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Found 27 results

  1. Hi, I raised a support ticket. I got a response and was able to attach a new video where the fan noise is more audible. But I can’t actually respond to the ticket with a new comment. thanks.
  2. Hello All, I am facing support issue from this "Kainzen Infoserve" for my cpu cooler, i want to escalate them to higher official of Cooler master Asia region. Could you share the contact email details? Issue: I have bought CM cpu cooler a year ago and after 6 month usage it was not low down the cpu temperature, for this reason i have approached this cooler master service center and they have sent my devices to another location for service. 15 days later i received my product but still getting the same issue. if i approach them again they are telling to buy another product and returned this to dealer, how the dealer will accept the return after one year?. They are not ready to give replacement, i am really frustrated with their services.
  3. I sent a support ticket in yesterday regarding my fan LED not working correctly and I got a reply asking me to give some information about the fan in question. Whenever I try to write a reply and click save it just reloads the page and the comment doesn't appear. How am I supposed to reply and get my issue sorted if I can't even comment on it :/
  4. Hi all, Recently bought a Hyper Evo 212 to re-vamp my cooling on my PC, along with some maintenance. Removed the existing fan and backplate, then went to mount the new Evo 212's backplate with the screws and hex nuts provided. One screw failed quickly when threading through its hex nut, and broke off when applying simple wrist-tightening. Another was filed flat on one side, and is unable to be threaded through the hex nuts (and certainly won't try to force it, when the first screw was threaded fine and broke anyways). I don't want these parts to potentially damage my board from breaking during installation, so wondering whether to even replace or find a different cooler. Went through support the other day for a ticket, but thinking in advance now if the CS for Cooler Master is quick and efficient, or if should just call it quits? Just sent last night, of course, but thinking mostly that I don't have the luxury to wait around for a resolution, if any/protracted. The other option is to jump ahead, purchase another brand and then return this for a refund for the faulty/low quality parts in this particular kit. Is CS quick to respond typically, or am I better off seeking another cooler/brand? What would you all suggest, those that have dealt with Cooler Master CS and parts, before? Whats the general experience?
  5. Where do I get support for this chair? I recently purchased this chair because my old chair was falling to bits (cascade failure which started with a broken caster leg) and this chair checked the boxes that I was looking for (high maximum weight, mesh back/bottom, etc). It arrived today and I eagerly assembled it. There is a distinct lack of documentation with the only "manual" being the quick assembly guide. I tried to register my chair but the serial number comes back as a unrecognised serial number (it looks like it is a CM serial number - starts with the product number and has some extra numbers afterwards). It appears that the recline locking does not work properly on my chair - it is missing the essential almost upright locking position, it just catches a little but does not lock in place. The fully reclined and halfway reclined positions do lock properly. Without the upper locking position there is no back support when sitting in a ergonomic position (pretty ironic given that it is called "Ergo L" and specified to be a ergonomic chair). I tried to put in a support ticket but it looks like I need to be able to register my product in order to fill in required sections of the support ticket form ("Failure Reason" is a required field - it autofills with a "--" that cannot be changed as does the serial number drop down box).
  6. I requested a support ticket about two months ago and received a response but cannot comment or progress any further with said support ticket. I click on add comment and type my response but nothing appears after I click accept. Since then my ticket has been closed and I've requested a new ticket but I can't get any further help because of this issue with comments. I'd really like to find a solution to the problem with my case fans but support appears to not be a viable option..
  7. Hello, sorry if this is not the right way to make a topic but i'm new. I have this masterkeys pro S RGB, after the update to windows 10, when I play FPS games, and for example I hold down W button to move forward, it doesn't register the button as being held down, but apparently it registers it as it being pressed multiple times extremely rapidly, making every single game unplayable. I also noticed that while holding down W, Windows registers it as ''Held down' only when I press another random button. Can someone help?
