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Found 8 results

  1. Custom Parts for CM Cosmos C700P

    Ahoi togehter! Maybe someone can answer me some questions about the new Cosmos C700P case (I know the release date is tomorrow, but I planning a mod, searching for informations): Will there be custom parts / accessories for the C700P? My suggest is to get another MotherboardTray-Backplate. I will built the case in inverse layout and would like to have the PSU at the button and a radiator within the top of the case. To do so I think I need another Backplate (to get more space at the top). Will some parts of the master case fit within the C700P? I thin about this one:
  2. Vertical GPU Bracket

    Hi, Does the CoolerMaster Vertical GPU Bracket fit in the C700P without case modification? If not, has anyone done a vertical GPU mount in his or her build yet? Looking for ideas if the CM product doesn't work. Thanks!
  3. hello. i was just wondering if someone here who has the case know how thick radiators you can fit in the chassi? i want to go custom loop and im buying the chassi at the same time im buying my watercooling parts. the problem is that on the website it only lists how long the radiator can be i cant find anything about how thick or tall they can be. im want to put in a 360mm rad thats 130mm thick with push/pull config at the front and a 360mm rad thats 63mm thick with push config at the top. is this possible? theres no reason for me too buy rads that wont fit so hopefully somone here can enlighten me. the rads are ek coolstream xe 360 and the ek coolstream pe 360 and my fans are corsair hd120mm sorry if my English is terrible im not a native speaker. thank you
  4. Awesome case!...but

    I'd first like to say that this is an amazing case! I love the removable supply shroud and the look and feel of this case. My only concern is with the front panel cover lacking airflow and the front USB 3.0 ports. I have tried everything to get all four ports going from two different USB 3.0 connections. Can Cooler Master provide a solution to get both 4 USB ports connected? Can we also get an option to purchase a different front panel with more airflow?
  5. Cosmos c700p led not working

    Is anybody else having problems get the case leds to work? I tried multiple sata cables into rgb controll hub and different psu's but i cant get them to turn on? Any clues what im doing wrong
  6. The backdoor to my c700p does not close at all. even if the case is empty the door just opens on its own. Super frustrating. I posted a video on twitter.
  7. c700p Front Panel

    Being that there is a big push for making the cases more modular and unique to the builder, I believe I have a suggestion. Some builders, especially watercoolers, will need sufficient airflow to keep temps down and fans silent. However, a closed front panel like on the c700p can be detrimental to airflow. However, I believe an accessory for a full mesh front panel, like the Fractal Design Meshify or Corsair 750D Airflow Edition for example, might help with this.
  8. Hello everyone, So i saw that the amazing h500p case will be released in the end of september and that the c700p will be released in mid august. i already have a pc and so i didnt think about it at first, but i talked to a friend and he brought up that a lot of people are trying to build a desktop before school, and not during the first month. So we asked 187 people, of which 98 are adults and the others are teenagers. Of those people, 12 had already built their own system and 35 were looling into building one. So of those 187 people, 143 told us that if they could, they'd buy the case before the beginning of school. The people looking into building the pc all agreed on building before school, while the people who had already built the system mostly would have bought in october anyway. So we got our initial result, but we thought about the c700p, which is a very interesting option, but most of the people we interviewed would've chosen another brand, as the additional cost and size wasn't what they were looking for. as a conclusion, this is probably not going to change any decision from Cooler Master, if it does get read, but the point of this was to look at the new cases and look at how the release date would affect their sales. The result is that of the people we interviewed, most of them would have changed case, while a small portion would have waited, and another small percentage would have taken the c700p. Again, this is probably not going to change anything, but it was very interesting to see how it ended. Thanks for readin'