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Found 12 results

  1. Intel and AMD’s announcements of their next-gen Kaby Lake and Ryzen processors might have some of you wondering whether you’ll be looking at a total overhaul of your cooling and power supplies to accommodate the new chipsets and motherboards. Cooler Master, a leader in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals, has already prepared for the launch of these CPUs so you can apply your existing CPU coolers and power supplies to the upgraded chips. Power Supply Compatibility Here is a list of Cooler Master’s power supplies currently compatible with next generation processors: MasterWatt Maker Series V Series GM Series New GX Series Air and Liquid Cooling Compatibility Virtually all of Cooler Master’s liquid and air coolers are compatible with Intel Kaby Lake’s LGA 1151 socket. For AMD Ryzen’s AM4 socket, any models lacking native compatibility can be adapted using an upgrade kit. Check the LINK for compatible models, and contact your local retailer or tech support to check for the availability of upgrade kits.
  2. PC_customs_be


    Project 24K For the love and respect of the brand and people of Cooler Master... but also to support the modding community I will enter this great event with my Project 24K ... I wish you all good luck and enjoy the ride.
  3. My mod based on Cooler Master Casing Master Box Lite 3.1 TG PC Spec: G4560 Asus B150 Palit GTX1050ti T-Force RGB 4gb x2 T-Force 120Gb SSD Cooler Master 1000 watt Power Supply Cooler Master Master Fan Pro 120 fans Cooler Master Air Cooler This casing got very nice design. But air flow very bad. Thats y, in this mod, i improve its air flow. i make big intake at the front casing.
  4. Welcome! Thanks for checking out my tribute to Mad Max & his Interceptor build log. This is one of my Bucket list theme PC builds. My mother brought me to the premiere of The Road Warrior movie and I've been fan of this world ever since. This will be a modified desktop PC with liquid cooling. Inspired by visual elements of Max's Interceptor and the Mad Max World. ...and maybe Fury Road. There shall be rust and maybe even a Detonator attached to the PC? (lol). I'll be sharing highlights of it's progression stages, including video clip links as I move along in this thread. I have a basic idea of what PC hardware components will occupy this mad max inspired PC (motherboard, CPU, DDR, GPU, SSD, PSU) The case is an Enermax Equlilence they donated to me last year. If you've followed my past personal builds, I like to find good deals on hardware whenever possible I do plan to fabricate the liquid cooling lines from 361 marine grade stainless tubing. No idea what brand of CPU & GPU water blocks, radiators and fittings I'll use yet. The case is the Enermax Equilence I was given. It sorta looks like a Fractal Case, but without any of the well thought out features. I apologize in advance if you're expecting me to pose a Mad Max action figure inside the case (haha). The Interceptor's V8 feels more appropriate. The scale Ford engine I'm using is by LIBERTY Classics, I've added motorized shaft to spin the supercharger belt, you can watch it here, 90 degree 24 pin motherboard connector, I've modified the supercharger pulleys with larger plates to keep the belt from rolling off. I will be fabricating a new engine scoop to emulate Max's Scott Injector Scoop and painting everything dark grey.
  5. So, not 100% sure what i'm going to do yet but i'm building a new pc using an old CM stacker 830, just entering for the fun defiantly way outclasses by competitors here i'm pretty much a noob when it comes to modding :). anyways less words more pics More to come ;D
  6. imdenz


    It's been 2015 since BB-8 was introduced in Star Wars Franchise, since then I've been a fan of this cute droid and been a member of BB-8 Builders Club since last year in Facebook. But due to my busy schedule I haven't started to make a full size BB-8 last year. But this time since its my 10th year(2007-2017) in assembling personal computer. I've decided to make a static one because I'm upgrading my machine soon and this also is my first time to make my own mod and a new Star Wars movie will be launched this 2017. I also searched for BB-8 Computer case and there is no one image available online and I hope that this is the First Full Size BB-8 Computer Case that will be build. This droid is simple but complicated to build, but with the help of 3d printing and Autodesk Fusion 360 we can make accurate parts that suites our needs. This is also the 25th year of Cooler Master so I decided to make this build special, unique and futuristic projection technology that anyone would love. Follow my quest in building this very cute droid.
