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Found 17 results

  1. Hi guys, Sometime ago I gave my pc a new case with some new fans: the MF120 halo (3-pack). The case has 2 build in ARGB fans as well. I split the 2 front fans to one cable and put in in my CM ARGB controller (the big one). I plugged my 3 MF120 Halo fans in the 3 remaining ports individually. The problem is that masterplus doesn't have the MF120 Halo in it's list of components when selecting the configuration. The closest thing is the MF120R ARGB (which I think my front fans are, that are build in the case). I selected them for my MF120 Halo and it kind of works. All the effects that i can select work very well, but when I want to customize the fans individually, the MF120 Halo fans don't seem to light up fully as it should (right one at the top too, but at the other side). It seems some leds don't get the instruction for a specific color, but the effects work very well. Any help would be appreciated a lot!
  2. I just bought Cooler Master Ml240R Yesterday. I'm not that computer literate or dont have much knowledge about pc. But right now i'm having a problem with the RGB of my Fans. I can change the Cooler Color (that thing installed in processor) but I can't change the Fans in radiator.. Im using the default FPS profile. When I make a new profile and change the color of the fans nothing really is happening. Like it is still the default color or it will turn off the RGB. Please someone help me!
  3. I'm just about wrapped up in building my PC, I only need to replace the cooler (which will be a ma410m) and get the (a)rgb sorted (power,data,n/a,ground), but I know not what hub to get for the lighting. The case I have is a mb530p which comes three pre-installed fan argb fans connected via splitter, and recently I've added 2xmf140s and a mf120 to top and rear (no lighting so far). I'll probably need a splitter for them two as the rear argb connector is too short. If so, that'll just be about 4 cables I need to connect (1(1x3) front splitter, 1(1x3) back splitter, and (hopefully just) two cpu fans). I've been looking around for some hubs to get for this but can't really decided due to a lack of reviews/information. I was going to get the Cooler Master Masterfan ARGB/PWM hub, but when I saw the motherboard header on the hub, I notice that it was a two pin connector on it so I don't know of whether to buy it or not as I' not sure if it's compatible with my mobo (b450 pro gaming carbon ac)(silly i know but like i said lack of information). another hub i'm looking at is the silverstone lsb02 which is pricier but may still be necessary. any other suggestions are most welcome. Sidenote: I plan on controlling the lighting and such via software (mystic light).
  4. Hi everyone i got the MasterFan 3-in-1 Pack Today and realized that the socket that connects to motherboard is 5V(3Pins) my motherboard MSI B450 Tomahawk Max supports only 12V(4Pins) so is there any Adapters or Splitters or Controller to convert the 5V to 12V ? Solution that i found and yet dont understand it : in Cooler Master RGB Controller the micro usb port connects to a motherboard USB Header thats means if i got this cable or switch i can control the Fans ARGB through my motherboard ?
  5. The leds on my MF120R A-RGB 3in 1 fans are not working correctly. Ive got the controller set up correctly and I even have a led strip connected that works fine just not the fans. Two fans just light up blue and cant be changed and one fan doesnt work at all. Motherboard is asus x570p. asus aura sync can configure led strip but not fans.
  6. I have an Asus B450 plus motherboard with a 4-pin 12v rgb header. Will i be able to control the fans that come with a CoolerMaster TD500 mesh via Aura and thus via ICUE? Or is this the wrong header for that?
