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Found 14 results

  1. It says that the dimension of the MA620M is 165mm but the Aircooler dimension clearance for the K500L is only 163mm, I would like to know if anyone has experience on this 2 combination or is it safe for me to assume i can squeeze it in. Since they are both Cooler Master's product I would assume they thought of this?
  2. About to make a new built, so of course the Cosmos c700P black edition was in my sight but after reading specs sheet i came to a simple conclusion: the air flow is terribly bad with this case! Trying to suck up air through this little tiny space aside the front panel: low air flow and additional aero dynamic sound. If Cooler master simply replace the front cover with a full or partial mesh cover, it will improve dramatically the airflow and we'll have a case that is rocking. Oh yes, i hear you saying that water cooling and such...fact is that 80% of the built are made with air cooling solution in 2020 as liquid cooling is risky, costly and is not a huge improvement over air cooling; especially with solutions like Noctua. Also, I know lots of people like to see the inside of their built..for a while; but am more a performance gear-head than simply a cosmetic one. With that in mind, the option of having an aluminum side panel instead of acrylic window (with the ability to add a 140 or 200mm fan on the side) will be a huge boost. For 500$ a pop..i want perfection and options. otherwise am buying a cheap 100$ case and mod it entirely the way it should.
  3. So I am putting together a new build and can't find a case that will work for me. My current system is over 9 years old and I have 6x 3.5 inch drives that I will need to move over to the new build but I can't find a case that will work. Every last one of the cases I have looked at have only 2x or 3x 3.5 inch drive bays and I can't find any accessory drive bays to add to the case. My old HAF tower had room for the 6 drives but I need to keep running my old system while I am building my new one. Also that HAF case has mesh front and side panels that provide for plenty of airflow. Here is what I would like: - A case with drive bays for 6x 3.5 inch drives or a case where you can add drive bays in order to get up to the 6 drives I need. - Mid Tower Case 21 inch high (542mm) I might settle for a 18.7 inch case (475mm) if there was enough room inside for what I want to do. - Mesh (not tempered glass) especially on the front of the case. - Room for a closed loop processor cooler with a radiator mounted on the inside top of the case - USB 3.1, 3.2 and 2.0 connections available on the front or top or side of the case. I suppose I could use an external USB 2.0 Hub but that takes up desk space - One or multiple 5.25 Inch bays usable for either internal ODDs and/or USB connector and status panels. - RGB that works with Gigabyte Motherboards or an accessory that will give me RGB I kind of like the MASTERCASE H500P MESH ARGB (I would accept the glass on the side panel but would really like no glass). I know that one does not have 5.25 inch bays or USB 2.0 on the front, but it is a trade-off I can make. Here is what I plan on building: Gigabyte Aorus Master Z390 Motherboard Intel i9-9900k Samsung 970 EVO Plus pcie 1GB SSD running as pcie 4x Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super graphics card CoolerMaster ML280L (or equivalent) Cooler Crucial Ballistix 32GB - DDR4-3200 Does anyone have any suggestions for a case especially about how to add drive bays to get to the 6x 3.5 inch drives?
  4. Hey guys, I received a masterbox 5 as a gift and do not know what happened to the back steel cover of the case where the wires hide. Does anyone have the dimensions of this? or know where i could buy it? Again its the steel back panel.
  5. Does the NR600 fit a 180mm psu? It's kinda weird. Officially in the site, it says only up to 160mm, but EU site says 180mm. Then multiple reviewers say up to 180mm but hardwarecanucks say 160mm. Tomshardware said they tested with 180mm psus and its fine, but they have no pics, so I dont wanna take their word for it. Guru3D built it with a Seasonic Prime Titatnium Ultra that has 170mm length, but has no image for it so I don't know what clearance it has. PCPartpicker has barely anyone with the NR600 for me to take a look at for reference. I have the ol' Corsair RM850x. It's from my last build that Im using in my current build and I'm currently on a P350x. I am wanting to switch to a more mesh'd case, kinda want something like the Meshify C, but a bit longer, but not as long as the basically something in-between. My reason for switching is primarily for airflow(and somewhat minimalistic design), and I want something a bit longer than the Meshify C to support a 300mm GPU and can still fit a 360 rad, and if possible a push-pull setup, but not too long like the S2 because I don't want so much wasted space. The dimensions of the NR600 seems to be near-perfect in dimensions, and it seems my only problem specs-wise is the PSU clearance. If you have any cases recommended that's similar to what I want, I would appreciate it. Right now, the only other thing that comes to mind is the P400A(which isn't available where I am yet, and Science Studio reviewed it had problems), and the Enthoo Pro M TG. Also, do you think they'd release something similar to the NR600 but with higher quality material? Apparently, the NR600 has some low quality build.
  6. Reggie


    the front panel does not come off there is nothing blocking it yes i have tried pushing it off that does not work
  7. My 200mm case fans that came preinstalled on my H500P case have the wrong colors when I use them with my ASUS Aura software (red is green and turquoise is purple, however blue and yellow work). I have switched around the cables multiple times with no luck. If anyone has a solution, please respond and help. *UPDATE* I got it working after I flashed a new BIOS to my motherboard
  8. I sent Cooler master a support request asking when the H500m would be released and they sent this reply: Hello, Thank you for contacting us. The release date for the H500M is currently set on May 22, 2018. Have a great day. Regards, CMUSA Support
  9. I'm still a proud owner of Number 0093 Cooler master Black Label Limited Ed. and was wondering if anyone still has one
  10. I was wondering if a 12" W x 10.7" L "e-ATX" motherboard will fit in a Trooper case.
  11. Is anyone interested in the Old ATCS coolermaster cases? I have quite a few of them looking for a new home.... UK only as shipping and risk of damage is too much. Beautiful cases, that I have catalogued here:
  12. HI EVERYONE!!! I recently planned to buy Cosmos II cabinet for built a gaming spec machine. I add some great components with it. But, Unfortunately i can't be sure if those components are completely supported for my Cosmos II. here are the specs(Currently): CPU Cooler Deepcool CAPTAIN 360 273.4 CFM Fluid Dynamic Bearing Liquid CPU Cooler Case Cooler Master Cosmos II (Black) ATX Full Tower Case Power Supply Cooler Master 1200W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply (V1200) Fan Controller NZXT SENTRY 3 Fan Controller Please let me know if they are totally compatible or not... Thanks. pcpart.txt
  13. Does anyone know if the PSU "Cover / Divider plate" on the Cosmos II, (seals off the PSU & Lower area of the Cosmos), is available as an add on for the Storm Trooper?
  14. i wuanted to share a case with CM but i dont know whou to speak with them so if someone knows how do i could do it please tell me