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Found 3 results

  1. KAAL_GATI- Speed Of Time HI, I am Vinay Agrwal from India. I have a venture named Gamerz Nation where i build and mod PCs for clients. you can follow my work on my page or my facebook profile . Gamerz Nation facebook page - Vinay Agrawal Profile - This mod is based on Time Machine concept performed on Cooler Master MasterCase 5 KAAL- Time GATI - Speed In this mod i wanted to create a Computer which looks like a time machine from the future. So i started with the black ,white an clear theme. i also wanted to give it a different open mechanism where the user can see the whole motherboard and Gpu one he open the front panel.(Yes the Front panel ) lets do this !! Starting with the Case i opened the case from all the sides including the back I/O port panel as it has to customised for a slant placement of the MB.
  2. From the album Product Feedback

    Two EVGA 1070 hybrids with top mounted radiators.
  3. Hello CM Forum, I own 2 pieces of ATCS 201 Aluminium Cases. I have these Cases since 2001. Each Case cost at this time 300 Euro ($). But the Case is to small for the present VGA-Card Generation an have only 80mm FANs. It is often noisy. An acoustic insulation is installed, but the FANs are to loudest Parts. 3x Silent Wings 2 at 1000rpm. I wish me a new Aluminium Case, with a clear design of the ATCS 201 (no one piece of plastic!!! 5kg Alu). Inside of the Case, the practically Design from CM 690 III or better the MasterCase 5 Pro. Ideal has the Case an Hot-Swap Plate for easy mount and connect HDD / SDD. The best one i know with this feature, is the Lian Li PC-Q26 The Case dimensions can be copy from CM690 or Masterpiece. But the Case should weight lesser then the SECC steel Case. The Weight should be lower than 10kg in pure Aluminium (empty Case). I hope that Cooler Master build a new Case that can continue the fame and glory times of the ATCs-Series with clear liniear elements, not round, and without plastic-parts! Please CoolerMaster, create a new ALU case (ATCs)! Sorry my bad Englisch sentences. My Englisch is a little bit rusty.