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Found 6 results

  1. Good Day, I was very pleased and delighted on the return of SickleFlow Fans which is one of your legacy cooling products at CES 2020 but with improvements to its Bearing and Fan Blade Design hence why its named "SickleFlow Version 2". But this time, it is now available in 80mm, 92mm, 120mm & 140mm Variants and I can also choose between Non-LED, Analog RGB & Addressable RGB depending on my preferences. Since Computex 2020 is less than 6 Months away from today, I would like to suggest my product ideas as early as now for your upcoming products at Computex. I have a visceral liking to your "Nepton 140XL and Nepton 280L" which is a legacy closed loop water cooler because of its spectacular cooling performance and stylish looks despite lacking RGB Lighting. That's why I would like it to also have a glorious comeback on Computex 2020 in the form of "Nepton 140/280 Version 2" with Overhauled Pump Design(prederably Chambered Pump Design), Reinforced FEP Tubing with larger diameter tubes(like 10-14mm), Square-shaped Radiator Fins, Brazed Nickel-Copper Radiator, Jetflo 140 Version 2 Fans, Support for Zero-RPM Fan Mode, Anti-Leak Safety Mechanism, Extensive Status Monitoring(Additional Sensors for Water Pressure, Flowrate and Temperature Monitoring) and Seamless Integration on Motherboard Fan Speed Controls(Asus Fan Xpert, MSI Command Center, Gigabyte Smart Fan). I would also like it to be available in Plain/Non-LED, Analog RGB and Digital Addressable RGB Variants so the user can choose according to his/her preferences. I am a visceral Cooler Master Fan since 2011 and I sincerely hope you will make serious consideration of my product ideas.
  2. Catalin

    Liquid Nepon

    Hello! I have the Nepton 280L cooler for 2 years already! Should the liquid be changed from him?
  3. I recently bought a nepton 280l be cause i wanted to overclock my cpu for 3d rendering, but when i first turned it on after installing the cpu temps where too high, on idle with nothung running and without overclocking, the temp would be between 45°/60°C after seeing this i tried running prime95 to see if the temperature would stay at a reasonable level, but it went up to 98°/100°c. i already checked to see if everything is correctly installed, and everything seems fine! what can i do? or has anybody else encountered this problem? my specs: core i7 4770k fractal 2300 case gtx 769 graphics card nepton 280l
  4. Hi, I currently have a GA-Z87X-OC and am using a Noctua NH-D14. I'm moving to a HAF Stacker as this will give me some extra space above for liquid cooling. I've had problems in the past trying to get a cooler that fits on the motherboard as it has some capacitors close to the cpu socket. Does anyone have any idea whether the Nepton 280L will be compatible? What kind of brackets does it come with? Are they required to be flush to the motherboard or do they raise up a bit? Thanks in advance, Chris
  5. From the album: HAF X Mod

    Only had to get two washers to mount it in a HAF X case. Used the mounting screws that came with it.
  6. Hi! I recently built my own computer and have had no problems with it this far, just recently i lost the ability to controll the speed of the fans on the radiator and the waterpump. I managed to find the problem with the fans, but my pump is still stuck at max speed. (as shown from the brightness of the light around the company brand) Is it bad that it runs at max speed all the time, and is there anything i can do to fix it if its necessary? Any help appreciated Pc specs: Asus Rampage IV black edition motherboard, Nepton 280L watercooler and Intelcore i7 4820k processor.