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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I raised a support ticket. I got a response and was able to attach a new video where the fan noise is more audible. But I can’t actually respond to the ticket with a new comment. thanks.
  2. last year, my headset mic stopped working out of nowhere, due to warranty i was available for a new product. took 4 weeks for them to send a new one back after the goods were received on my CM Fanzone RMA status. I've yet to receive any word or communication at all. Now, the audio stopped working out of nowhere and due to warranty it is still replaceable. Sent it in about 2 months ago and still no response via email or any form of communication. Goods have been received and they said they would send a new product last month - still waiting for a response. I understand its COVID hours but an email response would be great updating me. I've been headset-less for 2 months.
  3. I first ordered a new mm711 and the left click was very loose and was rubbing on something which made a horrible squeaky sound and I could feel it through the entire mouse, unbearable. Then I got a replacement through the provided warrenty and was sent one with the same exact issue. I then looked at the warrenty period of both mice and saw they were both made within the same week in october which leads me to believe that there was a bad batch of these mice sent out. I attached a link to a video of the noise it makes when using. Also when trying to connect with cooler master support, first of all, no one ever answers the phone number and theres hold line or option to leave a message which is ridiculous as all I want to do is speak with someone about my difficulties. And second, their other options for online service are horrible and they are terrible about responding in a timely fashion. If youre an employee please respond to this or call me at 5035049049 as I need this to be dealt with and no one is helping me out. Link to video:
  4. i have yet received any acknowledgement on either (support ticket, or RMA), no-one ever answers the phone no matter when i call, no responds to email, i'm not mailing a letter. i will send customer response complaints to amazon, if product warranty honaring, or actual person-person customer service doesn't occur as promised, much i contact europe, or china? i mean come on!
  5. So heres there issue I am having. I am using the HAF XB EVO for the case for a Video Recording server I am building and and running into an issue where the XDOCK will only read 1of the 2 4tb WD HDD's that are connected. the bios is up to date and the hdds are readable being plugged directly into the sata cables but not while using the XDOCK. I have been trying to get in touch with customer service for the last two hours with no luck. Does the XDOCK have a maximum supported HDD size or a QVL of what HDD's do work with it? Does anyone have a phone number that dosnt send you to voicemail afer telling you that there is one person infront of you twice?