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Found 44 results

  1. Mg Akon


    Hi All, I am new here. Name is Mg Akon and I am from Myanmar and currently in Singapore. Since i saw Custom PCs, Scratch Build systems and Tower Mods. I would like to work one of my own. This is my first project and Design for my "GFS Desk" is mainly from "Malaysia Vector PC" ( and Peter Brand's Cross Desk and L3p Desk. I give full credits to them. I completed my desk one week ago (last week of March 2016). but too lazy to post a thread. this is final pic Thank you all for viewing guys. and Here it is. Project: GFS Desk Desk Spec: 1) 304 SS material (i want to use aluminium but i can't find it in my country ) 2) Dimension (pls refer to drawings) Computer Spec: 1) i5 6600k 4.7 GHz (OC) 2) ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger 3) 2x Samsaung SSD EVO 850 4) 1x WD Red 3TB HDD 5) 1x PowerColor 280x TurboDuo 3GB OC 6) Corsair AX1200i 7) 2x Corsair Vengeance LPX2666 (2x 4GB), going to put another two cards later. Lighting 1) 3x 12" Cold Cathod UV Light 2) 3x 6" LED Strips (blue and white) Water Cooling Parts 1) XSPC Fittings 2) 2x Phobya Balancer 250mm 3) XSPC UV Green Concentrate Coolant 4) AlphaCool NexXxos Water Block for GPU 5) Swiftech Apogee XL (ROG Edition) for CPU 6) 2x Magicool 360 G2 Slim Radiator 7) Swiftech Pump MCP655 1. I used inventor for these drawings.
  2. Hello all, You will be seeing updates in this post from time to time. This is the work log for the "Water Dispenser" scratch build. You know what water dispensers are... this time, you will see a water dispenser computer. The goal is build a great case with the following features: 1. Fit 360 radiator 2. Custom water cooling 3. Simple and elegant 4. Looks like a water dispenser (of course)
  3. Tiger Tank Computer Case Summary: 1. Case was inspired by the World of Tanks game. 2. Tank model was designed from scratch in SketchUp using game footage and reference photos of real tanks. 3. Case is entirely 3d printed in ABS plastic 4. The tank is a fully functional RC vehicle. Treads move and the tank can be driven around with a RC controller. (left, right, forward, reverse). 5. Turret moves left/right/up/down and contains the internals of a wifi PTZ camera. Turret and camera are controlled via an Android tablet. 6. Hardware Specs: Intel i7 4770k, G-Skill 8GB DDR3, Asus Mini ITX Motheboard, EVGA Geforce 750 TI, Corsair 250GB SSD, Cooler Master 550 watt GX II, Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm LED Fan, and Cooler Master Thermal Fusion 400 Thermal Paste. 7. I have made all the design models available on, if you have a 3d printer you can print your own copy of my case. Note this is challenging case to assemble. The Build: I started this case in February 2014. I didn't post a build log at that time. I'm now upgrading and changing out hardware to enter this into the Cooler Master CASE MOD World Series. I previously entered it in the Modders-Inc Casemod contest at Quakecon 2014. It took first place in the fabrication contest and made the September 2014 cover of Computer Power User magazine. The amount of time that was put into this case was astronomical, and I am proud to present this case. This log will detail its original build and highlight its transformation and upgrades. Cooler Master Upgrades: 1. Cooler Master GXII RS550-ACAAB1-US 550W ATX 12V V2.31 80 Plus Bronze Certified Active PFC Power Supply 2. Cooler Master JetFlo 120 - POM Bearing 120mm White LED High Performance Silent Fan for Computer Cases, CPU Coolers, and Radiators 3. Cooler Master ThermalFusion 400 - High Performance Thermal Compound Links: Thingverse 3d models: Quakecon 2014 Scratch Build Contest winners: Computer Power User Magazine, September 2014:
  4. Calling all Modders – Cooler Master Case Mod World Series STARTS NOW. The biggest annual modding event of the year has returned – REGISTER BEFORE FEB. 7! We’re inviting all modders to show-off your creativity and push the limits of PC case design. Impressive line-up of modders worldwide making it one of the most prestigious modding contest ever. With the support of Dremel, Intel, Asus, OCZ and GeIL, we have over US$25,000 in cash and hardware prizes up for grabs. Check out the event site: Registration: Prizes: Meet the Judges: If you have any suggestions, feedback or issues with registration, leave a post here or email us at: .
  5. The task: Build an extreme gaming set up for my wife to fit in my new apartment. This was to be my first scratch / custom build, I call it the Desk Master DWR. 1. Space is at a premium, and the desk must accommodate to PCs and two people at the same time. This can only be in one location in our apartment, the maximum size for this build 2.5m x 1m 2. The desk must look appealing to gamers and non-gamers a like. 3. This will not only be a command centre for gaming, but also will need to function as a work space for study. 4. I want a minimalist design with effective cable management for all of my peripherals. The build was to be in two stages, I needed a desk space ASAP, and my custom PC build would have to wait until I had more time. 1. The desk needed to be hardwearing and solid, with plenty of workspace and storage space for paperwork. 2. A number of items were purchased from Ikea, 2x Alex drawer units, 1x Alex cupboard and a pre-cut kitchen bench top. 3. The drawer and cupboard units were partly assembled, and then using their pre-drill tops as a jig, holes were drilled into the bottom of the kitchen bench top. The units were then attached directly to the bench top. 4. Keyboard trays were cut out of laminated MDF to size and secured to the sides of the Alex storage units. Coming soon, the integrated PC build and the photos...
  6. From the album: IronClad

