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Found 87 results

  1. Hello few weeks ago i bought a COOLER MASTER MasterBox TD500 Mesh ARGB Mid tower case. Everything was fine untill i get a new aio liquid cooler. I bought a Cooler Master 240L Liquid Cooler And the radiator fans were making buzzing/rattling noises(not sure which one). So i googled it a bit and decided that i should replace them. I replaced the the stock fans with the MF 120 HALO ones. Now i have 1 exhaust 2 on radiator.So i plugged them in and everything was okay but this time the Case fans that came with the case started to make the same noise.Actually not exact same but very close one.Before it was making that noise whenever rpm goes high or lowest as possible.Or sometimes when its idle.But now it does it 24/7. I do not think its because the fans are in bad condition because the front fans were working well without any noise i didnt even screw them. Could be because my motherboard has only 1 cha fan pin so i connect 6 fans on it and connect my liquid cooler pump on the cpu pin Also the below front fan is not screwed by the ordinary ones.I'm gona put a picture of its.I tried to make them tighter but it didn't work. This is the noise it makes: . I'm not sure what's going on need help Thanks GPU: ZOTAC 2060 SUPER AMP CPU:Ryzen 5 3600x Motherboard:Asus b350m-k Plus PSU:Corsair vs650 80+ HDD:Seagate 7200rpm SSD:ADATA su650 240gb Ram:Gskillz 16gb 3200mhz EDIT: I realised that 6 fans for one single header was too much.So i took the ones that were making noise and connected them them to molex. Now 3 front fans are in molex and the rest exhausts are connected to mobo cha fan but still the same noise.Is it possible that maybe i damaged the front fans with connecting all them to same splitter ? EDIT2:I tried to work the fans without installing them inside the case, the noise is still there.
  2. I have a Coolmaster Case RC-692-KKN2 I built a computer in 2010 with this case. I am building a new computer using the same case but I have misplaced or lost the manual for the case. Can someone tell me what the ports/switches on the top of the case control? Thank you Elliot
  3. I bought the cooler master master box mb311L ARGB case. I have put together my entire pc but everything runs exept for the fans. I have 1 cable from the case not connected to anything but I dont know if it's for the fans or something else. Plz help me find out why they wont work
  4. Hi guys, I have a NR400 Case without ODD and I was wondering how I would install a second 140mm fan to my case. I have used the four E type screws provided with the case to hold my first 140mm fan to the case and it holds it well. However I don't have any E type screws left for the second 140mm fan and have to tried to screw it in with the other screws provided as shown in the manual but none are able to hold it on to the case. What do I do? Thanks
  5. Hi, I just unboxed my components and put them together. While the system starts fine and the motherboard boots up without a problem, The case LEDs and Fans do not work, Also the front panel Power button and USB ports work but the LED lights and Fan controllers dont. Tried installing the motherboard drivers but nothing of that helps... Couldn't find any application for the case too.. Anyone facing similar problems or knows how to fix it? Thanks in advance! Config: Case: Coolermaster Mastercase MC500Mt MB: MSI Z390 ACE CPU: i7-9700K CPU cooler: Corsair H80x liquid cooler GPU: MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z PSU: Corsair HX1000i DIMM: 1x16GB Corsair Vengence Storage: 2x M.2 SSD
  6. I requested a support ticket about two months ago and received a response but cannot comment or progress any further with said support ticket. I click on add comment and type my response but nothing appears after I click accept. Since then my ticket has been closed and I've requested a new ticket but I can't get any further help because of this issue with comments. I'd really like to find a solution to the problem with my case fans but support appears to not be a viable option..
  7. I have a Cooler Master HAF 932 ATX Full Tower Case, and I've been planning to put casters on it, but since CSR department is extremely lacking in all areas, since December I was hoping I could get some answers here, if you have any idea as to the type and size casters are needed for this case I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.
