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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I've bought my Seidon 120v ver. 2 almost a year and a half ago and it's been working fine until recently. A few days ago I've started getting extreme performance issues (almost freezing even in idle), so later it turned out my CPU was overheating (90 degres Celsius and above). The weird thing is that it seems random with every PC boot. The fan is working fine, but the pump seem to not work every time, even though the blue light is on. The pump is getting really hot when the overheating takes place, the radiator is always cool. I've checked the BIOS and there it turned out that the pump doesn't seem to work (CPU fan's rpm is 0 when it happens, while normally it's 2000-2500rpm). I've tried multiple solutions, but none of them worked, it just seems to work/fail randomly after a reboot. When I get it to work it seems to be stable for hours, until the next day, when I have to shut down/reboot. Also happens with Sleep mode. I wish I could get it fixed, because I was happy with the cooler, when it was stable. But the warranty at the local shop lasts only 6 months, so it's over (bought it in January 2016). If I can't get it fixed or replaced by the manufacturer, I would like to at least get some tips what I could try... So far I've tried: - Reseating the pump, cleaning it from the old thermal paste and applying new one (a rice grain in the middle, just like I always do); - Switching cables of both fan and the pump to other sockets; - Setting fan speed to max in BIOS; - Switching back to BIOS default settings; None of this has helped, the temperature is around 80 degrees right at the starts and quickly goes up to 90-91 (I don't keep it running much longer after seeing that). Now, after series of reboots I'm back at around 35 degrees in idle and it's stable. My specs: Moetherboard: Gygabite GA-Z97P-D3 CPU: Intel i7-4790k OS: Windows 10
  2. Hi guys, I recently purchased a Cooler Master Seidon 120V. It has not arrived yet, but I want to replace the stock fan on the radiator for the Seidon 120V with another fan like the Corsair SP120. Is this possible? I have heard many complaints about the fan noise and if I replace it with another one, will it improve the performance and cooling of the Seidon? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks, Josh.
  3. From the album: Seidon 120V

    Dual mounted fans squeezed into a small case. Idles at average 28°C on my i7 4770 CPU.
  4. Hello, Just over the past few hours I've noticed that my CM Seidon 120v v2's light has been flickering on and off. Sometimes with long intermissions before coming back on. I was wondering if this was indicative of a failing pump, I've only had this unit for 4 months. The current idle temperature ranges from 37 degrees to 49 degrees at idle. Specs: Intel I7 4790K MSI Z97S motherboard. Corsair Vengence Pro 16 gb ram. GTX 970 4gb graphics card. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Guys, some times when i turn my pc on i hear some bubbles noises, is something wrong with my wc? or its normal?
  6. Hi, hope someone can help. I'm about to build a new pc using the Seidon 120V which I bought as it is advertised as compatible with the Intel LGA1151 socket. When I opened the box there is no mention of LGA1151 fitting in the instructions. I have not received the motherboard yet (it's in the post!) so I cannot check the fittings against it. Could you please tell me if it fits the same as the LGA1366/1156/1155/1150/775, the LGA2011 or in another way. Hopefully then I can get on with the build as soon as the MB arrives. Thank you.
  7. tQ almost 1k
  8. Hi, there are a few things I would like to know for cpu cooling. I am looking for a cpu cooler that will be good for overclocking, not TOO noisy, but effective. People have told me to get V8 GTS, and the Seidons (except the 240m). I would like to know which of em' is the best for ASUS P8P67-m pro, which for overclocking, which for normal gaming and if they all fit. My gear is: ASUS P8P67-m pro CM STORM Enforcer MSI GTX 760 OC 4GB (on the top PCI) CM V1000 (a friend bought me) DDR3 Kingston 4GB RAM x2 (2nd and 4th slots from the left of the mobo) I can change the location of the ram and gpu if needed. (ofc only if it will work the same or better)
  9. From the album: Storm Scout 2 + Seidon 120V + G750M + 6 Jetflo 120M

    We all already notice that Seidon 120v is free maintainance for 1 year But i want my seidon 120v looking fresh