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Found 1 result

  1. Speed ​​Racer GOGOGO First I would like to introduce myself. I'm Mario Viana, I live in Brazil and I am in love with this type of activity since 2009. I made this theme for my son Rafinha 15 years because he loves this anime, I hope you like our casemod. Process terminated. Each creation and a different pleasure, but I can say that this project was totally different,,,, surprised our expectations,,,,, Thanks to all. What we take into consideration when building the project: - After choosing the topic, which is of vital importance is the structural transformation execution and characterization of the project. - Attention to the organization and cable management with harmonic functionality and without forgetting the visual appeal, it is no use to do a project that does not have utility, - worrying about the presentation and outcome of the initial idea. PS : Many items were customized by Rafael ... He also and passionate about casemod , always accompanies me to the events since 09 years , today it is 15 years . CAMPUS PARTY BRASIL 2012 ABOUT THE THEME Speed ​​Racer, known as Mach Go Go Go (マ ッ ムGoGoGo, Mahha go go go?) In Japan, is a 1960 manga, Tatsuo Yoshida creator of the race. Speed ​​Racer (named North American anime adaptation, which never says the original name Go Mifune), a young and daring 18 years of racing driver, drive the car Mach 5, raised by his father (Pops Racer) and several lives and adventures out of the race. A typical product of the decade of 1960 is inspired by the film Viva Las Vegas, starring Elvis Presley and 007 Against Goldfinger5. The last name is a tribute to Mifune Toshiro Mifune Japanese actor, protagonist of the film The Seven Samurais6. The design is well known for its theme song and great soundtrack playing in the background and even made more exciting races in Speed ​​Racer participated, always full of spectacular crashes and "dirty tricks" of the participants, as his most famous rivals, "Team acrobatic "and" Mammoth Car ". The races were in unusual places, such as jungles, deserts and even a completed within a volcano. The film Speed ​​Racer - film was released on May 9, 2008 a live-action film (with real actors), based on the original story. It is directed by "Wachowski brothers". Origem: Wikipédia, a Enciclopédia Livre. Main changes in the Cosmos 2 cabinet. - Painting and airbrushing with the theme SPEED RACER. - Structural adjustment to reverse the Motherboard position to support all hardware including video cards, (this will be a trend because we have many Motherboard with PCI broken) - Adaptation 3x120mm radiator, as the second supports only 2x120 Cosmos at the bottom. - Storage of supply cables using the original cables with vinyl pintuta white. - Cooling on the back of putting a cooler directly on the PCB behind the CPU on Motherboard. (No one noticed doing this yet (improving air circulation behind the PCB) - PU plate installation covered with synthetic leather flame retardant to organize the inside and cabling. - Custom watercooler installation adding performance, lowering temperatures and beauty to casemod. Hardware: MonitorLG EA93 UltraWide 21: 9 IPS Monitor (2560x1080) Cooler Master Cosmos 2 (perolado pintar com aerografia e outro Plexiglass) Placa-mãe ASUS RAMPAGE X79 Processador Intel 3930K Fonte de alimentação Cooler Master V1000 Placa de vídeo: NVIDIA SLI Memória Geil 4x4GB DDR3 Ran Hot Rod Red EVO POTENZA Memória Refrigerador: 2xGeil Cyclone Personalizado Water Cooler: 12 Fans Cooler Master 120 milímetros Jetflo 2 ventiladores Enermax 140 milímetros 1 140 milímetros radiador 1 radiador 3x120 Swiftech bomba MCP655B Corpo Top EK Branco Tubos de acrílico rígido 2 VGA bloco de água Koolance Bloco CPU AquaComputer Cuplex Kryos Conexões Bitspower acessórios, EK. Líquido branco mais frio Predominante cores casemod, Pu (poliéster) com guarnição interior vermelho e branco em couro sintético. I'm sorry I'm using the English translator goolge