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Found 2 results

  1. thechoozen


    Once again it´s time for the CM Modding Competition, so we wanted to join, like every year In the last years we built a lot of systems but only a handful were built for our personal use. And this will be one of the handful It´s planned to be used as my personal CAD/Video Editing/ Gaming System so one of the requirements is: It should get nice hardware with a decent custom watercooling loop. It will be build completely out of Plexiglas in a black / red color scheme. The complete design of this build aims to the position in which the build will be placed when it´s done. It will be placed on a cabinet in a corner to another cabinet beside it´s TFT so it´s a really closed space which brings a lot of restrictions which we have to deal with. And now let´s Start with a quick rendering which i made to show my idea to my brother and a few other people, so it´s not really detailed and a lot of stuff is missing, but you can get an imagination in which direction this build is orientated. And like you could imagine we already ordered a lot of black plexiglas so that we could start to cut out the first layers of the base.... And after a few hours of work we got this...... (already the most parts which will be used to build the bottom part of the case...) as next we´re going to cut out the next parts which are needed to build the upstanding part of the system which will hold the hardware....
  2. thechoozen


    MS03 Time to start the worklog for our third and last entry for this years contest Like the one or other might remember, we already build a motion simulator last year, it was called MS01, the PC which controlls that Simulator was called MS02. This year we´re going to combine these two Things in our new build, so MS01 + MS02 = MS03 That doesn´t mean that we will modify our old Sim, instead of that, we´re going to build a complete new Motion Simulator based on the experiences of our last builds. We also decided to upgrade our new Simulator from 2 DOF (degrees of freedom) to 6 DOF so that a more realistic simulation will be possible. Beside the 6 DOF transformation we will also use the baseframe of the sim to mount the hardware of the Gaming PC instead of a second Gaming System which stand beside the Simulator. Like you could imagine, we had to plan a lot of things & take a lot of measurements before we even could start to order the materials we need to build our Baseframe. But after all the calculations were done, we placed an order so that we could start with the building process. That was the pile of metal which arrived after our order.... Then we put the first tubes into place and fixed their positions so that we could start the welding process.... and after a few hours of hard work.... we got this....