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Found 4 results

  1. So It had been working all day today and then suddently decided during watching a video I clicked on that the right ear speaker does not want to produce sound. It was not just that video though. As it now does not work unless I have a little bit of the audio cable unplugged from the headset. I also tried making sure it was alligned and plugged in correctly and no change to getting both sides to work. Is there something else I could be doing wrong, new drivers perhaps? Or has the headset gone? I havent even had it for a year I think and I really dont want to return it right now due to how I am using it for almost everything including work would you belive. Plus the pandemic means I am not overly keen on waiting months to get a replacement. Other than that, I can RMA if that is the last option. I am a fan of cooler master, so this wont hurt my opinion of them that much and overall this is a really great headset.
  2. sub

    line out

    Hi, this seems like a pretty basic question but.. I've been using the line out (green 3.5mm) on the top of my cooler master. Now I want to use the one on the back (ie, off the mother board) but it has no signal on it. Maybe I jumped something inside when I set it up, but I don't remember doing that. The only other sound options on the mixer app are S/PDIF and HDMI. Anybody? Cheers, Sub
  3. Hi, i had a big issu with my computer... Bluescreens all the time (like 10 m after inlogging) and i finaly found whats wrong... but before i found it out did i a FULL reload of windows 10 with new serial key and every thing, but now the aux input for audio don't work, are it any drivers for that? i have updated all the nivida audio drivers. but still no luck :/ sorry for the English :/
  4. I have the cm Storm Sirus and whenever i use the mixer and try to turn the sound quality to anything but surround it makes all the noise much lower pitch and buzz. It is completely unusable on 5.1 and I've been dealing with it and just using the surround but obviously i would like to use the full capability of this beautiful headset. I can use the 5.1 with the direct hook ups through the sound card this is only when i use the mixer, so normally i would just use that but i noticed that it doesn't let me use the software. also if i am the mic is much quieter and wont register being loud enough to trip the mic on alot of games so id like to be able to use the mixer and have the actual nice 5.1 surround if anyone can help. The quadraphonic also seems to work just not the 5.1. just found out the audio will cut out no matter what setting if i use 48 sample rate.