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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I've installed cooler master fans on my computer already and everything works great. But, my MSI motherboard has a software called dragon center, where I can control the colors of my motherboard lights and it says I could do the same with Corsair RGB fans and hub, it supports ARGB things too. (Attached are couple of useful pictures from motherboard's book). My question is, Can you tell me exactly what hub or connectors would I need to connect my current Cooler Master fans (SF360R ARGB and SF120R ARGB) to my motherboard instead of using their manual controllers, so I could control them through the Dragon Center software? Maybe send me a link or something to all needed products/instructions. My MSI motherboard is MPG 2390 Gaming Edge AC Thank you in advance
  2. This most lovely of connectors: is the TBU power connector socket for a Dell R730/xd and looks a lot like the 4-pin power connectors we all know and love, but is about 20% smaller. I'd like to use this to power a disc drive, but I don't wish to fork out £36 for a second hand one. I'd like to buy the connector and rig something up myself... but I have no idea what it's called. Anyone?
  3. I recently installed, and am running a set of three mf120r argb fans. I connected them to the chassis fan 1 and 2 pins, as well as the CPU OPT pin on my rog x570 e gaming motherboard. None of the fans light up, and I don't know how to connect them properly so that they do. I have no experience with desktop builds, so I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to properly connect my fans to the motherboard so they light up without the controller. Where do I plug them in, and which wire should I be using to plug them into the motherboard so that they show the rgb? Each fan comes with two pre-attached cables for connecting o the MOBO, so idk which one to use, and where to plug them in. I'm also using a fractal design meshify-c case, so I would also appreciate suggestions on how to manage the fan cables so my case isn't a mess.
  4. Hi, I bought a cooler master cosmos c700m 2 months ago, building the pc bit by bit, when I got to the point of having the PSU + MOBO, i connected the relevant cables to it and everything was perfect. Up until today the leds were working perfectly, i finished assembling the rest of the pieces, AIO/CPU, RAM, m.2, etc. and was having an error with the cpu fan. While checking the cables I noticed it was placed on an incorrect pin so naturally plugged it correctly (before figuring that out, i was re-arranging the connectors of the PC and unplugged both the sata x2 and the power cable that goes on top of the PCB on the mobo (case). The thing is for some reason now the leds dont work at all, all the 4 fans of the case work flawlessly, but the leds of the case are completely dead, also the buttons of the front panel (audio and usb works perfect) dont work, neither the fan speed control lights & functionality work, and the lights & buttons of the led control stay all 3 on but unresponsive. I tried plugging the 4 connectors of the LEDs in every order on the 3 available 3 pin cables (theres one that's missing 1 pin in the middle? dunno if that's normal) according to the manual 1 connector will remain free out of the 4 if the user would like to add another led stripe, before i tried plugging that one in the mobo next to the fan pins -.- Anyway i'd like to know if caused a short circuit or something or what is happening? since in the manual doesnt specify an order on how the led 3 pin connectors should be connected unto which (i did notice they have a small number printed on the connector but they dont match each other)
  5. Just plugged in a v850 to a x99 board and couldn't find the atx4p cable in the pack. Since this system w:ill have a gpu, a physx gpu and a couple of bm cards in it I need an atx4p. Do I have to get a full new cable set to get this? If so, which CM set has it in? (UK based)
  6. My case is a Storm Trooper. I'm still in the building phase. One of the cables coming down from the front panel plugs and lights has a 2-pin connect that is only marked WST. It is NOT the "HD LED", "Power SW" or "Reset SW" which are well marked. What is this cable/connector used for? Is it the PLED (power LED)? If so, it doesn't fit the pin spacing my mother board provides. Thanks, RAM