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Found 4 results

  1. I recently purchased an Elite 110 case from cooler master, and I really enjoy having the small form factor and the case is totally fine other than the front usb connectors. For some reason, they refuse to cooperate at all, I assumed this was possibly a driver issue so I went ahead and finished the build, installed windows, and installed all necessary drivers to no avail. Windows detects a constant disconnect/reconnect cycle when anything is plugged into the 2 front usb connectors and I’ve tried numerous documented software solutions with no success. I really don’t want to have to return the case and get a new one because I would have to disassemble the entire build, is there anyway that I could replace the front usb cables/pcb without replacing the whole case?
  2. Hello everyone. Last year, my modding-project HOVERYZE took a place in the top 5 best AMD mods of CMWS2018. For CMWS2019, I am preparing a project that is dedicated to drift car of Arkadiy Tsaregradtsev - 1200hp Nissan R34 Skyline with a R35 VR38DETT engine swap – without a doubt the most advanced R34 drift project in the world. "Badass GT-R" - that's the nickname of this Skyline. Arkadiy Tsaregradtsev (Arkadiy instagram) Russian top-drifter. He is three-time RDS Siberia (Russian Drift Series) champion, but before those titles was already regarded as the godfather of Siberian drifting for organizing the first events and pushing drift culture to the masses. He’s not only loved for his aggressive drifting style, but also for active involvement in drift-related projects, as well as being an honest (often sarcastic) and fun car show host. In 2017, he became vice-champion of first FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup. Arkady participates in RDS GP, D1GP in Japan, Gymkhana Grid 2019 in Poland and many others competitions. Article about RDS GP on Arkadiy is the pilot of the Fail Crew team, the most stylish drift team. I like the mITX format of motherboards, so I will do my project on the basis of the Cooler Master Elite 110 chassis. Inside, I plan to install a full-size Nvidia GeForce RTX2080 Founders Edition graphics card with a custom panel. And a lot of aluminum, carbon, water cooling on CPU and scull lamp. It will be interesting.
  3. Hello! Is it possible to install an Intel Liquid Cooling System BXTS13X in an Elite 110 case? Here's a link to the installation guide of the BXTS13X: Cheers, R.
  4. I have recently Build a small form factor PC using the CM Elite 110 And am looking for a bag, Ideally a large backpack to fit it in. I cannot find anywhere discussing bags that this will fit in, closest i got was a carry case. Doing my own research I found an Amazon Basics, Camera Case. In which the interior dimensions do seem pretty spot on but was wondering if anyone had a second opinion. Also I have a Portable 15.6" monitor that fits in the laptop slot so any recommendations of other bags please take that into account, Thanks Thanks a lot.