  7. So i bought 2 Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 HALO case fans. But I didn't look properly and it was ARGB not RGB, but still it was no problem because on my motherboard (MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon) there is a JRAINBOW1 port. I thought that it would work, but it didn't. Still no problem i searched on the internet and someone recommenden the Cooler Master ARGB Led Small Controller. So i did some research and thougt it will work. So i bougt it. Today it arrived and I directly installed it so I connected everything and when i powered on my pc the fans light up blue. When I pressed on the cycle button on the controller nothing happend, so I downloaded the latest firmware and installed it. Still nothing changed it stayed blue. At this point the controller was connected to the JRAINBOW1 port on my motherboard. So i started over, but this time i connected it with only USB and SATA to my computer.(I did connect the fans) The fans still light up blue and still didn't change with the controller. I installed MasterPlus, with USB it saw the controller but without USB and with the controller connected to the JRAINBOW1 port it didn't show up.(I don't know if this is supossed to happen or a problem) If I used the software with the USB connected it showed up, but only with A1 not A2, A3 or A4 like i saw in this video. And if i changed the lighting in MasterPlus nothing changed again. So what could be the problem? Photos: 1.!AlH5mRradsCQogJtX9HM6PZK02Am?e=5tGjH9 2.!AlH5mRradsCQogHMRColkicMD1om?e=RPx0m1 3.!AlH5mRradsCQogPP4zua0aprEpI3?e=pGPvFy 4.!AlH5mRradsCQogR8xkNn1IfRf_Nk?e=2sMSQY
  8. Hello! I just finished upgrading my rig with a pair of SF360R, I connected them to a ARGB Controller, the big one, not those included, and I cannot get the LEDs on both of them to light up, I have a 140 Masterfan ARGB as a rear exaust, connected to the same controller that's working just fine (also a dual CPU RGB fan, 2 Masterfan, working correctly, when plugged in the single RGB port of the controller), since both of the SF360R are not working, I guess that I did something wrong, but I can't really wrap my head around it: The controller's firmware is updated to V0008_191030-1630; I've triple checked all the connections; the software MasterPlus is a little bugged with it's interface but allows me to select the colors and effects for both ARGB and RGB for the other fans; I've tried the single little ARGB controllers from the SF360R packages and even with those it doesn't work... Any clue on what I can try or what might be wrong? Running a TUF-Z390-PRO also, my first post yeah...
  9. Hi, I'm setting up a PC using a MasterBox MB530P case, and I've done it so far by not connecting my ARGB fans to the motherboard and instead just using the included ARGB controller and plugging the SATA and molex power cables into my PSU. This gets my fans to spin in a consistent rainbow pattern at least. My motherboard is a Gigabyte X570 UD AMD which does have a 4 pin LED_C1 (RGB LED Strip Header) which the manual says can be used to connect a standard 5050 RGB LED Strip (12V/G/R/B) with maximum power rating of 2A (12V). The cable coming out of the 2 to 3 ARGB splitter included for the 3 fans though is a 3 pin. Would I be able to connect the 3 pin ARGB cable to the RGB LED Strip Header? I assume not because there would be no signal passed for fan speed, but I was just wondering in case they could be controlled. Thank you! Best, James
  10. Hello I have problem with my ARGB. I bought new pc and downloaded dragon center for ARGB controll and the software cannot see the fans, when i was trying to solve it I connected cooler master controler that was included with the cooler and half of the fans didn't light up. And when I connected ARGB connectors back to the motherboard, dragon center couldn't even see the RAM sticks so only my GPU is controllable. I have Cooler master TD500 mesch, Cooler master masterliquid ML240R RGB. 5 Cooler master ARGB fans and the pump RGB are connected with the motherboard via ARGB splitters that were included with the case and the cooler. rest of the secs: MSI X570 unify AMD ryzen 5 3600X MSI RTX 2080 super gaming X trio RAM: G Skill Trident Z neo
