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Found 6 results

  1. Hi a question, I want to order one of the cooling kits. Either MasterLiquid Pro 280 or MasterLiquid Pro 240. One article a little while ago and also one of the reviews says the 280 is compatible with my case others say it is not. If you check the manual / specs on both products it is possible to fit. Maybe anyone can clarify why it would not fit? MasterLiquid Pro 280:(radiator) 311 x 138 x 27 mm Cosmos II : I now run 3 fans with 140 mm size each on top frame. Liquid Cooling Support Top 240mm/280mm radiator (max 320mm radiator)
  2. Cosmos Cooling sadness

    Before buying a shiny new Cosmos II case for my new build I took the trouble to phone coolermaster netherlands and ask specifically if the new MasterLiquid Pro 240 cooler would mount into the top of the Cosmos II case, and was reassured it would. Unless I'm unaware of a special fitting kit for this case or suchforth I cannot see how the MasterLiquid Pro 240 can be fitted to the Cosmos II case. Anyone able to help out with answers or info ?
  3. So I recently bought the Cooler Master Cosmos II case for my build everything was going fine and I love the case but then, I tried to install the 2 fans on the side panel like it was made to do. One of them installed proper and everything is fine, then i tried to put the second fan in and the damn side panel mesh is in the way of the screw hole??? What do I do and have any of you had this same problem.
  4. Cosmos II-Front Panel missing magnets

    I recently purchased a cosmos ii and didn't realize that my case is missing the magnets that hold the front panel in place until after I finished my build. Anyone know how I can get a replacement panel or magnets for my panel?
  5. Cosmos II Power button problem

    Hi folks, For the last few months I've had erratic behaviour with the power button on the top panel of my Cosmos II case. Currently I cannot get the PC to turn on at all. No amount of pressing, holding it down, letting it go, anything is bringing it to life. I have unplugged the power cord from the PSU and turned that on and off a few times as well to no avail. This started happening quite a few months ago now and then it "just fixed itself" after I went through the same behaviour I'm doing now and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I am about to repot the contents of this PC into another case to try to isolate the problem to this case, but I'm pretty sure its a case problem rather than a connectivity problem since it has been working fine for the last few weeks and then suddenly stopped. So my question here is "Are there any other simple diagnostics you guys can think that I should try to get to the bottom of it?" Or "Are there known issues with this power button on this case?" I bought this case just over 2 years ago now so ironically, I'm just outside my 2Y warranty !!! Thanks in advance, Andrew
  6. Cosmos II side panel Could you do a side panel with window for Cosmos II