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Found 3 results

  1. So I am putting together a new build and can't find a case that will work for me. My current system is over 9 years old and I have 6x 3.5 inch drives that I will need to move over to the new build but I can't find a case that will work. Every last one of the cases I have looked at have only 2x or 3x 3.5 inch drive bays and I can't find any accessory drive bays to add to the case. My old HAF tower had room for the 6 drives but I need to keep running my old system while I am building my new one. Also that HAF case has mesh front and side panels that provide for plenty of airflow. Here is what I would like: - A case with drive bays for 6x 3.5 inch drives or a case where you can add drive bays in order to get up to the 6 drives I need. - Mid Tower Case 21 inch high (542mm) I might settle for a 18.7 inch case (475mm) if there was enough room inside for what I want to do. - Mesh (not tempered glass) especially on the front of the case. - Room for a closed loop processor cooler with a radiator mounted on the inside top of the case - USB 3.1, 3.2 and 2.0 connections available on the front or top or side of the case. I suppose I could use an external USB 2.0 Hub but that takes up desk space - One or multiple 5.25 Inch bays usable for either internal ODDs and/or USB connector and status panels. - RGB that works with Gigabyte Motherboards or an accessory that will give me RGB I kind of like the MASTERCASE H500P MESH ARGB (I would accept the glass on the side panel but would really like no glass). I know that one does not have 5.25 inch bays or USB 2.0 on the front, but it is a trade-off I can make. Here is what I plan on building: Gigabyte Aorus Master Z390 Motherboard Intel i9-9900k Samsung 970 EVO Plus pcie 1GB SSD running as pcie 4x Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super graphics card CoolerMaster ML280L (or equivalent) Cooler Crucial Ballistix 32GB - DDR4-3200 Does anyone have any suggestions for a case especially about how to add drive bays to get to the 6x 3.5 inch drives?
  2. I wanted to share my unpleasant experience with this case which otherwise is an excellent case: great build quality, good looks, good documentation but there is a big design issue. This case is sold as a turnable drive cage solution. It comes with the drive cages turned sideways and the manual shows how to turn them. Well, you can turn one of the 2 cages around but not the other because there is a BIG non-removable support bar in the way. I have attached a pic to show the situation. I feel that I have wasted my time and money on a very badly designed case as I can only have 3 HDD in this case and I don't like stacking drives one on top of the other so it's a real bust. Not only will I never buy another CM case but I will tell everyone I know never to buy another CM case. Your nVidia HAF case had no front Audio connector and all of the front panel USB ports were upside down. I would have thought that a company with your good name would be a bit more careful with your QA... I guess not. I am an unhappy customer.
  3. I bought a second 4 in 3 drive cage for my Trooper case a while back but it didn't come with the walls that the cage attaches to, I only have 2 that are currently fixed to my first drive cage and I need another 2 for the second. I'm unsure the specific name for the part so I haven't had much luck in searching for where to buy a replacement. I have attacked pictures with the part I'm looking for highlighted. Thanks in advance for any help