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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, This will be the work log for the RatZ project. Line up So I don't relay have any thing mind blowing, but for the theme I have chosen that's in fact perfect. Case are an old Cooler Master Elite 310 black/silver PSU corsair CX750M CPU AMD athlon II x2 250 stock 3 Ghz but running at about 3,2 Ghz now. Kingston DDR3 4GB + a random hyperX cooler master fan + two corsair fans that I might opt not to use. MSI GF615M-P33 V2 motherboard. Asus GT 210 silent ( fan less GPU) I might opt for an FX 9590 and a r9 270x that I have on my hands if I could get my hands on a dirt cheap motherboard that supports the 9590 that my grandmother gave me after she slightly downgraded her own gaming rig. but highly unlike besides I have been using it as a server PC and have plans to use it for the same as soon as this project are done and don't relay need any thing better even tough I always want better Little about me So I am a certified sheet metal worker even tough I haven't worked with sheet metal in a while I still think I am some what qualified to work with metal, that I am a little bit "rusty" are just a big plus for this project I have always had a great passion for making, building or repairing thing and I like old and new tech, so this should be a perfect mix right? I have never made a case mod and what better case to use than the very same that was my very first rig that a build to my self, I did build a couple of systems before this but this case and some of the components are the first rig that I made for me. A little about the project and why I want to do this, So I have for a long time wanted to make something for the cooler master case mod series. I always like to make stuff, but I don't rely have a budget to make those amazing/insane and pretty builds that you usually see, and I was tired to put it of just because I never relay have enough money, so I decided I wanted to make a rat look inspired case that's usually a type of style mostly found on styled cars, that I could potentially make rather cheap out from scavenged parts and components and just by trying to use some creativity to make the most out of the smallest possible budget So I have plenty of ideas, but as I might just end up using a fraction of them or even other ones entirely during the production of the case I wont mention to many, so the main idea are of course to make the case rusty, I also want to make a hole in the side panel that looks like a fracture or more like shredded metal with a lightly tinted plexi glass and try to make that glass look a bit old and green-ish, like it's been laying in a ditch for years or something. I also wanted to either engrave the cooler master logo on that panel or something else, I guess it's cool if I use the cooler master logo? At first I was thinking I wanted to weld together a new front for the case but I think I changed my mind to sticker bomb it instead. I also have some old peripherals that I want to see if I might be able to do something cool with. But I will update with some more information and ideas as I progress, and I hope at least a few persons might like the idea or hopefully even the finished result when the day comes.
  2. This case was designed pretty much from the ground up by me. I'm a student on a budget, so don't have a huge amount of time or money. I built the majority of the case in august of 2014. The idea was to build a bad :) case with an industrial feel to it without breaking the bank. Bear in mind that this is pretty much done entirely using an angle grinder and files- I have no access to a laser cutter! As of yet unpainted, but here is what i have so far. The case is fan cooled (poor student remember?), and uses 3x140mm fans. I wanted the case to be really quiet since my old one was a like a jet engine and large slow fans seemed a good way to achieve this. I also wanted maximum airflow, so the fan covers i made offer very little resistance, and the custom made hard drive cage offers no obstruction to the airflow. The CPU is also aircooled using a Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO. The only piece not fabricated myself was the MOBO tray.