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Found 4 results

  1. Ryzen and hyper 212x

    Hey I'm doing a ryzen 1700x on an Asus x370 board. Got the new bracket for the 212x for am4 and installed it but the cooler, for the life of me, can only be installed horizontally. Airflow to the top of the case from pcie slots. Is there another way of installing this cooler to match rear exhaust?
  2. Easy Hyper 212X AM4 mod

    Greetings, got new Ryzen 1700X cpu, and Asus prime b350-plus Motherboard. Cause no stock cooler in "X" cpu-s package, purchased CM 212X (I knew there is still no - AMD AM4 UPGRADE KIT (RR-ACCY-AM4B-R1) here in east Europe, so there is few solution to mod with parts in 212X package. I use 2011 screws, make new thread with M4 tap in am4 backplate (I and II tap full, and only one, one and half spin with tap III, so it would be tight). Dissamble x clamp, and make small slot (between 2 already existing) with small sharp rasp for new place cooler thorn - used for non sliding, and rasp 4 little boobles since clamp no need to snap in usual places. Add some plastic shells for camuflage, hehe, and voila.
  3. 212X with MSI p67a-gd65

    I have MSI p67a-gd65(b3) mobo...Planning to buy 212X but unsure about whether it'll block the first ram slot or not. Does anybody use this combinaion?
  4. Hi, It doesn't seem that the Cooler Master Hyper 212X is sold anywhere in the United States from a direct retailer. Is there a reason for this? I would love to purchase one (at a reasonable price) but cannot seem to find anything other than the EVO and Plus. -BZ