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Found 12 results

  1. Is the Hyper 212 EVO AM4 kit available for purchase? Will the B450 motherboard and ryzen be compatible with the 2-3600 series?
  2. Hey people. I've got a couple of questions. 1. I have a Hyper 212 Evo bought a long time ago, and the stock fan it came with recently stopped working. So, bought new ones. I also only had one fan on the heatsink till now, but want to use these new fans in a push/pull setup, which we'll talk about later. The problem I have now is, I have changed my place of living, during this time, and the retail box that had the accessories is abroad, in a different country and frankly I don't even remember where I kept it. So, checked online to only find the accessory kit that CM store used to sell is out of stock and probably phased out / not sold anymore. Here's the link to the product in question - Could you guys link me to a working listing or perhaps even a different 120MM set of fan brackets, to hold the fan with the heatsink? I couldn't find any online. There are folks online who advised to use zipties to hold the fan. I have lots of them lying around, but how to do this? Is it even safe? 2. About that push/pull setup now, I've seen stories of most setups dropping only around 2-5C in push/pull. So, is push/pull, in your opinion, worth it? Or perhaps buy an enthusiast TIM solution like the Arctic Silver 5, instead of push/pull, and use the extra fan I have for the case (CM 690 II Advanced) ? Thanks for reading, and probably replying. Happy belated new year, folks!
  3. I recently purchased a Hyper 212 Evo, but I lost one of the mounting nuts (part label 'F') for the AM4 socket. What is the specifications of the nut, so I could replace it from a hardware store? Thanks! Manual_-_Hyper_212_EVO.rar
  4. Hello, here I leave you a review of the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, a perfect cooler for any pc gamer.
  5. trying to install the hyper 212 evo on a asrock ab350m pro4 mobo. a-series amd processor. the included cm backplate doesn't line up at all, and the standoffs won't fit in the mobo backplate holes. can i install the cooler by screwing the x-bracket directly into the mobo backplate without the standoffs? at this point, that's the only way i can get anything to line up.
  6. Hey guys, the Hyper 212 Evo backplate did not fit my Gigabyte Gaming 3 AB350 motherboard so I installed the standoffs to the original backplate and the rest of installation went smooth. Is there anyway this could damage my system? Thanks
  7. Greetings. I run an Nvidia/AMD system with an FX-8350 processor with a Hyper 212 Evo as my cooling solution. I plan to upgrade my system to Ryzen soon and in preparation for this I ordered the AM4 upgrade kit and received the product today. I noticed that there is no back mounting plate that comes with the kit. The 212 Evo comes with a back mounting plate for AM3+ and LGA boards. So my question is, Will I need the original back mounting plate for AM4 or just what comes with the upgrade kit?
  8. ok, I have a HAF XB EVO case, I got the cooler master MegaFlow fan on top. I'm thinking of switching up my CPU cooling solution *currently running a corsair H70 on an OC'ed Phenom ii x6 1100T that thermal throttles at 141F (60.5C?) when running prime 95 after 10 minutes or so* I plan on getting the Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo. I just want to know if I have enough clearance with the MegaFlow to have both or do I need to remove the MegaFlow or go with another Cooler Master poduct that will help keep my CPU as cool or preferably cooler. more tech specs: Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T stock 3.3GHz/Turbo 3.7. OC'ed to 3.9GHz (just can't hit 4.0) Liquid cooler: Corsair H70 closed loop. Fans: stock front 2x120mm fans on the front intake. 1x120mm exhaust on the Liquid cooler radiator in pull config. 200mm megaflow as exhaust. Temperatures: Stock idle around ambient room temps 70-74F (~21-23C). OC'ed Idle around 86F (30C give or take 2 degrees) MoBo: Asus 970 Aura pro gaming Ram: Corsair vengence 4x4GB What I'm looking for is if I have the clearance to have both the megaflow fan AND the Hyper 212evo CPU cooler, or do I need to take the fan out, or look for another cooling solution.
  9. Does the hyper 212 evo will fit in the Cm 690 Nvidia case ? The Mobo will be the asus z170 pro gaming plus the i5 6600k.
  10. Hello, I just finished my first pc build and I chose to install the Hyper 212 Evo as my cpu cooler. My motherboard is an asus Z97-Pro (wifi). When I first booted my computer I get the CPU Fan error which made me go into Bios to try and solve it. When I go into bios, it doesnt even detect the cpu fan speed. My cooler is working but I want to know how I can find a way for my system to register the fan and be able to monitor the cpu fan speed. Does anyone know what to do to fix this? Thanks.
  11. I bought a Hyper T4 off of Ebay (which was supposed to be a Hyper 212 evo!) That does NOT have the AMD lock level for Socket AM3+, which I need. It looks like the CM store doesn't sell a kit for the T4. Would any of the other kits have a compatible part? If not I'll return it but it was cheap enough that I can swing just getting the lever. I do have a 212 evo on another machine and know that it is superior but I'm not planning on Overclocking this new build. Any help would be awesome!
  12. I bought a Hyper 212 EVO this week and it came with 3 nuts instead of 4. Nothing major but still pretty annoying since I'll have to go out and buy one. Is it anything special or can I just go get it at a hardware store?