  8. Hi, I bought a k500l, I would like to know where the front fans of the case are connected (i'm not an expert) Mobo: aorus elite b450
  9. Hi This is the 2nd time writing a post about the same issue. CoolerMaster, we as customers who have always bought your products and have been loyal towards you for many years are asking that you NEED to design a MESH TOP PANEL for H500P. The plastic top panel is not great it scratches and restricts airflow and doesn't look very nice. Thanks
  10. I just bought this case. According to the pictures, it is suppose to come with three grills, one on top, the other in front and one at the bottom. I only found one in the box (bottom is pre-installed). The front one is missing. Is there suppose to be 2 filters screens in that case (ignoring the bottom one) ? Tx
  11. I recently bought a Cooler Master SF120R ARGB case fan and an Addresable RGB LED small controller, because my mobo doesn't have a 3-pin ARGB header. I connected all the cables correctly, but the fan still isn't lighting up. I've been searching for hours on the forums, but I couldn't find anything! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I have a problem with rgb cosmos c700m the case for what it costs shouldn't have these problems I really don't know where to turn to There is no support number, I'm in Italy help meeee
  13. So I have a CM Q300L case and my Ryzen 5 3600 is reaching 89-90 degrees while benchmarking and gaming. The maximum height for a CPU air cooler that will fit in the case is 157mm. I had a Hyper 212 Evo in my old build and had great results with it. But those are 159mm in height so it won't work with this case. So i'm just wondering if anybody can recommend an air cooler that will work with this case and bring down the CPU temperature substantially. Thank you in advance!
  14. HI all, Recently I just bought a Mini ITX Elite 130 case and I am looking for a CPU cooler which good for gaming and general purposes. I understand that the case support CPU cooler height up to 65mm only and not much choice for me to choose (either Masterliquid or masterAir). here are my questions in mind: 1) Can I install liquid cooler in this case? How? what is the direction of airflow should be? 2) if I am using low profile fan cooler (Example: Geminii M4/M5, G200P). is it good enough for gaming or video playback? Please advise.
  15. I need to replace the front IO panel of my storm scout 2 advanced case and wanted to know if anyone has replaced one of these before. Thanks in advanced for any information you can provide.
  16. Hello, i'm planning to buy the NZXT Kraken X72 for my Mastercase H500, and I wanted to know if it's posible to mount the 360 mm radiator in the back of the two 200mm front fans? like, keeping them pulling air, then the radiator, and finally the radiator fans inside the case pulling air too? or maybe it's necessary to remove both 200mm fans completely before installing the AIO?. Thank you.
  17. Hello Art Master I am about to open my first new youtube channel so i need your h500m cabinet for first video for review, then if you give me that cebinet review then it will be good for me i hope i will get it.
  18. I would like to know what the maximum motherboard size for the HAF XB II Evo Case is. I know that the Form Factor is ATX...I would like to know the maximum dimensions in inches. Thanks for any help!
  19. I am trying to identify a Cosmos series case with the S/N of SC1000SSW11074600010. Believed to be Cosmos model SC1000. It looks almost identical to the RC1000 except that it has a brushed aluminum front panel. This case is around a 2008 vintage and used to belong to my son. Specifically, I am interested in the original MSRP of the case. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Newegg has it listed here: , but obviously it is out of stock and out of date. Thanks for your time... !
  20. After a long time saving money I finally got my H500M and I would like to share my thoughts about it. Design: That's the main reason I bought this case. The two massive fans on the front look incredible. After seeing an H500 a year ago I knew my next case had to have these massive fans. Combined with the 4 glass panel I can get a clear view of my interior, especially because the glass isn't as smoked as a lot of other alternatives. I would still prefer completely clear glass though. While the glass panel on the Backside seems useless at first, I'm planning to get a nice Drawing in there and add a Custom made RGB-LED System. What I don't like are the glossy plastic parts which are prone to fingerprints and dust - even more so than the glass panels as well as the RGB on the fans, which need more LEDs to allow finer effects. Overall I'm extremely pleased with the visuals of this case. Quality: The case seems to be well made. I didn't notice any dangerously sharp edges or imperfections in the paint job. The plastic parts seem stable enough and I'm not to worried about scrathing the panels, since they're made out of glass. However, I'm not at all satisfied with the fans! They Wobbly and don't even support PWM! Building inside the case: Building on the other hand wasn't as satisfying. Installing the motherboard was quite easy thanks to the amount of available space. The SSD