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Found 4 results

  1. Hello world. This is my first post here, and unfortunately is a bad one... I spilled some soda on the KB and I panicked like I never did. I unplugged it as soon as it happened (while screaming), disassembled it (thanks to a guide I found) to dry it out + pull a quick cleaning of the PCB and luckily the KB is fine (The PCB was not damaged, and there are no issues what so ever when typing or mashing the keys like crazy) Now I'm left with some sticky switches. I asked around and I was told I can just use lukewarm water to get the gunk out Or use a 50/50 water+alcohol solution for a deep clean. Here's my question. Do I need to re-lube the switch once I clean it? If so, what lube do I use. (I know that I need some dielectric grease for the stabilizer, but I have no idea what to use for the switch itself) The person that told me the water trick also told me that some keyboards don't need to be lubed again. So I was wondering if this was the case on my quickfire... The space bar, coma and dot seem to be the most affected keys. They don't lock, but the typing feels awful on those keys in particular Thanks for the feedback guys and have a nice week. P.S. : This is my most expensive peripheral yeah you kinda know how I'm feeling right now...
  2. Cleaning my keyboard

    I have been trying to figure out how to clean my Masterkeys Pro L keyboard, but without any luck. I have searched the forums and FAQ, but I have not found anything. I was hoping for something official, to be sure that I don't damage the keyboard. Are there any good ways to do this? For my case specific, I'm not looking for an execessive cleaning, just how to wipe the keycaps so they are nice and clean.
  3. How to clean a NotePal Infinite EVO?
  4. Please help me

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