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Found 48 results

  1. Grounding

    What part of the mastercase H500P can I attach an anti static wristband to
  2. Questions about the Elite 130

    Hello CM Community; I was looking into the Elite 130 since it could be interesting for my next system. However I couldn't fully figure out three issue's I was having. Let me start with the probably easiest one: Will the MasterLiquid ML120L interfere with a bottom mounted 3.5" HDD? From what I can see in finished builds & guesstimated measurements I can make it should fit, just wanted to check. Besides that the graphics card clearance is a little unclear to me after reading ASUS's statement on their GTX1060 (White Dual Fan 6GB model) ASUS mentionsat the bottom of their spec sheet "To have the best cooling performance, ASUS DUAL-GTX1060 extends the fansink to 2.1 slots ... " I've worked with this card before, and the shroud indeed sticks out a little more then you'd expect. (Compared to lets say an GTX980 Gaming from MSI) What worries me is that it would bump into the sidepanel the card itself is 1.69Inch (4,3CM) thick, and I'm not sure how much clearance there is and if it'd fit. At the time of writing this I think I already figured this last one out, just going to write it down to prevent buyers remorse later down the line. On the product page they mention storage options ODD x 1 + HDD x 2 + SSD x 1 HDD x 2 + SSD x 3 Both of those are close to what I'd hope to put in : ODD x 1 + HDD x 2 + SSD x 2 But would that work? Pretty sure CM didn't list all possible options, and after looking at an old review from Dimitri at HardwareCanucks it seems to be possible to get that configuration done. That is a whole load of questions, with soon hopefully someone to answer them . Anyhow looking forward to getting some replies!
  3. MA620P and Q300L

    Hi. I wanna build in the Cooler Master Q300L which is a mATX case. I wonder if the Cooler Master MA620P/MA610P would fit inside that case. What other budget CPU coolers should I be looking at in case they're incompatible? The CPU will probably be a I7-8700 non K. I will be doing heavy workloads so need a good cooler. TIA.
  4. Hi, I recently purchased a CoolerMaster H500P and I must say i'm pretty impressed, It knocks the socks off any case I have ever purchased. To get to the point of the thread: I am using the 2 stock 200mm fans and the rear 140mm fan along with a HUGE CPU cooler block (Be quiet Dark rock unit), when I max the CPU out it is exceeding 85 Degrees In temperature and keeps rising. (I am using a i7-8700k Not Overclocked). I know that running this hardware at these temperatures isn't a big deal but i want this system to last me along time since I have a lot of plans for it down the line in terms of upgrades and changes, And as far as I am aware you want hardware below 82 Degree's for longer term health. I am using Intel's XTU for the bulk of temperature information. My aim is to have the computer run near max CPU at as low a temperature as possible for reasonable lengths of time. (I live in Scotland if that helps so its usually reasonably cold). I have looked at top mounted fans but am unsure if i can support more RGB fans without buying the Coolermaster Fan hub and what would be better 2x200mm vr 3x140mm, or should I stop being a peasant and go for a water cooler if I expect to reach some temperatures. I am not made of money but If the performance result is worth it I am In. How can i keep this thing cool, ideally without changing the CPU cooler ? Any help greatly appreciated ! Full specs below: CPU: i7-8700k (Intel) GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 (ASUS TURBO) RAM: 16GB 3000MHz (CORSAIR VENGENCE) CPU-C: Be Quiet dark rock cooler I PSU: Corsair VS-650 (650w) Case: Coolermaster H500P STR: Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD (1TB) MBOD: Z-370 ASUS TUF PLUS
  5. Hello, did I look correctly' I did not find a mid-tower case for ATX mb that includes 2 external floopies and at lieast 1 5.25" external. All I could find is HAF 912 but it has only one 3.5" external I need two, as much as possible. Also, it does not have 3.1 ports.
  6. buying HAF XB mesh top panel

    i have a glass top HAF XB EVO and want the mesh top. unfortunately CoolerMaster North America no longer carries spare top panels for the HAF XB. i've already confirmed with customer support. there is one mesh top panel available from the Europe store but i can't afford the international shipping cost. i'm looking to buy a mesh top panel if anyone has a spare, or i'm willing to trade my glass top panel (i'm on Atlantic coast in US). otherwise, any tips on where to get started with case modding would be appreciated. i'm determined to mount a 200mm fan on the top panel, somehow. thanks for reading!
  7. Using the Masterbox Q300L inverted

