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Found 3 results

  1. Calling all modders and PC builders to join the biggest case mod competition with cash & prizes worth over US $40,000. Cooler Master today announced the 8th installment of the annual Case Mod World Series. The global case modding competition invites anyone from first-time tinkerers to seasoned veterans to make and submit their creations from Feb 3rd to May 3rd. In celebration of Cooler Master’s 25th Anniversary, a bonus category has been added to this year’s contest to encourage entrants to commemorate the iconic products of the last 25 years and honor the classics with new pieces of modding beauty. Thanks to our great sponsors: Intel, ASUS, Nvidia, HyperX, and Dremel. Register now If you have any suggestions, feedback or issues with registration, please leave a post here or email us at:
  2. Fridge serves as case and cooling to chill the alcohol-cooled system (liquid cooling using alcohol). Many people in the past have had many qualms about building a computer within a fridge. However we will begin this project to show the possibility of this idea. We also want to make the cooler serve as a support for one side of a wooden desk (other side will be cabinets). the desk will feature a foot rest, a slide out keyboard/mouse tray, and both a monitor and soundbar integrated into the desktop itself. We also plan to cove the top with a mousepad material with a Monster Energy Logo printed onto it. However, due to our limited time constraints, we may not be able to do this part. EDIT***: So on the last day, the forums decide to let me add more posts onto my own project, so instead i will add a google docs link with the rest of my worklog. Alcoholic Monster Google docs worklog because CoolerMaster is stupid Also adding videos... WARNING! has profanity SPONSERED BY:
  3. Hi! This is my build. It will be made out of wood, to be precise, Eurepean beech (common beech) wood. I chose this wood, since it is hard, dry, and, well, common, sice it is common beech, it is common. To start things of, I made a 3D model in solidworks. You can see some screenshots here. There we go. I hope you know that the first pic is a final profuct - how I hope it will view, the second one is the front view, the third one is a side view and the last one is a top view, where you can see, that the motherboard will be turned by 90°. Okay, I was going to use Maple first, as seen below, but it would need too much processing. Okay so I got my wood, the beech one, so let's do something. 1st I put some planks together, to form a side. I proceeded to glue the planks together and put the side in a press. Well, that failed, since when after 3 hours I came back, I was left to see a bent side.