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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have bought a coolermaster CK-350 mechanical keyboard around half a year ago and I loved the keyboard at first. However, 1-2 months ago some keys ( 'E', 'Y', 'X' and '6' ) started to have issues progressively... I need to press them several times or with much more pressure than any other key in order for them to work. In fact, I need to check whatever I'm typing as there are letters missing all the time because of this. Do you have any advice to fix the keyboard without going against any warranty recommendation? Should I send it to RMA? If this happened progressively, maybe the same thing will happen after it comes back from RMA, that's my worry...
  2. Hey everyone! I have some questions for the Cooler Master staff/team (or moderators, in case someone can answer this). I know you are going to release at least two new mechanical keyboards soon, the Masterkeys Pro S White leds and the Masterkeys Pro M RGB. I'm interested in the Masterkeys Pro M RGB model and I have three questions I'd like to ask about this keyboard. When (more or less) can we expect a release on european territory? What switches will be made available (MX Reds, Browns and Blues?)? And lastly, are you guys making models in ISO layouts this time around besides ANSI? If so, any plans to release an ISO-PT model? (this would be great) I'm considering selling my MK Pro S to buy a MK Pro M (I already have a friend interested) but I'd like to know if the new board will be available in ANSI or ISO-PT and in MX Browns or Blues (not really a fan of Reds). Thanks and have a good night/evening/day/week!
  3. Hello. I ordered a MasterKeys Pro S with Cherry MX Brown switches and ANSI-US layout (it was the only layout available in your EU Store atm but it was the layout I was looking for anyway) this afternoon. This is going to be my new "gaming" keyboard and it has all the things I need in a mech. Vibrant RGB backlighting, solid build quality, Cherry MX switches and a standard bottom row. But I'm a little confused about the availability / stock of these two new models. I can only find two models / options right now, the 1st is a MasterKeys Pro L (the fullsize) w/ Red switches and the second is a Pro S with Brown switches (both in ANSI-US). But the page for the Pro L says it's a "pre-order", however the page for the Pro S w/ Browns doesn't show this message at the bottom. What I want to know is if you guys have stock for the Pro S right now or if I'll have to wait for a little longer until you have more models / stock. Thanks. Have a nice day and keep up the good work. Ricardo Reis