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Found 11 results

  1. I first ordered a new mm711 and the left click was very loose and was rubbing on something which made a horrible squeaky sound and I could feel it through the entire mouse, unbearable. Then I got a replacement through the provided warrenty and was sent one with the same exact issue. I then looked at the warrenty period of both mice and saw they were both made within the same week in october which leads me to believe that there was a bad batch of these mice sent out. I attached a link to a video of the noise it makes when using. Also when trying to connect with cooler master support, first of all, no one ever answers the phone number and theres hold line or option to leave a message which is ridiculous as all I want to do is speak with someone about my difficulties. And second, their other options for online service are horrible and they are terrible about responding in a timely fashion. If youre an employee please respond to this or call me at 5035049049 as I need this to be dealt with and no one is helping me out. Link to video:
  2. The sound is fine coming from headphones but microphone stopped working. How do I fix this or use the warranty to get a replacement?
  3. My master cooler liquid lite 120 pump has ceased functioning. 5 months old. yesterday it started making horribly loud rubbing / grinding noises and today the pump will not start. the LED light come son but the pump does not function. I have tried powering it from the cpu fan and chassis fan pins on my mobo as well as straight from the power supply to no avail. The cooler master support centre gives me a chinese error message when i try and raise a ticket, the live chat is offline and there's no answer on the Uk support helpline. Any advice is much appreciated.
  4. Got my Masterkeys Pro S Rgb on the 3rd of Jan and everything is working well, including the Color wave mode. Woke up next day only to discover that the color wave mode went ham. (It’s not even color wave, just random rgbs going at full speed, i have set the speed to the minimum, still the same.) Any solutions? I have tried re-installing the firmware, re-installing the whole CM software, FN + E, Resetting the profiles but to no avail.
  5. So I'm building my first pc and I was using the longer mounting screws that the AM4 attachment parts use. And I broke two of the screws while screwing them in. I cant find replacements anywhere. and they dont seem to be on your site. i found replacements in EU but ordering them would be like 50$ US. Could use a little help here.
  6. HELP! I order a Coolermaster Quickfire TK Keyboard almost a year ago through Amazon - it has media controls when the fn key is pressed (so the orignial fn keys are off for that time). Because I'm silly, somehow I broke the FN key so the stem was snapped in the keycap. I tried fixing it, and somehow the FN key is jammed down and the stem is stuck in the pressed mode. Because of this, the FN key is on constantly, which means the media keys are enabled permanently and the F1-12 keys are unusable. I doubt this is under warranty, but is it worth contacting support? Are there any fixes I can make to disable the key (obviously media controls are not as important). Please help me, if you can. P.S. The way the key is meant to work is - The default state is F1-12. If you hold the FN key while pressing one of these, it will activate the media controls instead. Holding it for 3 seconds puts it in this mode permanently. THIS IS WHAT STATE I THINK IT IS IN, I CANNOT CHANGE IT. PPS. My S key LED is often dim/gone randomly, another issue but I'm not bothered about this. Maybe it will help me be more eligible for warranty?
  7. Hi all, new here, Had my CM Storm Sirus headset since Sept 2012 and its worked fine. then all of a sudden the other day the right headphone wasnt working. I moved it a bit and it worked again. Well today its given up and it isnt working whatsoever. Wondering if anyone has an ideas what might have caused it or what could fix it. many thanks, Graham
  8. Hello, I bought the HAF X for my own computer. With the case I had built my own fantastic gaming PC. It was all fine and dandy ,until I notice that the USB port in the front panel had been broken. the little black part for the top port had been missing ,and the middle silver piece had fallen off. When I attempt to plug in a USB it says on my desktop "Power Surge on Hub Port." I came here with 2 questions: What does it mean by Power Surge on Hub Port? And. Can I buy a replacement USB port or do I have to buy an entirely new case?
  9. So i recently bought the CM Storm Devastator combo and the mouse works fine. The keyboard has problems. I plugged it in and it worked for the first time. But now whenever i plug it into my actual gaming computer it doesnt work. I am aware of the Scroll Lock/LED on/off button and whenever i press that it does not turn on. I plug it in and the PC says installing device drivers and then it tells me it does not recognize the device and it says driver install failed. When i do plug it in it turns on for 1/2 second and turns off. (using windows 7 64 bit)
  10. Hi Coolermaster, These CM Storm Ceres 400 Headsets weren't a very good build. After the first 4 months of purchase the earpiece cracked and fell off. On closer inspection the other earpiece is also cracked and about to come off at anytime as well. Now the sad thing is I can't get this swapped out under warrenty from my local store as they reckon this is just another case of physical damage done but as I'm sure you know, this is a common case with this particular brand of headphone judging by the amount of people who have expeirenced this on other forums. So what can we do? I don't want these to be a waste of R700. Regards