  7. If you can't see the images check out the PCParkPicker = Things used... Intel Core i5-4460 Gigabyte Z97N-Wifi (+2 big Asus aerials) G.SKill Ripjaws X 2x 4GB DDR3 SilverStone Strider Gold 450w PSU EK-DBAY Res + Hard Tubing EK-Supremacy CPU block EK-Coolstream Rad + 8x long standoffs + 12 normal standoffs + 4 really cool screws that you can put standoffs in (people mocked me for keeping all the spare parts from random builds, haha I say!) 120mm Cooler Master fan Glass, lots of little white rocks, and quite a bit of glue Succulents, moss, ground cover and an orchid. Windows 10 \o/ Hi I'm Bennies from New Zealand and if there are two things I love in life it's building PC and gardening, so why not combine the two! My scratch build project is a glass enclosed terrarium PC, a gardeners desktop that can play a little League of Legends Starting with a hunt for the right shape I began searching on google and found my inspiration in a hexagonal ceiling lampshade so I started playing around with drafts for the build with that idea in mind dropping in shapes to get the feel for the space. Ideally I want the stone garden to be the first thing you see when you look at the PC and when you look at things a little closer you'll be able to see the tech! The next few steps where to cut the shapes for everything out in polystyrene to find out exactly how big I'd need the base hexagon to be, once I started though the build felt to large (must fit on a desk) so I grabbed a smaller SFX power supply and switched the motherboard to an ITX which freed up a lot of space. Happy with my basic design I started calling around the local fish shops to try and find someone with a broken fishtank that I could cut to pieces, this proved to be an impossible find and so I cut the hexagon from wood and started laying out the components. It looked fairly good at this stage but I just wasn't happy with the way it was looking - too much like a PC and too little like a garden, the motherboard and power supply were flat and it just felt like I had built an odd shaped computer... then the phone rang! My mate (Thanks Dan!!) had found an old pedestal and while it didn't have any glass with it the shape sounded just right so I went to check it out. It was small, much smaller than what I had begun working with but that was actually pretty good as I didn't like my current size and wanted to push things down even more, better yet it was two layers of plastic with a gap in the middle I could use for cable management so I start laying out components again to see what was possible with the new base hitting a similar issue sadly, it looks too much like PC... This is when the build design really changes, I had the motherboard sitting fan down on the table and I thought "why not mount that upside down?" - Dremmmel time!! I marked and begun cutting the holes I wanted for cables, cooling and stands. To invert the motherboard I cut the tips of 4 ballpoint pens (these are perfect for mobo screws) and secured them in the points I had created. I made the PSU look a harder to spot by cutting into the first and second layer of my base in different spots so it would sit on a slope and draw air from underneath. I also cut a circle under the cpu cooler and threaded my salvaged power button through and into the side. Now I had my motherboard and powersupply fitted I tested and everything booted up great so I started laying out the stones just to double check that the concept looked right - it was basic but in line with what I was after so I was happy I started to play around with the placement for the graphics card and t-virus res then I stopped to think. It was just to normal looking - the T-virus is an amazing res but this is a scratch build and needs be really unique. Let's go crazy I thought - let's make an open air watercooling waterfall feature... With renewed focus and being quite proud of the way my mobo stilts turned out I thought about elevating my radiator but this needed to be much higher so I removed some stones and daisy chained 2x long stands and 3x normal standoffs to bring my rad up to the perfect height so I could create my waterfall into the pond below. Layout was ready, time to commit to the build and do the hard tubing. Wanting to keep things clean I plotted out my main pipe route using cardboard and marked the tube where I would need to bend, attaching the straight pipe from the pond first I secured the motherboard down and bent my main water pipe with 3 90 degree bends into position I then attached a bit of soft tubing to my res drain and also a fan controller to my pump, just in case it still splashed I had my mobo protected with some plastic wrap. During testing I began cutting back the soft tubing until it was in the final position and ready for the rocks to be added. A quick vid And so now it's onto to rockwork, then plants and finally glass! Fun times ahead With the temperature being so chilly in New Zealand right now it's taking a little longer for my rocks to set but slowly the walls are rising up around the res, I've washed a bunch of pebbles and as soon as these dry i'll make the rockface for the water to fall over. With the stone work now done it's time to cut the glass that will enclose this mighty garden! For airflow I'm going to take a corner out of a couple of side pieces, this way I can avoid drilling the glass. Cutting is the wrong word - snapping glass is a better way to put it Quick video on snappin glass = Hahaha this is just too much fun! OK, all done \o/ I had a last minute idea and made a piece of glass to cover the mobo, it's working well. I also cut the corners off two of my glass panels to allow hot air to escape and give me handles when removing the casing. Pics just before I went plant mad. Videos of PC in action I added a bigger rock so the waterfall would be cooler Added a bit more moss to conceal the water pipe It looks best with the pump on low, gives it a really cool water rolling down the rocks look. Thanks everyone! I hope you like my scratch build, it was very fun to make. Massive thanks to Cooler Master ANZ for making the push for people down here (like me!) to enter the competition, you guys and gals ROCK! GG!
