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Found 7 results

  1. My ML240RGB sounds like it's knocking when connected to my CPU. this leads me to believe it's a pump issue. I've submitted tickets, requested RMAs, and have contacted u/CM_Timm on Reddit about this issue. Has anyone else had shitty customer service?
  2. gringostar

    SL600M and AIOs

    Has anyone found a way to set up an AIO in push-pull configuration? I bought and installed a Kraken X63 but was disappointed by the SL600M's space constraints. I was only able to install the radiator under the case's top grating and the two 140mm fans above the top grating (for pull). The AIO's cooling abilities are fine in this configuration, but I feel like it could be better in push-pull.
  3. I have purchased this liquid cooler this month in February. At first when I have turned it on it did not do this but after a couple of days past, I'm hear gurgling / bubble sounds coming out from the CPU pump. I read some forums online this could be due to air coming through, however I am unsure if this is fixable or or entirely faulty at all. And if I should request an exchange if this is a faulty product. I would appreciate if you could advise me on this technical problem. I have provided you a YouTube link to the video I recorded the sound. Please put your Audio to relatively high so you can hear it. Video Link: Hope to hear from you soon. Many Thanks, Kind Regards.
  4. I've had the LC240E for about 2 weeks now and in all that time I haven't been able to figure out why my idle CPU temps are even higher than they were with pure air cooling (stock AMD Wraith cooler). I've got my radiator with two intake fans at the front of my case, and I've tested to be sure that they are in fact running as intake. I've gone into my bios and checked fan curves and made sure the pump was set to DC at full power, and I know it's running correctly. When my case is all put together, I tend to run at about 33C idle, but then if I play a game it sits at 45C afterwards and won't come down. Fans are definitely running at a good speed since it's making my PC rather noisy (again, more so than when I only used a stock air cooler). If I take the front panel of my case off it drops my idle temps to 22C, which is where it probably should be on a regular basis, but obviously my temps with the front panel off of the case aren't very relevant when it's normally attached. The last thing I tried was turning off the two intake fans at the top of my case, just in case they were forcing the warmer air downwards and preventing it from being pushed out. That seemed like a decent possibility, but having those fans off made absolutely no difference to my temps. I've completely run out of ideas for what to try, so if anyone has some other ideas for me to try they would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Dear All, Could you please help me? I have recently bought Intel Core i9-9900KS, and now I need some good AiO to cool it. Price is not an issue. The case I have is Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition. Could you please tell me does this case support 360mm radiator, and if it does, which AiO would you suggest me as the best option to cool this CPU? Also, if it doesn't fit 360mm radiator, please suggest me which one to take instead. Thank you in advance, Miodrag
  6. Hi guys! I'm thinking to buy MasterBox MB530P and I hope someone can tell me if it will be better to install a 360 AIO in front of the case (moving the 3 x pre installed fan to the top/back) or a 240 AIO at the top. Thank you!
  7. I just bought the master-liquid ML240R and installed at according to the instructions. I got it to be controlled by the coolermaster software but it is not connecting to the aura sync software on my Asus B360-F. The aura sync software works perfectly so that's not the problem. When i open the coolermaster software i get the error Can't open AsIO.sys !! (5). If i close the error and let the software open it can still control it however it wont connect to Aura sync.