  8. i have yet received any acknowledgement on either (support ticket, or RMA), no-one ever answers the phone no matter when i call, no responds to email, i'm not mailing a letter. i will send customer response complaints to amazon, if product warranty honaring, or actual person-person customer service doesn't occur as promised, much i contact europe, or china? i mean come on!
  9. Recently bought a MK730 and an MM710 and I am sad to find out just how incohesive the software is for these products. Why do I need two separate pieces of software for a keyboard and mouse from the same company? This needs to be fixed and is one of the reasons I even decided to get a CM mouse instead of buying a Glorious Model-O. Now for the software itself, I find it very useful to bind my side mouse buttons to volume up and volume down. Sadly, the software only includes every media control EXCEPT volume control. Why in that world is that the case? I know on the keyboard I can press FN + Pgup/Pgdn, however, it's much more efficient to be able to control it on my mouse. So, I try to create a macro on the mouse to be able to do this. Should be easy. But nope. For some reason, the mouse software does not recognize the FN key when trying to record macros so now I cannot create a volume up/down macro on the mouse. Please fix this otherwise I'm returning the MM710 and buying another Glorious Model-O. The MK730 is a very nice keyboard, just to end it on a slightly positive note.
  10. When I go to buy the new product, I insert my address, click next, and then it skips steps 2-5 and goes straight to six. Skipping shipping method, shipping address, and payment method. There's no way it costs $17 to ship something thats barely a pound heavy through ground shipping. If you have encountered this problem before and got support to help you out, please let me know if you found a solution. Thanks.
  11. I recently purchased an ML240L RGB AiO liquid cooler. The pump itself works fine, the RGB lights up fine, and one fan works normally, but the other fan is vibrating. It seems to wobble very quickly (since the fan is spinning at hundreds of RPM, this wobble turns into a vibration). Is there anything I could do? Preferably I would do it myself at home, but if it's not possible to fix it yourself, I would have to send it back to Cooler Master.
  12. i bought masterkeys pro s 3 months ago. It was working fine for 2 months but in last 3-4 weeks first my *e* key stopped working but not completely. Atm my e-y-w and caps lock keys sometimes dont work or i have to press really hard to make it work. Anyone having these kind of issues? Do i have to return it or is it just an programmatical issue?
  13. Keyboard resets after around 5 10 min everytime. and esc and F5 keys keep blinking. then all the other function keys also don't work. eg:0 I set keybpard brightness to something after 5 mins it resets to full brightness and nothing else works. I have to plug in again for the brightness keys to work. It's a new keyboard whats wrong in this? Can't raise a damn ticket because the website errors out everytime I submit. Pathetic service can't even maintain a freaking website. Can someone help? Is this a faulty keyboard?
  14. Over the last couple days, my F-key as stopped glowing with blue or green (red still works). My C-key is also fading. I've owned the keyboard for a couple of years (bought it at release), though I didn't use it for probably half that time. Is there anything I can do? I am disappointed that a premium product breaks down like this after light-to-moderate use.
  15. i downloaded the cm portal for my device and when i start the program it says im offline
  16. Hey people hope your having a good day, I’ve been looking for these adjustable fan mount brackets for ages. If any of you guys have an idea on where I can find them or buy them let me know. Ive attached some images of them so you can take a look, I need to buy new ones because my ones have become brittle and they are falling apart causing my cpu fan to fall off the cooler! Peace
  17. I have got Elite 311 Cabinet. Will it support a Xenon 16 core processor and 64 GB RAM? Can I also install a heat sink or a water cooler in it?