    I just saw the new mini tower MasterBox Q300L and I was wondering if it is possible to switch the top dustfilter with the bottom one (including case feet). I then would flip the case for 180° and use it for inverted motherboard. Regards
  8. Case Identification

    Hello all, I bought a case from a thrift store. A lovely Coolermaster. However there is not one shred of identifying information on the case. I'm including some photos that I hope a fan can help me identify it. It is perfect for my next build. I will add it has a little door on the front with 2 usb ports. It has a double fan in the front, one on top and one on the slide out motherboard tray. Would this be a micro-ATX board that would fit? Thanks for any help -Blackie
  9. Need switches or master switch for my hard drives. Kingwin produces one but it's in the usa. I've seen some hdd trays with switches, but they wouldn't work because CoolerMaster MasterBox has already its own hard disk trays. Can anyone help? Thanks! this is the kingwin one but even a simple"local" switch for each drive would work fine
  10. I love the design of the H500p and want to get one, but after hearing about the thermal issues I went to a micro center near me to look at it in person to see if it really was that bad. Turns out there is actually only about half an inch of space for the 2 front fans to get air through the mesh grills on the sides which is not something I want. Does anyone know the planned release date for the updates to this case are?
  11. Masterbox Lite 5 RGB

    Hey I'm a New Pc Builder I never built a pc before (Yes I'm a Noob) here is my build I'm going to buy except change the 1050 ti to a gtx 10606gb and change the Ryzen 5 1600x to the new Ryzen that is coming out in February the Ryzen 2400g now my question is since I have the MasterBox Lite 5 RGB is it compatible with the ML240L RGB? When I say compatible I mean will the radiator fit in the case and where does it go?
  12. Case fan and Case do not match up!?

    Hey guys, So I am trying to go all rgb and i recently purchased a MasterFan MF200R which is a 200mm case fan. I am trying to fit it to a Cooler Master Haf XB EVO case. The top of the case had a 200mm blue led Cooler Master fan already there. When trying to replace it, the holes are completely different. Any ideas why? Makes no sense especially since everything is the same brand. Thanks! -Mike
  13. Mastercase H500p with MSI GTX1080ti

    Can I use MSI GTX1080ti Gaming X with riser card in H500p? It looks like little thick than other 2slot graphic card. Have a nice day
  14. Need Top fan for HAF 932

    I opened a ticket with support a week ago and have no response. Ticket #00114357 The top fan on my case is no longer working. The specs say it is a 230mm fan. From what i can tell Cooler master doesn't sell a 230mm only a 200. I don't want to do 3 120mm as the get loud. I have been running for weeks without it an heat isn't really an issue i just want it replaced. Anyone have a recommendation? I'm not sure a 200mm would even fit.
  15. N200 case is quite loud.

    My PC build with an N200 case seems to be loud. Whenever I am playing a game or even using Firefox, the fans make a distinct 'whine'. Before I upgraded to Windows 10, the fan seemed to be quite quiet. I don't know if the case isn't blocking sound or if I simply need to clean/remove some of the fans. Help would be appreciated Specs: ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 1/11/2018, 13:23:29 Machine name: DESKTOP-74KKQPU Machine Id: {0D3A458C-9169-45F0-9A1A-7CDA09AA8659} Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) (16299.rs3_release.170928-1534) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. System Model: To be filled by O.E.M. BIOS: BIOS Date: 03/07/16 16:54:40 Ver: 05.0000B Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.7GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Available OS Memory: 8042MB RAM Page File: 3765MB used, 6195MB available Windows Dir: C:\Windows DirectX Version: DirectX 12 DX Setup Parameters: Not found User DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent) System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent) DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled Miracast: Not Available Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported DxDiag Version: 10.00.16299.0015 64bit Unicode
  16. Carrying bag advice for elite 110 case

    Hello, I have an elite 110 case pc. I'm looking for a carrying bag for it. Is there anyone who use a bag already? I'm looking for suggestions. Thanks.
  17. H500P not threaded

