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Found 4 results

  1. PROJECT PV2 by Paulo Reis Aka EVILPT WORKLOG About Myself First of all I will introduce myself my name is Paul I'm 36years old and live in Portugal "Sintra" I am computer technician and as was expected love modding. I hope you enjoy the PROJECT PIPELINE V2 "PV2" Design Concept The project PV2 After several incentives and support I was led to do Version 2.0 of the Pipeline Project. Then the whole project goes back from the crystalline and open structure with an EL 110v cable lighting and a giant watercooling system made by me with full support from Alphacool. The water besides walking through the conventional tubes still walks inside the 32mm acrylic structure of the PV2. I always found this type of structure fascinate and different I hope you like it as much as I liked doing this project. Best Regards and good luck too all. Portugal Mod Squad. Tks To All.. Sponsors Very Happy to Announce my Sponsors COOLER MASTER PORTUGAL TKS Sofia!! ALPHACOOL - AQUATUNING.DE TKS EDDY!! AVEXIR TKS Peggy!! AND ALL AVEXIR TEAM Materials to be used in the design of this Project PV2 Material to be used in the design of this Project Acrylic Ex Cristal Tube 32mm Acrylic water tube 16mm ALPHACOOL Fittings 16mm ALPHACOOL Reservoirs 250mm with Pump DC5 ALPHACOOL Sleeving Cable By Paulo Reis and PHOBYA 6 Fan Connector PHOBYA PVC Water tube 32mm Grill Mesh Spray "Black Mate" Spray "Black Textured" EL Wire LED Strip Aluminum Tube 10mm *Silicon tube 3mm and 4mm Wire 0.22 Soldering iron Station by VELLEMAN Hardware Motherboard: MSI Board "NOT Sponsor" Avexir DDR4: 16GB Quadchannel Blue Led Raiden Effect Avexir SSD S100 Blue Effect CMaster: JetFlows 120 Blue CMaster: Power supply V650 M GPU: ATI HD7870XT Watercooled CPU Intel 1151: I7 6700k LET´S START WORKLOG PHOTOS p FINAL PHOTO PROJECT PV2 BY PAULO REIS AKA EVILPT VIDEO OF THE PROJECT PV2 "ON" PV2 Video HOPE YOU LIKE THE PROJECT TKS TO ALL SPONSORS, FRIENDS AND MY FAMILY FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PauloReisakaEvilPT INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/evilpt/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/evil_pt
  2. Hi! It's been a long moment since I've built a case and had a project log.:dremel: Where have I been and what I have I been doing? To those of you that don't know me who am I? My modding "career" started a long time ago in the year 2000. Back than I didn't have a camera so my early cases, which, were mere tower mods with windows and autobody paint body and some lights. It wasn't until 2007 and my Triphane build that I started to show my ability. I hit my stride in 2009/10 with my first scratch build Aelro Dynamic, all aluminium, which, was folllowed by SSR-X, all carbon fiber build. After SSR-X, I founded and tried to jumpstart a wearable technology company, which, failed!:wallbash::clap: It was one :) of a learning experience! SSR-X was created with Google Sketchup, but my wearable technology demanded that I learn SolidWorks. Gained some really valuable knowledge in the art of design and assembly. Pictures below! I'm sitting around and the Cooler Master World Series competition pops up on the radar. I'm eyeballs deep in projects already but in the past 6 months I was designing case in my spare time. With the competition and my aging hardware, I finally decided it was time for a new case, Proxima C. Proxima C will be my first fully acrylic case.:rock: It somewhat of tribute case to the discovery of Promixa B in the Alpha Centauri System, within, the last year! I wanted to make a case that didn't look of this world. Material is on order! As always Until Than, Keep Modding:dremel:
  3. SYSTEM COMPLETE! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Design Idea: so the inspiration of this build is to create a silent case build that's somewhat lan friendly. To accomplish this goal, I'm planning on making the ventilation internal, meaning none of the fans connect directly to the wall of the case. Instead, vents will be attached to the bottom and top allowing for the sound to be dampened and lowered in pitch. Additionally the walls will be acrylic, further dampening any noise. Side note: most of the parts are coming from an older build I did. The motivation for this build is to replace my old all-acrylic case which is falling apart and had terrible thermals due to poor ventilation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So to kick of the build log I'll start with what I'm working on at the moment. Currently I'm putting together the lightering and fan controller. I'm building a custom 4 inch wide drive bay for this to all go in. On the top there's the "arduino" TAU to control everything, a prototype board for all the connectors and a PWM board at the bottom. TIP: to avoid that annoying sound PWMs make, make sure the operating frequency is above the audible frequency a person can hear. Technically I've already got the main frame of the case welded (started in August), but I'll get to that later.
  4. Here is a shot of the Cooler Master logo that I did by hand on the penal. This MasterCase Maker 5 is also the very first one to feature a built in water channel as a rear panel.

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