  18. Hey guys, the Hyper 212 Evo backplate did not fit my Gigabyte Gaming 3 AB350 motherboard so I installed the standoffs to the original backplate and the rest of installation went smooth. Is there anyway this could damage my system? Thanks
  19. So I opened a ticket on my Cooler Master CM Storm Trooper case, explained one of my fan wire's did not work for the giant top fan, stand-off's came so loose I had to bolt them in. My evo 212 came with a chip in the heatsink that 1) Either killed a Cooler Master Jetflo and a Sickleflow. 2) The sickleflow came DOA, Jetflo died within a few month's. My top fan is dying (from being connected to the spare fan port that uses the front panel, which at top speed shut's it off completely. I replaced the heatsink of course for the measly amount, left the stock fan on it, but the (at the time) $200 case is another story entirely, especially after all the failure's. I take partial blame for not being able to read an upside down reverse serial number and getting it wrong. But no response to tell me that, no response at all past the first. I'm not so mad about the hardware as I am at being completely ignored by a company who has come extremely close to destorying my $1700 (give or take a couple bucks) build when so much has went wrong. I felt the need to share before I go put in another ticket nearly a month later and see if I can't get some support. If I do maybe i'll feel the need to come back and explain what went wrong. I'm more insulted than injured by the soon to be cost, I got the same ignorance on Amazon over the fan's (of course it IS Amazon, not the place for PC part's) I'd love to add media, but I havn't bothered to clean off the OLD heatsink yet...though I will if they ask. Cleaning the new one and my I-7 was enough for me for awhile.
  20. Where do I get support? I did a question around a month ago and it never answered. I requires know were I carry my power supply for warranty in my country Costa Rica or if here only has authorized service provider? or if did not account with please tell.
  21. Hey guys, there has been a problem with my masterkeys pro s keyboard. I have a faulty mechanical blue switch for my "W" key that does not make clicking sound like its supposed to. I'm trying to get a rma but there is no RMA button under my product although I have registered my product and uploaded the receipt. My product is still under warranty. Please help!
  22. Hey folks! I recently bought a 212 EVO, just got here today. SUPER excited, right? Right. So I slap on the thermal paste, and go to get this thing assembled. And thats where my adventure ended and it went back in the box. Because THE STANDOFFS WOULDNT FIT. Was quite upset. I thought I was just incompetent for a while, and maybe I just couldnt get them to screw into the motherboard. Turns out, the threads on the standoffs, are a different thread than the original CPU cooler screws that the computer came with. So what I need to know now is, does Cooler Master have different thread standoffs? Can I get different ones from somewhere? Or is the situation FUBAR and I need to send it back? (which would be unfortunate, I dont think I can afford shipping to Taiwan) Problem solved. I was just a big dummy. This thread needs to be deleted.
  23. Alvaro

    Support VGA

    Hi I wanted to ask you a few questions I had about a product. The first, about the time it would take sent, I live in Spain and choose free shipping. The second, on the weight they could bear, and its compatibility with Zotac 1070 Apm Extreme, its serious weight of about 1.5 / 2kg and measures 32.3 x 14.7 x 6.4 cm. Third, if interfere much with the airflow, my tower is a fractal R5. And the last, whether he could use the other platform to hold the Noctua DH-15s, since now I have not thought of doing SLI, or would fall short. Regards, and thank you very much
  24. Hey there, I've contacted the support team and got no response on multiple forms of communication. Can someone please get in touch with me on how to get more parts for the Cooler Master HAF-X case. I am working on reconstructing and reviving the PC I made in high school. I need some hard drive bays for the top 5.25" inserts (possibly called hot swap bays). I'm also wondering if there is a way to remove or replace the internal hard drive rack. Some of the sliders broke and I would need some new ones. The bottom piece where the wheels are also broke off. It's an aesthetic piece, but necessary in completion of the build. Is there anyway to buy or get these parts replaced? I am in dire need of some support from the CM team. Your phones go to messaging at all hours, everyday, and the support ticket has been sitting there for days. I can provide the proof of purchase and product number if needed. Please help me! Jon
  25. Hi all, new here, Had my CM Storm Sirus headset since Sept 2012 and its worked fine. then all of a sudden the other day the right headphone wasnt working. I moved it a bit and it worked again. Well today its given up and it isnt working whatsoever. Wondering if anyone has an ideas what might have caused it or what could fix it. many thanks, Graham