mounting mechanism is really easy to use and seems surprisingly reliable. I don't think I'll have any problems when transporting my PC. The case could use one or two more centimeters behind the metal panels that hide the cables, especially the big, vertical one. I had a lot of trouble getting all my cables behind there. Features: The ability to swap the front panel is a must-have. On this case there's still enough mesh to supply air while the glass front panel is installed and if I need better cooling I can just slot in the full mesh. GPU sag looks terrible so I'm happy to have a little support arm in this case! What's especially useful for me is the internal USB to USB-Micro cable. I Plan to use a micro-controller to build a custom RGB System since I think all systems I could by are lacking and way to expensive. Radiator support seems nice, but to fit one in the Front it seems I would have to change the fan config. I bought this case for the Huger fans, so no way. I'll have to see if I can find a 400mm radiator that could fit with a bit of work. If a 400mm radiator was supported by default this case would have even more extreme cooling capacity. The included bag is great, but could use a bit more padding. Though I'll probably make myself a custom harness that I can attach without picking up the case. 4 USB 3.0 slots and one Type C 3.1 slot are fantastic, but my motherboard only has one USB 3.0 Header, so an included adapter would help. I would also like to see a backplane for the HDD drawers. Also, a removable motherboard tray helps with annoying IO-Shields. Thankfully newer boards have these integrated. Lastly I don't want zip ties at this price! velcros only, please! Conclusion: I really like the case. The only two things which are actual problems for me are fans and getting zip ties instead of velcros. If this was fixed I would be completely satisfied. All other things I discussed here are supposed to be inspirations and I would love to see them incorporated in a future case.
  21. Hello, I purchased the Cosmos 25th Anniversary full-tower case and I have a few questions. Firstly, I see that I can put up to three 120mm case fans on the top, but the radiator support section of the manual says the max size is 320mm. How is this possible if I can combine three 120mm fans (3 * 120 = 360)? Secondly, what is the max size radiator that can be mounted in the front? Lastly, how do I remove the ODD cage and HDD cage to make more room in the front of the case for airflow? Thank you in advance for your time and help!
  22. Bought a bunch of ATC-101 in the early 2000s and still happily use them nowadays! Great stuff. However, today I'd like to inverse the floppy (!) part and the USB front panel (at the bottom) [ which is now USB 3! ]. And I can't manage to open the front panel [front aluminium plate]... Removed the 4 screws front, but that front aluminium plate remains stuck. Would there be a manual? Or maybe someone has some experience with that? Thank you.
  23. Does the NR600 fit a 180mm psu? It's kinda weird. Officially in the site, it says only up to 160mm, but EU site says 180mm. Then multiple reviewers say up to 180mm but hardwarecanucks say 160mm. Tomshardware said they tested with 180mm psus and its fine, but they have no pics, so I dont wanna take their word for it. Guru3D built it with a Seasonic Prime Titatnium Ultra that has 170mm length, but has no image for it so I don't know what clearance it has. PCPartpicker has barely anyone with the NR600 for me to take a look at for reference. I have the ol' Corsair RM850x. It's from my last build that Im using in my current build and I'm currently on a P350x. I am wanting to switch to a more mesh'd case, kinda want something like the Meshify C, but a bit longer, but not as long as the basically something in-between. My reason for switching is primarily for airflow(and somewhat minimalistic design), and I want something a bit longer than the Meshify C to support a 300mm GPU and can still fit a 360 rad, and if possible a push-pull setup, but not too long like the S2 because I don't want so much wasted space. The dimensions of the NR600 seems to be near-perfect in dimensions, and it seems my only problem specs-wise is the PSU clearance. If you have any cases recommended that's similar to what I want, I would appreciate it. Right now, the only other thing that comes to mind is the P400A(which isn't available where I am yet, and Science Studio reviewed it had problems), and the Enthoo Pro M TG. Also, do you think they'd release something similar to the NR600 but with higher quality material? Apparently, the NR600 has some low quality build.
  24. Hi, So I bought the Cooler master H500 case and I'm looking to upgrade the front 200mm case fans with ARGB ones, like the ones on the H500m. The problem that I'm having is I can't find them, so I'm wondering if I could order it from somewhere (I've checked Amazon, Newegg). The reason why is when all the lights sync up the front fan being regular RGB flash when all the others are doing the animations.
  25. Hi, everyone ! I would like to install a second SSD on my Mid Tower HAF 912 Advanced model RC-912A-KKN1 and I have a slot available but no more rails to fix the disk. Do you know product is compatible?