can also choose between Non-LED, Analog RGB & Addressable RGB depending on my preferences. Since Computex 2020 is 6 Months away from today, I would like to suggest my product ideas as early as now for your upcoming products at Computex. I have a visceral liking to your "Coolermaster HAF-X" which is a legendary Full Tower ATX case because of its very spacious interior, generous Fan Mounting Options(including a 200mm Fan Mount on its Left Side Panel) and numerous 5.25" and 3.5" Drive Slots. Hence on Computex 2020, I would also like it to have a glorious comeback in the form of "Coolermaster HAF-X Version 2" or "MasterCase H700P". I would like its Front Panel and Top Panel Cover to be fully meshed in order to provide generous airflow to the internal components be it intake or exhaust. I would like its interior to be modular or user-configurable just like your MasterCase 5 and H500P Mesh and lastly I would like its Fan Mounting Options and Radiator Mounting Options to have 4x120/140mm or 3x 200mm Fan or up to 480/560mm Radiator in the Front Panel and Top Panel, 1x120/140mm Fan or Radiator in the Rear Panel and 3x120/140mm or 2x 200mm Fan in the Left Side Panel. I would also like the user to be able to choose the type of Left Side Panel between Plain Steel Side Panel, Windowed Acrylic Side Panel or Tempered Glass Side Panel depending on his/her needs or preferences. I am a visceral Cooler Master supporter since 2011 and I sincerely hope you will make serious consideration of my product ideas.
  2. Hi, Recently when moving house one of the castor wheels on my HAF-X RC-942 became damaged. I have submitted a support ticket to see if I can order a replacement, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this, possibly if there was a generic castor wheel or set of wheels that would be compatible. I'm considering just going without wheels again although with the number of hard drives and GPUs and things it makes the case a lot easier to move around when I want to open it up. Depending on the results of my enquiry I may try repairing this wheel and also measuring the bolt spacing and order one myself. thanks, Daniel
  3. Hey there, I've contacted the support team and got no response on multiple forms of communication. Can someone please get in touch with me on how to get more parts for the Cooler Master HAF-X case. I am working on reconstructing and reviving the PC I made in high school. I need some hard drive bays for the top 5.25" inserts (possibly called hot swap bays). I'm also wondering if there is a way to remove or replace the internal hard drive rack. Some of the sliders broke and I would need some new ones. The bottom piece where the wheels are also broke off. It's an aesthetic piece, but necessary in completion of the build. Is there anyway to buy or get these parts replaced? I am in dire need of some support from the CM team. Your phones go to messaging at all hours, everyday, and the support ticket has been sitting there for days. I can provide the proof of purchase and product number if needed. Please help me! Jon