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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone, I just bought a Nepton 240m. It is my first AIO cooler and I got some Qestion. Can i put it direct on full rpm or do i need to build up the rpms? And how long will it take that?
  2. Hello everyone. I recently purchased the Cooler Master Nepton 240m for my computer. Can someone explain me the proper way of installing the radiator and fans on the chassis of the silencio 452 because i cannot get it to fit in the correct position. I also did a web search, but didn't find nothing helpful. Thanks in advance. Albert (I will be glad to provide more details if necessary regarding my question.)
  3. Attached is an image of where I connected the y connector and my pump as well as an image of my fans speeds. How do I drop these, i mean they are loud at these crazy speeds. I am pretty sure I plugged everything in right as I put my y connector to the cpu fan header and I put the pump to a system fan header(my board only has 1 cpu fan header). The pump is running nice and quit and keeping my cores chilled at 30C when at load of 4.0GHz. The only thing is that tmp2 goes to 63 while temp1 and 3 never cross 50(doubt I need to be concerned). My main concern is why the fans are running so fast, this is my first liquid cooler so controlling the fan speed is all new to me. If Anyone could tell me whats up or how I can use speedfan to drop my fans from 2400 and 2900 I would appreciate it. Edit: after playing around I see that the 2400 was my fans(dual linked which makes sense) so I dropped them to 1400(dead silent). It seems the 2900 is my pump, as stated before I used a system fan pin which are at 65%, should I leave it or max?
  4. I am thinking about getting the Cooler Master Nepton 240m. What I want to know is if it will fit my Enermax Ostrog GT mid tower case? No one on Tom's Hardware replied to my questions so I decided to come here hoping for a definite answer. Now, even though it says my case can have 240mm radiators installed, I just want to be very sure it can fit the Cooler Master Nepton 240m. If it won't fit, then I can just get this: (It says it compatible with the CM Nepton 240m on Part Picker site) PS: To let you know how much clearance from the CPU to the top of the case, I'm gonna install the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, last week i bought a cooler master Nepton 240M. The install went smooth, and the idle temperatures are pretty good. However, when i put my CPU under stress (With linpack, prime95 26.6) the temperatures rise to almost 80 degrees after 5 (!) minutes of testing. My pump is also making a weird rattling/ticking sound sometimes, almost like there is an air bubble stuck in it or something. Now, i will post my specs: I5 4690k (Overclocked to 4,5ghz at 1.26 volts) Gigabyte sniper G1 B6 motherboard ( BIOS version F2, there is a F3 update available however it's a beta BIOS) 16GB ram (ballistix sports) MSI radeon r9 280x Crucial ssd BX100 250gb Sharkoon wpm600 bronze 600 watt Seagate 1TB HDD. The case is a NZXT 340S, equipped with 2 coolers + the nepton 240M at the front. I already tried the following things: Disabling my Intel HD 4600 graphics. This could have caused extra heat for the CPU. Remounted the Nepton 2 times: First time: Realigned the standoffs, and i put some more thermal paste. Did not work, temperatures only increased. Second time: Realigned the standoffs again, cleaned the cpu & cooler of thermal paste with 96% alcohol. Tried the arctic mx4 paste. The idle temperatures decreased after the second remound though. I tried many different flow setups: (Flow -----> Fans ---> Radiator ----> outside) (Fans ----> Flow -----> Radiator ---> outside) My current flow setup is : (Radiator <-----Fans <----- Flow <----- outside) I tried to put the pump in a sysfan port and the cpu fan port. Neither solved the rattling noise or high temperatures. I have no clue what to do anymore. Could it be my motherboard perhaps? Do i need a better thermal paste ? I hope that someone can help me with this. I bought the cooler to get some nice OC's but instead i'm getting even higher temperatures than the gelid tranquillo rev2!.
  6. Is nepton 240 m compatible with cooler master stryker ?