    I was very excited to be building in this case I’ve been looking forward to. When it came time to mount my motherboard into the case, I could not get any of the mounting posts to screw in. I then realized that none of the holes were threaded. I ended up having to tap it myself which added time to, and worsened, my first build experience. This was disappointing and also not a good look for a case that just recently launched.
  18. Will the hyper 212 led turbo, which is 163mm high, fit in my case that is 205mm wide?
  19. Hi. I'm looking to build a pc for my folks (no graphics card) and they would like to keep it small so I will be using the 110 case. Which PSU should I use with it? I was thinking of a modular one since its a small space, but I don't need much power since there is no gfx card, only onboard graphics. Also I keep reading stuff about inverting the PSU to exhaust air since there is only one fan in the case, the front intake. The build is simple: core-13 with Intel stock cooler fan, 1 M2 NVME SSD drive, two sticks of DDR4 Ram and a Gigabyte MiniITX m/b. So, PSU recommendations?
  20. Hello everyone, So i saw that the amazing h500p case will be released in the end of september and that the c700p will be released in mid august. i already have a pc and so i didnt think about it at first, but i talked to a friend and he brought up that a lot of people are trying to build a desktop before school, and not during the first month. So we asked 187 people, of which 98 are adults and the others are teenagers. Of those people, 12 had already built their own system and 35 were looling into building one. So of those 187 people, 143 told us that if they could, they'd buy the case before the beginning of school. The people looking into building the pc all agreed on building before school, while the people who had already built the system mostly would have bought in october anyway. So we got our initial result, but we thought about the c700p, which is a very interesting option, but most of the people we interviewed would've chosen another brand, as the additional cost and size wasn't what they were looking for. as a conclusion, this is probably not going to change any decision from Cooler Master, if it does get read, but the point of this was to look at the new cases and look at how the release date would affect their sales. The result is that of the people we interviewed, most of them would have changed case, while a small portion would have waited, and another small percentage would have taken the c700p. Again, this is probably not going to change anything, but it was very interesting to see how it ended. Thanks for readin'
  21. Hello dear Cooler Master Team, I´m from Germany and a big fan of your gorgeous cases, but first of all i´m sorry for my english. Most of all i like the MasterCase Maker 5 and really like to build a new rig with this nice case. Now i saw you have the ability to mount the gpu vertical and i really like it to show up the gaming heart of your rig. So i decided to choose the vertical graphic Card holder but now i´m on a big Problem with that. Why don´t you have a holder for SLI/Crossfire- Support for a 2-way System? Maybe i´m not the only one who like to have something like that. The case is big enough for this and the holder could be extended for this Support because of your modular case System. I just know only one other manufacture which has this Support but first of all i like your case much more and on the other side there is only an open case available.... Maybe this could be an interesting oppinion for you to be the first with this solution. Big greetings from Germany.
  22. Buy a panel side

    Hi, I have the case cm 690iii mid tower with side panel windowed. I want to buy the normal side panel to put a lateral fan but i dont know the dimensions and the situation of the fan slot and i dont know if the fan will fit. I say this because i have a big cpu disipator and a gtx960. I would like to know de situation of the slot. Thanks
  23. LamboCase 5t

    Dear colleagues! This is the first time I participate in this contest. I recently started modeling. This will be my fourth project. The project that I conceived, to connect the elements of the car Lamborghini with the body of the Сooller master. Let's see what happens. The project will be based on the corps (Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5t).
  24. Project Gemini

    Hi everybody, so this Is my first time entering this competition. I'm pretty new to pc case building and modding and I only have one bigger project I've completed earlier so this will be alot of fun and off course a competition makes it even more interesting. I will be trying a special solution for the radiator mounts since i will make them as "one" unit with a sort of Push-Pull-Push configuration with the fans. This will require some pretty unusual mounting but i have an idea that I will try out and make work on this build. Feel free to let me know what you think of this idea (you can look at the drawings of what I mean). I've just started the scratch build I will enter in this competition so I will try to post new pictures of the progress as soon as I get stuff done. Hopefully you will like what I'm doing and I'm always open to constructive feedback and ideas, so don't hesitate to comment the build if you have any questions or anything you like to say The drawings I've added to this log are here to give you an idea of the final product of what I'm making so some things will probably change during the build and the colours are not decided yet. I was even thinking about making it a "Hotline Miami" colour theme at once but I will wait and see how i feel about that after a while. Hope you will enjoy my worklog and good luck to everyone out there!
  25. Hello, I have an idea to make silent pc cases. I have always wondered why are pc case fans located at the side or front of the case. Why are we still following the pc case standards 15 years ago? I recently watched this video , and with my knowledge of fluid mechanics. I came up with an idea and generated some rough sketches based on the concept of the video shown with Agile manufacturing processes and consumers with no diy skills in mind. I wish to be contacted by a product manager or developer.