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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, I have a NR400 Case without ODD and I was wondering how I would install a second 140mm fan to my case. I have used the four E type screws provided with the case to hold my first 140mm fan to the case and it holds it well. However I don't have any E type screws left for the second 140mm fan and have to tried to screw it in with the other screws provided as shown in the manual but none are able to hold it on to the case. What do I do? Thanks
  2. Just trying to find out the screw type and length that come with the ML240L RGB Cooler Master AIO which allow you to connect the fans to the rad?
  3. Hi everyone, I want to mod my masterbox 5 lite case and I need to remove the top panel of my case. The screws aren't hexa screws or penta screws. Instead the screw heads are round and not removable in any way. Can anyone please help?
  4. I would like to remove the top panel so I can mod case fans into the case. It appears the case top panel screws are not hexa or anything. It is rounded.
  5. The CM USA online store is down. Does anyone know where spare parts can be purchased until the online store is back up? I tried calling Cooler Master and they don't answer their phones or respond to their voicemails.
  6. All the things I need (good airflow and ATX + long GPU support) with the least things I don't want (leds and acrylic windows), but it is giving me so many problems... Bought it on August 20th (but waited til September 6th for all the components to arrive at the shop for a single trip), once I started installing (following the manual) I hit the... First problem, the screws don't fit! The manual says to use the M3*5 screws (small round head screw) to hold the MB in place, problem is, it really doesn't fit. So, thinking I needed to use a little force (this is my first build) I ended with: The screw won't move anymore, any atempt will simply make it rotate with the standoff, speaking of it, I tried to hold it down using a pliers... bad idea: Will probably need a small spanner to get that thing off now. The M3*5 screws supplied with the case are totally useless, as they can't be used to hold the MB nor install drives. Ended using the flatheads for the HDD and hex shaped for the MB and SSD. Second problem, using an ATX MB, the SATA connectors have part of it obstructed by the case (looking from the front of the case, you can see the MB placed a little deeper to the right), the cables don't have a straight access to the SATA ports and become a extremely tight fit, stressing the MB ports up: Probably can be fixed by using a pair of left angle sata cables, but I'm not sure, it seems it's the connector body that is placing pressure against the case, not the cable itself. Will probably try to sand it down... Third problem, trying to register it under "My Products" results in a "Invalid Serial" error: I tried supplying the serial located in the back of the case, small sticker with a serial string and barcode, but the system doesn't accept it. But overall, the case is very nice, just these issues bugging me... aargh So, any help or advice?