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Found 2 results

  1. Hello few weeks ago i bought a COOLER MASTER MasterBox TD500 Mesh ARGB Mid tower case. Everything was fine untill i get a new aio liquid cooler. I bought a Cooler Master 240L Liquid Cooler And the radiator fans were making buzzing/rattling noises(not sure which one). So i googled it a bit and decided that i should replace them. I replaced the the stock fans with the MF 120 HALO ones. Now i have 1 exhaust 2 on radiator.So i plugged them in and everything was okay but this time the Case fans that came with the case started to make the same noise.Actually not exact same but very close one.Before it was making that noise whenever rpm goes high or lowest as possible.Or sometimes when its idle.But now it does it 24/7. I do not think its because the fans are in bad condition because the front fans were working well without any noise i didnt even screw them. Could be because my motherboard has only 1 cha fan pin so i connect 6 fans on it and connect my liquid cooler pump on the cpu pin Also the below front fan is not screwed by the ordinary ones.I'm gona put a picture of its.I tried to make them tighter but it didn't work. This is the noise it makes: . I'm not sure what's going on need help Thanks GPU: ZOTAC 2060 SUPER AMP CPU:Ryzen 5 3600x Motherboard:Asus b350m-k Plus PSU:Corsair vs650 80+ HDD:Seagate 7200rpm SSD:ADATA su650 240gb Ram:Gskillz 16gb 3200mhz EDIT: I realised that 6 fans for one single header was too much.So i took the ones that were making noise and connected them them to molex. Now 3 front fans are in molex and the rest exhausts are connected to mobo cha fan but still the same noise.Is it possible that maybe i damaged the front fans with connecting all them to same splitter ? EDIT2:I tried to work the fans without installing them inside the case, the noise is still there.
  2. Good day, I just purchased the above mentioned headset and found that the minute usb is plugged in the headphones get extremely irritating buzzing/static/white noise. I tried connecting the headset directly using the 3.5mm jacks(without using the "puck") and it worked fine, no noise...until I once again plugged in the usb which comes with the jacks and the noise starts again. PSU is a Corsair H1100 (I think...) which is plugged into a surge protector. I did try plugging the headset into a laptop and the noise persisted...even if the power cord is out... As long as an USB is connected, the noise is there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.