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Found 4 results

  1. Good morning, I recently bought a Fractal Design Define R5 case. I installed 3 Fractal Design silent fans, the X2 GP-14, 2 in front and one in the back. My cpu fan as you see is the V8 GTS with two fans. I ran all the fan tuning software from ASUS (AI Suite 3) it calibrated the fan just fine but at around 400 rpm till over 1000 rpm, the fans are making a high pitch noise that grows as rpm rise up. The setup is absolutely silent and this hiss is totally annoying. Before starting thinking of other cooling solutions, can you help me with this issue? Is it a fan problem? An inside the box air-flow issue? The box fans are connected to the case's fan speed control, I set them to silent, medium and high in case there's something wrong with the air flow that creates this problem with the cpu fans but that's not the case. I really love the design of the V8, it's like a jewel on my rig, but this noise is intolerable. Thanks for your time!
  2. Hi Guys, I bought this product one week ago (V8 Gts) and I haven't installed it yet. My case is the CM Scout2 White and I want to know if the V8 cpu cooler is compatible with my case (I didnt add other fans to my case).... I know, I should have investigated that before I buy it my bad. mobo: 970 gaming Ram: hyperx fury 2x8gb thnks for all
  3. Hi Guys Just wanna know ( as the title says ) - Will the V8 GTS CPU Cooler fit in the Antec P280 White Window Case? I intend to buy it but im not sure if it'll fit in the case - please assist
  4. Hi, there are a few things I would like to know for cpu cooling. I am looking for a cpu cooler that will be good for overclocking, not TOO noisy, but effective. People have told me to get V8 GTS, and the Seidons (except the 240m). I would like to know which of em' is the best for ASUS P8P67-m pro, which for overclocking, which for normal gaming and if they all fit. My gear is: ASUS P8P67-m pro CM STORM Enforcer MSI GTX 760 OC 4GB (on the top PCI) CM V1000 (a friend bought me) DDR3 Kingston 4GB RAM x2 (2nd and 4th slots from the left of the mobo) I can change the location of the ram and gpu if needed. (ofc only if it will work the same or better)