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Found 5 results

  1. I own a CM V750 Fully Modular power supply bought it Q2, 2018. The PSU randomly starts giving a buzzing noise. I first noticed it a few days ago. The PSU was plugged into the wall socket which was powered on, however, the switch on the PSU was turned off. The buzzing noise stopped when the wall socket switch was turned off and restarted when the wall socket switch was turned on. Turning on or off the PSU switch did not make any difference. This only occurs randomly. Any idea what the issue could be? The PC powers up and works fine.
  2. Hello everyone. Please could anyone help with an issue I'm having with a new build. Gigabyte X399 motherboard and a V750 power supply. I cannot for the life of me find which cable I'm supposed to use for the 8pin socket on the motherboard for the CPU. The end that plugs into the power supply appears to be the same connection that the motherboard wants (4x2) but I do not have an appropriate cable. The 2x2 together do not fit and the motherboard / processor combo needs both the 4pin and 8pin power supply connected. Can anyone please advise? Thanks Daniel
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue and maybe has found a solution for it. I have recently bought a HAF XB EVO and with it I also bought a new CM V750 PSU thinking they would match well. It fits but not perfectly. I guess the HAF XB wants to hold more powerful PSUs :)) When I attached the case bracket for the HAF XB and inserted the PSU in the case, I found that the PSU is too short for the exhaust to fit the fan of the PSU. This is due to the bracket which pulls the PSU a bit outside the case. If the PSU would be aligned to the outside of the case it would have fit perfectly. Currently the fan is like 15%-20% obscured. I made a ticket and CM has given me a timely and nice response in which they mention it would not be an issue for the working/performance of the setup. This might be the case and I guess it's not a big thing, but well I am more of a "do it well or don't do it at all" person so if there is a solution I probably would pursue it. So I am hoping that some have had the same issue and maybe have found a solution for it one way or another. Cheers, Roel
  4. shantohasibul

    V750 Noise

    Hi there.. Plz help me.. I bought a brand new V750 Full Modular... but when it starts it makes a (TAK) sound.. and after shuts down same noise again....
  5. Stysner

    V750 Noise

    Hi all! Last october I built myself a new PC with a V750, and it's been running flawlessly. Yet, last week, something started to make a rattling / grinding noise. After some investigation I narrowed it down to my PSU. I have it mounted at the bottom, fan-side down, as it's supposed to be (Fractal Design S). If I tilt the case, the noise gets a little bit louder, until a certain point, and at a certain angle the sound stops. I tried looking inside the PSU with a flashlight (through the ventilation holes and the fan grill), no wire seems to touch it, and it also doesn't seem to grind against the casing. I tried mounting it fan-side up, and it's completely silent again (checked it; fan running). So I'm pretty sure it's a faulty bearing. Although mounting it fan-side up does kinda solve the problem, it's now taking in air almost directly from the graphics card, which isn't optimal. I don't know what the dangerous temps are for a PSU, and I don't want to find out. It's probably fine, but the cable routing is worse now, and I'm not too happy about the PSU drawing in hot air. So, after some browsing, I found out about the glorious V-Series Replace service, and I was wondering if this is a valid reason for an RMA? I've put a lot of attention (and money) towards a silent PC, and having the fan running louder than it needs to (mounted the wrong way around) or having that annoying grinding sound (mounting it the right way) isn't why I spent a little more on a good PSU... Thank you in advance for answering! Also, ask away if you want to know anything else.