  7. Hi all, this is Spectre, proudly created by Sphinx Modding in South Africa, the only one of its kind! Full on perspex scratch build, which will feature a custom water cooling loop in the near future! Let me know what you all think! Specs of this rig are: Intel Corei7 LGA1155 3770 3.0GHz 2x4GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz HyperX Genesis Raidmax 1200W PSU Gainward GTX580 3GB DDR5 Phantom 3 Asus Maximus IV Gene-z Western Digital 2TB HDD 4x120MM Deep Cool Case Fans Aerocool Touch 2000 Fan Speed Controller
  8. -=SpH!Nx=-


    Hello guys! I just wanted to share my scratch build PC case called "DotaBox". This build was meant to be a HTPC type build with a little bit of Dota 2, in max settings. Specs: AMD A10-7850k ADATA XPG SX900 128Gb SSD Kingston HyperX PnP 8gb DDR3 1866Mhz Gigabyte F2A88XN-wifi Corsair H80i Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm fans Bitfenix Spectre Pro 200mm fan Silverstone 450w fully modular SFX power supply Some of you might have already saw this, but might as well share it here. DotaBox is basically a cube with Dota2 logo all around it. I have been playing Dota for 6 to 7 years now and I wanted to make myself a "Trophy" if you may, as a fan and avid player (Although I am still bad I guess since I really don't care if we win or lose, all I wanted is to have fun but not in a "Trolling" way of fun.) I wanted the trophy to have that certain "Flare" to it whenever some one sees it, an "Eye Candy" in my room. A few months from now, I will become a full pledged Dad, and I might quit the game so might as well give myself a "farewell" gift. And I wanted it to be as functional as possible, not just an ordinary room display. So I started making a concept of my own using AutoCAD 2015, and I ended up having this kind of design. This design was also inspired by Bill Owen and Cheapskate's scratch build "Nvidia Ion Cube". For a newbie modder like me, having a cube design is much easier compared to having those sexy curves on some other builds. I wanted to start on basic shapes first. Next, I started thinking of the materials that will be used for my scratch build. Since buying tools for cutting up aluminum is kinda expensive, I ended up buying a Jigsaw and a Rotary tool as my main arsenal for my build. Instead of aluminum, I ended up going with wood as my main material for this build (Pine wood and Hard Board). For the walls of the case, I used a 1/4" thick Hard wood and for the logo, I used a 3/4" thick pine wood. First, I printed out a 7"x 7" Dota 2 logo, slapped it on a 8" x8" pine wood cut out, and started to cut the side of the logo using a Jigsaw. And then, after I finished cutting up the sides of the wood, I started to make 2 holes that will fit the blade of the Jigsaw to cutout the middle part of the logo, sand it a little bit, and went straight to the first paint coat. After the paint dried out, I made a 8"x 8" cut of Acrylic sheet UV green and did the same thing except that I did not make the holes in the middle of the logo. The next day, I kinda wanted to see how it will look like so I went outside and stack the wood and the acrylic sheet together to see how what it will look like. This was the "Glow Test" that I tried before I started to make 3 more logos just to make sure that it will achieve the glow that I wanted. After the glow test, I started to make 3 more cutouts of the Dota 2 logo on the Pine wood, and same with the Acrylic Sheet. While waiting for the paint to dry out, I started to make the cube case with the Hard Wood. I used a 200mm BitFenix Spectre Pro fan as the top exhaust since at first I was planning on using the Noctua L9a for CPU cooling. Having a huge fan directly on top of the cpu cooler might help to move the hot air away from the case so I decided on that kind of layout. Here are the other 3 Dota 2 logo cutouts with the acrylic sheet. I then went to paint the whole cube case with semi-gloss black paint just to make sure that it will give me the look that I wanted. Although I still need to make some holes for the 3 120mm fans, I still wanted to see what it will look like with the logo all around the case. Aaaaaaand.... After all the testing for the "Looks" department, I went in and started to make the fan holes for the 120mm fans, the motherboard I/O shield and mounting hole for the power supply. I then used 1/4" (L) spacers between the wall of the case and the logo for some air flow. I made a small motherboard tray from acrylic sheet, used some left over hard wood to hold the tray, and voila! After the case is 90% done, I proceeded to do some test fit of all the components that will go inside the case. The plan on using the Noctua L9a got changed since the H80i went on sale for a good price so I went in and grabbed the deal. I have modded the pump/block cover of an H80i to go with the theme of my build. The original plan was to mount the H80i vertically in front of the motherboard, but since I miscalculated the measurements, I ended up deciding to put the H80i underneath the motherboard. The H80i fits perfectly (barely) underneath the motherboard with barely enough room for the cables of the power supply. The SSD went underneath the motherboard tray since I still have enough room for it. You won't see it here, but it's there! After all the test fits and what not, I disassembled the whole case, and finished the paint job. When I started to finish the paint for the case, it started to rain with some gusty wind. I already started to paint the case when it rained, so, since it was windy on that day, I made myself a small "painting area" just to finish the second coat of the paint. After 2 days, all the paint is dried up and the case is ready for re-assembly! The system is up and running! Just need to install steam. I have then decided to add a pedestal for the case, which is just made out of a 3"x 3" wood with a turn table that I bought from Ikea. Well, thank you for the time for taking a peek on my scratch build. I am currently working on another project of mine, which is a DeskPC. Although I still don't have a name for it. See you on my next project!