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Found 4 results

  1. So I got a master case H500P and the Front RGB fans are stuck on blue! When i use Asus Aura(which is compatible with all my other RGB stuff) to change it to red, it turns everything red, as it should, except for the fans, they just turn to a purplish hue, but if i set it to any other color, the fans are blue! I've made sure they're plugged in correctly(Arrow to Arrow) and i cant figure it out, i just dropped $1300 on this rig and it's bothering the heck out of me!!!!
  2. Hello guys and gals, I'm experiencing an issue with my MasterKeys Pro L that is roughly a year old. It recently started freezing and it requires the keyboard to be unplugged and then plugged back in to start working again. It's most evident when I have moving LEDs on the board as they become stuck and the keyboard is completely unresponsive. Below is an image of what occurs, but the LEDs freeze randomly on any section of the keyboard, this is just one example. It happens intermittently, so it is very difficult to pin down. It has happened within 5 minutes before, and other times it lasts hours before freezing. Things I've tried: Flashing the firmware (already on the latest) Different USB ports Using the built-in USB 3.0 hub on my monitor Disabling USB power saving settings Things I've not tried: Using it on my Ultrabook Is this common? I tried to Google it earlier and came back with nothing, but I can't believe that I am the only one experiencing this issue. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Rohit


    HELP! I order a Coolermaster Quickfire TK Keyboard almost a year ago through Amazon - it has media controls when the fn key is pressed (so the orignial fn keys are off for that time). Because I'm silly, somehow I broke the FN key so the stem was snapped in the keycap. I tried fixing it, and somehow the FN key is jammed down and the stem is stuck in the pressed mode. Because of this, the FN key is on constantly, which means the media keys are enabled permanently and the F1-12 keys are unusable. I doubt this is under warranty, but is it worth contacting support? Are there any fixes I can make to disable the key (obviously media controls are not as important). Please help me, if you can. P.S. The way the key is meant to work is - The default state is F1-12. If you hold the FN key while pressing one of these, it will activate the media controls instead. Holding it for 3 seconds puts it in this mode permanently. THIS IS WHAT STATE I THINK IT IS IN, I CANNOT CHANGE IT. PPS. My S key LED is often dim/gone randomly, another issue but I'm not bothered about this. Maybe it will help me be more eligible for warranty?
  4. Pascal

    CM Storm Reaper

    Dear community I have an Asus z97 Pro gamer motherboard and when I have my cm storm mice connected it freezes on post screen. When I have my mice disconnected and connect it once the operating system loads it works and doesn't freeze. I tryd other mice and they all work with it. Sadly Asus told me that since it's an isolated problem I need to be here to ask for help / possible firmware update. So I thought lets create a topic for people who also experience the same issue with this setup.