  11. Hi All, I just purchased these fans and I'm stuck. My fans light up, for the most part. I mean only a few of the LED's are working and I cant change the color. Mobo: B450 ADRUS Pro WiFi What I have done: Set everything up with the controller. Connections to Mobo Plugged in to SYS_FAN2 The fans are spinning. Plugged in LED_C LEDs light up, but not all working. Checked connections. Switch order of connections. Then updated controller firmware Fallowed instructions from firmware install (No Change) Then tried switching DLED_V_SW1 default (5v) I switched to 12v and still nothing. (No change) Then set DLED_V_SW1 back to 5v. (No change) Removed controller and connected to motherboard Plugged in to LED_C only (No change) Then plugged D_LED only (No change) Then unplugged all fans expect one (No change) Then repeated on other fans Installed MasterPlus Does not work with this controller What am I doing wrong. I thought this was plug and play. Note: Updated BIOS, chipset and drivers. New build, had to be done. Thanks. Update: if you have made it this far. Here is CM product replacement steps. Return needs approval Fine I get that Return Product Are you joking! I have to send you my fans. Now what go without a computer? How long is this going to take? Product Received Now you have my fans. How long does it take for you to look over the product? Replacement Shipped How long well it take to ship the new fans back? 5 to 130 days? Cooler Master why cant you just send the replacement product first? Then I will use the box you send me and send back the broken product. Customer Service: Ticket No: 23813 (Hello are you there?) I know that was a rant. Thank you
  12. I recently bought a Cooler Master SF120R ARGB case fan and an Addresable RGB LED small controller, because my mobo doesn't have a 3-pin ARGB header. I connected all the cables correctly, but the fan still isn't lighting up. I've been searching for hours on the forums, but I couldn't find anything! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi, I recently bought a Masterbox MB530P and everything was fine, really cool box that include 3 aRGB fans (AB). Two days ago, the last fan's leds (on the frontal panel) suddenly stop working, I mean, the Aura sync couldn't change the color of that fan anymore, (only light white) so the first thing I did was restart my computer. It worked the first time, then the aRGB leds of the same fan stoped working again so I tried restarting, but that didn't fix the problem. Since that, I can't control the leds from that fan, it start to blink random colors and also the problem got worst bc I can't even control the leds of the other two fans. Sometimes, when I turn on my computer only 1 led from each fan works (in a color that I didn't choose). All happened suddenly, I didn't have any problem with my computer before of this and the fans spin and work great, the problem is just the lightning, other RGB components on my motherboard works great and all sincronized. The 3 argb fans are plugged right into the motherboard with the 3 to 1 splitter argb cable that came in the MB530P (Plugged in the "ADD GEN2_2" then changed to "ADD GEN2_1" 5v/3pin). I've tried changing the place where I plugged them to see if the problem was my motherboard, but didn't work.Tried to change the order of the cables on the splitter and nothing change. Looked if everything were plugged correctly and they are. Also try with other RGB fans that someone lended me and they work perfectly on my motherboard (didn't use the same splitter cable). Do I need to call for warranty and/or replace those fans? Is there any solution? Motherboard: X570 Rog Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) Box: MB530P
  14. I've bought two extra fans, same model as the ones on the ml240r and have plugged them into the box hub. While the aio are fully customisable, the two fans I bought are stuck on a blue hue. I would appreciate any type of help I could get
  15. I have a mb530p with a ASUS z390-e mobo. I have had this build for a while but the fan lights have never turned on. I tried today to figure it out. I have the SATA plugged into the PSU, all the fan connectors are plugged in their connectors into the Cooler Master Addressable RGB 1-to-3 Splitter Cable with Gigabyte 3-pin ARGB Adapter. The 3 pin is connected to the wire running from my controller (which im assuming is located by the power button). it all seems connected to me bu the lights will not turn on. Anone have nay ideas?
  16. I bought the MB530P and the addressable rgb fans are not lighting up. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get them to work? I tried to contact support but it seems that they are offline.
  17. I have managed to get my ASRock RGB software to recognize my 3-pack of ARGB fans, and I can now change the colors and modes--for the most part. I have found another problem, though: some LEDs refuse to listen to the instructions that the software gives them, and they both keep to the breathing mode and stay their rainbow color. The pictures attached show what the fans look like when I've told them to be static white--the three rainbow-colored LEDs seen on each of them stay rainbow-colored, and keep breathing. The affected lights are also all in the same relative position on each fan (I accidentally installed the top fan in the wrong orientation, which is why the rainbow lights come out of the left rather than the right). I've flashed the software a couple of times now, just to see if that did the trick, but the lights stay unresponsive. Is there anything I can do to get all the lights working as they should?