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Found 11 results

  1. I have a WaterCooler ML240RS and the CoolerMaster TD500 MESH ARGB case. I'm trying to synchronize the lights connected to the RGB Controller with the four-pin 12v cable (because my MOBO does not have an addressable cable slot (3-pin, it should synchronize with aura). But when opening the MasterPlus or Aura (Asus) none of them identifies the WaterCooler or the case fans. Only using the USB connector on the RGB Controller and connecting to the motherboard does the MasterPlus Software identify but the Aura software cannot. Sorry for my english
  2. Hello, I am trying to connect my aura sync compatible argb fans and liquid cooler to my aura sync compatible motherboard and I'mhaving some difficulties. My motherboard is a Asus ROG Strix B450-F, my cooler is a MasterLiquid ML240R, and my fans are MasterFan MF120R and I have 3 of them (and planning to get a fourth). All of these fans including the cooler are listed on the Asus website for Aura Sync compatibility. I have the PWM and the three prong ARGB connectors hooked up, but I'm trying to figure out how to connect them to my motherboard as it only has 2, 4 pin 12v RGB headers. I haven't downloaded any software or anything because I'm about to complete the build today. My best set of questions here are: 1) Is the 4 pin connector on the MasterLiquid controller for 12v connection to motherboard 2) Can I chain the 3 Fan Kit MasterFan hub's passthrough to a ARGB port on the MasterLiquid Controller 3) If I do neither of these things will the Master Cooler software be able to find them and will Aura Sync be able to establish the control for them 4) How would I go about hooking them up to the motherboard properly I'm just trying to figure out what I'm doing as this is my first solo PC build as well as being my first ARGB build. Thank you for your time (P.S. the support system for Master Cooler kept giving me "fail" messages. Not sure what's up with that but my products were registered as well as my info being up to date, which is why I'm here. I'm unsure of how to report that to anyone, which is why I'm putting it in this so hopefully the right person will see it and notify the proper people)
  3. Last week, we setup new system that includes 3 SF120R as case fan with stock MSI ARGB back fan comes with case. Everything was fine until i install Aura 1.07.79 application with Armoury Crate at the same time. After this, one of SF120R's leds started to appearing random colors, they are not synchronizing. They are not doing effects that what i adjusted. I'll leave the videos of these below but i don't have any idea what im experiencing now. How could a confliction between softwares damage hardware? At the same time im experiencing a high pitch sound from PSU when system is off and strange sounds while system starts and goes off. I opened a post at ROG Forum. They said me to try clearing cmos and install clean windows 10. I did them, cleared the cmos successfully. Installed Windows 10 cleanly and installed only Aura application that they suggested. It didn't fixed anything. Still problem persists. Tried for Masterplus+ application and it gave ''... compatibility.'' error, didn't worked. I sent an e-mail to Cooler Master support address, they didn't answered yet. Any suggestion? Idea? System Specs Asus Z390-E ROG Strix Motherboard Intel i5 8600k Processor Kingston HyperX Predator RGB DDR4 16(2x8)GB Ram Asus ROG Strix GTX 970 OC 4GB Graphics Card MSI MAG 010 Vampiric ARGB Case with 3x Cooler Master SF120R ARGB Fans Cooler Master MWE 750 Gold 80Plus PSU Cooler Master Hyper 612 V2 CPU Cooler Thank you.
  4. I recently purchased the 3-pack MF120R ARGB fans. While attempting to connect the ARGB 3-pin I have discovered my ASUS Prime x470 Pro does not have the appropriate 3-pin ARGB header. The manual included even shows it should be a 4-pin for ASUS however the cable is a 3-pin. Any ideas? Can I connect the controller via usb to the motherboard and still control the rgb through software?
  5. So I have purchased a CM MB520 cabinet case for my Asus Tuf gaming motherboard running 3700x. I wished to run Asus Aura sync in sync with the Aura sync that my motherboard provides. But somehow when I go and check if the cabinet is showing in the Asus Armory crate, only motherboard option is visible. Can you guys kindly let me know what wrong am I doing here? The fans' RGB is working fine, it is changing colors on a regular time period, but it is not being in Aura Sync.
  6. I just bought the master-liquid ML240R and installed at according to the instructions. I got it to be controlled by the coolermaster software but it is not connecting to the aura sync software on my Asus B360-F. The aura sync software works perfectly so that's not the problem. When i open the coolermaster software i get the error Can't open AsIO.sys !! (5). If i close the error and let the software open it can still control it however it wont connect to Aura sync.
  7. I am planning to build a TUF themed beast, and browsing forums are not helping me that much, as I am expected. My question is, if I could mount the ML240R to the top of the MB500 TUF Edition case, as theoretically it should fit, but might have spacing issues with the motherboard. (ASUS TUF b450-Plus Gaming) Is it do-able actually? Also, as far as I know, there is a RGB splitter with a case, but if I'd want to install a 3rd RGB fan (Cooler Master MF121L R4-C1DS-12FC-R2 RGB LED, I think this is the one that the case has 3 of them pre installed) - do I need an additional rgb hub or splitter, so I could make a fully synced wave effect? The motherboard should be able to handle the TridentZ RGB rams, and also I might purchase a RGB LED strip - any aura sync compactible suggestions here? Thanks for the help, Samu
  8. I recently purchased a single MasterFan Pro 120 mm, as I liked the RGB aspect. On the box it says it is compatible with the Asus Aura Sync program. But, I have both the RGB header and fan wires plugged in, and the Aura Sync program does not detect the fan. It is currently displaying a dim red color. How do I get Aura Sync to detect the fan lights?
  9. Hello I just purchased a "Cooler Master Masterfan Pro 120 Air Flow" I want to be able to sync it with Asus Aura Sync can you please assist? I recently purchased a Asus Strix GTX 1080 it has RGB Light, I downloaded the Asus Aura Sync software and I can change the colors as I want but I like the Color Cycle feature, my case has RED RGB fans. So I decided to purchase Cooler Master Fan Pro 3 fan kit with RGB LED Controller since as advertised on the box its compatible with Asus Aura Sync software. Well I installed the fans, connected them to the motherboard. I opened the Asus Aura Sync software and it only recognizes my video card, but It will not recognize the fans, there for I cant sync them together so they can color cycle together. I have uninstalled the Aura software, downloaded the most recent ones, rebooted my PC multiple times, double checked my connections. I used, youtube and I cant seem to find the solution can you please assist? I have installed the Fans as the instructions indicate from the led controller to the motherboard via socket on motherboard, I can open the Cooler Master software and I can change the colors or turn them on and off via this software but I dont want to use this software I want to use Asus Aura Sync and Sync the case fans with my Asus Strix 1080 GPU please help..
  10. I recently purchased a single MasterFan Pro 120 mm, as I liked the RGB aspect. On the box it says it is compatible with the Asus Aura Sync program. But, I have both the RGB header and fan wires plugged in, and the Aura Sync program does not detect the fan. It is currently displaying a dim red color. How do I get Aura Sync to detect the fan lights?
  11. where are the instructions for case master 6 pro and aura sync?