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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, It has been my second time purchasing a 'Master Liquid Cooler 240 Lite' (I had to send the other one back as the pump did not work - temps were between 70-100 degrees). The second one I got has another problem: on start up only one of the two fans are initially recognised (however the cooling is still workings as the temperatures stay around 39-40 degrees) and it regularly takes anytime between a minute for it to be recognised as working - bare in mind BOTH fans are spinning, it just takes time for the 2nd fan to be recognised and then cooling is consistent and acts like it should for the whole period of the time I am on my PC. I may have mistakenly kept the cooler for this long but, after having to return the 1st one I was less inclined to do so and considering it still worked normally after the waiting time it 'made sense' in a way not to. Overall is there a fix for this? or should I RMA this product as I fear it may stop recognising the fan all together. Thanks!
  2. So, after 6 months this happened. (See pics) Been waiting on a response from a ticket for 3 days now, I have had to go and buy another CPU Cooler because I'm in the unknown on what to do next and also need to test parts due to liquid getting into the PCIE slot and on the motherboard. I'm probably going to get a response and then wait another 3-4 days to get a response. Someone help please. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, there has been a problem with my masterkeys pro s keyboard. I have a faulty mechanical blue switch for my "W" key that does not make clicking sound like its supposed to. I'm trying to get a rma but there is no RMA button under my product although I have registered my product and uploaded the receipt. My product is still under warranty. Please help!
  4. Hi there, Many people experiencing expeirencing same problem on their mouse from Masterkeys Lite L combo set so i decided to make main thread about this trouble. So, the static mode with option to change colours not working after some time after purchase. The light stay at cyan colour (for me) and nothing happens when clicking DPI button + back button on the side. This command (dpi button + back button) isnt totally broken because im able to change effect speed ONLY in color cycle mode - in other modes like static, static breathing nothing happens too. Tried every button combo and nothing change color in static mode. It's really annoying because mouse static light mode stuck on one colour (last user setting). It's looks like internal memory bug or something related to mouse firmware. I think best way to solve this will be make a software where we can change light via pc. Cooler Master please fix it but remember - return is not an option for some people becasue they got this mouse in set with keyboard and returns/warranty servicing must took whole set with keyboard... If someone know how to fix it please reply in this topic - let's fix that worldwide problem ! Kudos for any tips/infos/solution/answers