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Found 11 results

  1. H500P Question

    Hello, does anyone know if i can buy a Mesh front to replace the perspex front i have on my H500P. I understand that the new Mesh version of this case, that the top and front MESH parts will fit the H500P, so are CM selling these separately? Thanks
  2. H500P Front Fans no RGB

    I purchased an H500P case. I have connected the fans to 2 different RGB headers, first i had all of my RGB devices connected to a single header, using a series of splitters. Then I attached the H500P front fans and my CPU cooler to an unused RGB header (different header from above). The front fans work thru the fan headers, but the lighting to the RGB header doesnt. Im assuming this should work without any controller if the board has RGB headers correct? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
  3. Hey guys, I have a simple question. Can H500P fit 2x 360mm radiators without any clearance issues for the fittings? I really don't want to place a wrong order. Thanks.
  4. I love the design of the H500p and want to get one, but after hearing about the thermal issues I went to a micro center near me to look at it in person to see if it really was that bad. Turns out there is actually only about half an inch of space for the 2 front fans to get air through the mesh grills on the sides which is not something I want. Does anyone know the planned release date for the updates to this case are?
  5. Will be upgrades for H500P?

    So i finished my current gaming Rig and i love it very much, i have no problems with temps whatsoever its well known by now that H500P can get better with Mesh Front+Top panels, as shown in the new cases in CES, (H500M) CPU Max Temp on Ryzen 5 1600 @3.9ghz is 62c on max load after 30mins stress test with MA610P cpu cooler and when Gaming never goes above 52-53c. im here to ask if Cooler Master plans to sell Modded Panels to the people who bought the original H500P. (any clue if this is under plan?)
  6. Rebuilding my Rig!! Advice needed.

    Hello friends from Cooler Master and Happy New year. Recently i builded my gaming rig but had to use some old items due to low budget, now its my time to fix the last few colors and items in my build to make it fully perfect. My current Build Rig is this: Ryzen 5 1600 @3.8ghz Cpu cooler stock Asus Strix B350-f Gaming mobo ddr4 2x4gb 2800mhz HyperX Fury MSI gtx1060 6gb Gaming X 250gb SSD Samsung evo 600gb Sata 7.200 RPM Thermaltake overseer white edition full tower case Thermaltake TR2 700w PSU So let me go straight to the point. I felt in love with these items from cooler master and they are already in my basket from a greek shop. (im Greek ) i have to check for compatibility first and or any ideas from you very please. I want these: CoolerMaster H500P (the best case i have ever seen so far) it is made for me and my eyes CoolerMaster MasterAir MA610P to replace the stock cooler from Ryzen. (and if possible to push the oc a little bit higher) will it be possible? 2 pieces of these fans to place them on top as exhaust Cooler Master MasterFan MF200R RGB and 1 piece of Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120 Air Balance RGB to replace the black rear thats default on H500P for more color and style. With these items my gaming Rig will just go beyond this world in terms of look , style and uniqueness So please im here to do a couple questions regarding this build: 1. Are all the cables long enough to reach my mobo and also in combination of the included 3-1 rgb splitter that comes with the case? ( do i need any extra cables to fit everything properly or its going to work like this? ) 2. Can i possibly use a VGA riser to place my card verticaly with this CPU Cooler? *MA610P* if Not im still fine and happy with it. 3. I will be using the included 3-1 rgb splitter to connect the 3 pieces of Cooler Master MasterFan MF200R RGB the 2 front and 1 top or the 2 top and 1 front into one out of the two RGB Headers thats available on my mobo, and the other one left over straight to the other RGB header. are the cables length enough for that? same as 1st question plz. because the 2 MasterFans are in front and the other 2 on top. there will be any trouble combining all the 4 pieces of MasterFans 200m from the front and top into my mobos RGB headers? *The rear Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120 Air Balance i will just use the button on its back for auto color. not gona connect it to any RGB header. 4. What do you think about this build? for me it will transform the overall look and im going to love it very much. i was waiting for a long time to see a good case like the H500P. 5. Maybe any sort of suggestions? Did i missed something? Are the items that i plan to buy and rebuild gona work flawless in my Rig and with my hardware? Thanks in advance and for reading my post, forgive me for my not so good english (i come from Greece). I wait forward for your honest reply and your opinion about what i plan to buy and build. p.s i also have 2 pieces of blue cold cathode lights, i will see where gona place them inside the case when i will finish building it.
  7. h500p and vertical gpu question

    Hello CoolerMaster friends, soon i plan to buy the new CoolerMaster H500P case and i have one question regarding the vertical gpu placement option. My VGA is MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X 6gb and the cpu Cooler is Be Quiet! Dark rock pro 3 i could get an AIO liquid but i dont want to put my system to risk in case of a leak from AIO. I always trust air over Liquid and i dont do much overclock anyway. I wanted to know if my GPU can be placed verticaly with this cpu cooler or not. not really a huge problem but would be cool and totaly new to me if its possible. Thanks in advance, i wait forward for your reply.
  8. H500p verticle gpu mount

    Is there a special bracket that I need to buy to be able to mount my graphics card vertically in my h500p case? I know I need a riser card, but is there any bracket that will hold the GPU in place?
  9. H500P not threaded

    I was very excited to be building in this case I’ve been looking forward to. When it came time to mount my motherboard into the case, I could not get any of the mounting posts to screw in. I then realized that none of the holes were threaded. I ended up having to tap it myself which added time to, and worsened, my first build experience. This was disappointing and also not a good look for a case that just recently launched.
  10. Product Page or Manual for MasterCase H500P?

    Does anyone know if there is a Product Page or Manual out yet for the MasterCase H500P? I've pre-ordered this case and trying to determine what would be the best AIO cooler and what other RGB fans I need to purchase. Does anyone know if their Riser card cable will be worth purchasing or will there be performance issues?
  11. Hello everyone, So i saw that the amazing h500p case will be released in the end of september and that the c700p will be released in mid august. i already have a pc and so i didnt think about it at first, but i talked to a friend and he brought up that a lot of people are trying to build a desktop before school, and not during the first month. So we asked 187 people, of which 98 are adults and the others are teenagers. Of those people, 12 had already built their own system and 35 were looling into building one. So of those 187 people, 143 told us that if they could, they'd buy the case before the beginning of school. The people looking into building the pc all agreed on building before school, while the people who had already built the system mostly would have bought in october anyway. So we got our initial result, but we thought about the c700p, which is a very interesting option, but most of the people we interviewed would've chosen another brand, as the additional cost and size wasn't what they were looking for. as a conclusion, this is probably not going to change any decision from Cooler Master, if it does get read, but the point of this was to look at the new cases and look at how the release date would affect their sales. The result is that of the people we interviewed, most of them would have changed case, while a small portion would have waited, and another small percentage would have taken the c700p. Again, this is probably not going to change anything, but it was very interesting to see how it ended. Thanks for readin'