  8. Introduction: Hi Guys, First of all, I'm Andrew Lee Adanza. I've been a pc enthusiast for just about a 2 years or so. Building a gaming rig was only my goal at that time. But as time/months passed by, my love for PC grew. That is the time when i was hooked up to modding. Right now, i'm in a foreign land and it is hard for me to grab all tools and materials to do modding since im still not familiar in this country. Anyways, I will stop this nonsense and proceed with my build log. I've already seen and followed some epic system builds and project logs creating a case using acrylic. some of these are wallmounted pc's like LORAMENTUM and some build using PARVUM like Darthbeavis, l3p, kier etc. This guys inspire me. so now, I will be creating a case with the idea of a case made of acrylic like PARVUM but with inline loops(coolant will pass in the case itself, like LORAMENTUM). If my work comes out half as good as other "masterpiece". It would be a great achievement for me. All cuts are done using a scrollsaw and by hand. hoping to have my own laser cutter to ease the work. I would also like to take this chance to say thanks to all of the sponsors. Thanks BITFENIX for sponsoring this build. Special thanks to BitFenix Malaysia and Clement for all the help. Thanks CORSAIR for sponsoring this build. Special thanks to Corsair Malaysia, Emily and Anson for all the help. Thank you guys. I would also like to give thanks to Intel and Intel Malaysia for helping me on this build. Thanks a lot guys. And to my wallet. hehehehehehe.... If you want to see our upcoming projects, you can visit Thanks ====================================================== Hardware List: Below is the list of parts/hardwares to be used in this build. Specs: CPU: I7 4790K - ✓ MoBo: Asus Z97i - Plus - ✓ RAM: Dominator Platinum 2400mhz - 2 x 8gb - ✓ GPU: GTX 760 - ✓ (to follow, all budget for GPU goes down the drain with all the tools and materials needed for this build.) HDD: WD 500gb - ✓ SSD: Corsair Neutron 240gb PSU: Corsair AX760 - ✓ Water Cooling: CPU Block: EK Supremacy CPU Block Nickel Plexy - ✓ GPU Block: EK FC670/760 - ✓ Rad: Black Ice GT Stealth 240 XFlow Rad - ✓ Pump: EK DCP 4.0 Pump - ✓ Reservoir: D65 x L170mm RES - ✓ Fittings: Compression Fitting - ✓ Fittings: 45 Degree Adapter - ✓ Fittings: 90 Degree Adapter - ✓ Flex Tube: Primochill Advanced LRT Tube - ✓ Coolant: Mayhem Pastel Green/Mayhem Blue Dye/Mayhem UV Green-Yellow Dye - custom color - ✓ MODS and Misc: Fans 1: CM JetFlo 120 2pcs - ✓ Fans 2: CM XtraFlo 12CM 2pcs - ✓ Led Lights: BitFenix Alchemy LED Strips(white) - ✓ Sleeved Extension Cables: BitFenix Alchemy Cables - ✓ Corsair Lightbar Kit Hardware Photos: Box Photos: Hardware testing/my current setup
  9. Hello! Is it possible to install an Intel Liquid Cooling System BXTS13X in an Elite 110 case? Here's a link to the installation guide of the BXTS13X: Cheers, R.
  10. Model RR-GMM4-16PK-R1 CPU Socket Intel Socket: LGA 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 1150 / 775 What is the TDF rating for the GeminII M4 cpu cooler? If this won't work can you recommend a CPU cooler that will given the height and TDF needs? Thanks. I am building a M-ITX system using: · Cooler Master Elite 130 case · ASUS Z91I-Plus motherboard · Intel 4790 Devils Canyon CPU I need to add a CPU cooler better than the Intel stock one. Concerns are: · Height – about 64mm clearance between CPU and bottom of power supply · TDF rating – 84w needed (plan to overclock the CPU)