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Found 7 results

  1. My goal was to build something very similar to most desks that have computer parts embedded, but with a way classier look. I also wanted to make this desk part of a furniture set, to show that a powerful PC can be easily embedded into an eye-candy living room. Thus came to be The Perfect Desk, probably the best DeskPC in the world. After several design versions, I finally came to a decision. I started cutting and drilling, painting and mounting, and it all took shape very fast. The entire building phase lasted no more than 4 days, while the waiting for parts and shopping for materials lasted way longer, summing up to a total of 2 weeks. While building it, sponsors started showing up for his project. First there was CoolerMaster, who decided to showcase their MasterKeys Pro L RGB and MasterMouse Pro L, and then several others joined, such as MSI, Plextor, Silicon-Power and SilverStone. I also needed a good low profile AIO cooler for my i7 6700K so I decided to go with a CoolerMaster's MasterLiquid ML120L RGB. Featured CoolerMaster products: MASTERLIQUID ML120L RGB MASTERKEYS PRO L RGB MASTERMOUSE PRO L
  2. Hello World! This mod is based on the contrast between nature and electronics. In the stump we're going to develop a mid-priced hardware. The aim is to portray the soul of an electronic shaft. MOD Coming Soon...
  3. Hi! This is my build. It will be made out of wood, to be precise, Eurepean beech (common beech) wood. I chose this wood, since it is hard, dry, and, well, common, sice it is common beech, it is common. To start things of, I made a 3D model in solidworks. You can see some screenshots here. There we go. I hope you know that the first pic is a final profuct - how I hope it will view, the second one is the front view, the third one is a side view and the last one is a top view, where you can see, that the motherboard will be turned by 90°. Okay, I was going to use Maple first, as seen below, but it would need too much processing. Okay so I got my wood, the beech one, so let's do something. 1st I put some planks together, to form a side. I proceeded to glue the planks together and put the side in a press. Well, that failed, since when after 3 hours I came back, I was left to see a bent side.
  4. just got the first shipment of parts to start a custom wooden mastercase maker 5
  5. Good Day to All! I shoveled a bunch of sites with fresh modding projects and 99% of the projects are absolutely identical rectangular boxes with different lighting and liquid cooling system - if you rapidly flip through the pictures, one gets the impression that the same system unit to change the illumination color. Such a depressing state of Affairs is not very inspired. One evening came across an old book of a series of BattleTech - and had the idea to make the body in the form of a robot. Thumbing through the drawings at the end of the book and looking at pictures/screenshots/renders of the Mech Warrior games, I thought it was quite doable. The idea is not new, but such projects are few and interesting among them one. Robots in some part do not have complex shapes, also to make it possible from the available materials improvised tools without using CNC, workshop machine tools and other expensive equipment. Making a few sketches of the layout of components, I decided to stop at format motherboard mini-ITX, because even in the transition to a micro-ATX case case began to become just huge and heavy. Work in progress... Here's my video-logs. Hope the video will not tire and You will get pleasure from viewing: Part 1: Part 2: Trailer
  6. Project SkyVue is a water-cooled mini-ITX mid-range gaming tower finished in African Sapele wood with polished aluminum trim. Major features include a GTX 960 video card, a blower-based low-profile water-cooling system and an M.2 PCIe SSD. The project consists of two main components; the interior chassis and the external enclosure. The decorative enclosure slides down to cover the chassis and is not connected in any other way. The internal chassis can operate autonomously. SkyVue took 240 hours to design and build over an eight week period in 2016. All of the work was done by myself using various hand tools, a Dremel rotary tool and a cordless drill. Specs: Intel Core i5-6600K Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WIFI Mini-ITX Motherboard Gigabyte 4GB GTX 960 Video Card Corsair H5 SF Low-Profile Liquid Cooler Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 System Memory Kingston HyperX Predator 240GB M.2 SSD Corsair Neutron XT 2.5" 480GB SSD Silverstone SFX ST30SF 300W Power Supply Project Log: An aluminum case is modified to provide for the water-cooler exhaust vent. The mounting system for the Corsair H5 SF water-cooler shares three of the four motherboard mounting screws. Thanks for looking!
  7. I wanted to make something totally different... An ECO build whit a lot of Recicled, and reused materials, and left owers from old projects. I started to look ower my raw- / left ower materials and desided tu re use as many as i could. I gathering my tools Edit: Modder: Balazs Szabo - BaluC Modding Name: ENT CPU: Intel i3-4330 Mobo: MSI H97M ECO PSU: Cooler Master V450 Semi-Modular Cooler: Cooler Master V8 GTS RAM: HyperX FURY White DDR3 Memory 1866 8Gx2 (HX318C10FWK2/16) SSD: HyperX FURY SSD 120G (SHFS37A/120G)*1 ------ Mod Description / Concept: ------ What are ENTs? Ents are a race of beings in J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy world Middle-earth who closely resemble trees. They are similar to the talking trees in folklore around the world. Their name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for giant. They appeared J. R. R. Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings. Ents, are a very old race, described tree-like giants that appeared in Middle-earth. Ents were envisioned as Shepherds, to protect the forests from orcs and other perils. The Elves have tales of teaching the trees and the Ents to talk: although the Ents were sentient beings at the time, they did not know how to speak until the Elves taught them. Almost nothing is known of the early history of the Ents ? they apparently lived in and protected the large forests of Middle-earth in previous ages. This ancient Race, what protects the forest, the nature. On the other side was MSI, with their effort, to make great Motherboards with minimized power consumption, to protect the natural resources. This has given me the inspiration to make this Mod. With this naturally based thoughts was the planing of this sketch mod. Almost everything used to make this mod (except PC Parts) where Reused or left over things from other projects. All of this would have landed in the trash sooner or later, but so I have given the used things / materials a new purpose, and the chance not to go to the junkyard. It is a Little Symbolism is built in to this mod. Between the living, green branches , there are the dried out ones. This symbolises the natures renewing power! The Ent it self is the ambassador of nature, Reminds us to take care of nature, because we only have this one Planet to live! The Ents symbiosis with the PC parts represents, that the modern technic could be used to help nature! The less power consumption is good for your environment AND for your pocket as well. J. R. R. Tolkiens Ents are not only in the books like The Lord of the Rings. Also appear in other works. In fantasy and role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, EverQuest, Magic: The Gathering. This creatures appear in a lot of Fantasy worlds (and games) like Warcraft universe, The Lord of the Rings Online, League of Legends, Dungeon Siege, Dragon Age series, Harry Potter series, Elder Scrolls series, Chronicles of Narnia, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Mad God (MMORPG), and so on. In the film Maleficent, The Marvel character Groot bears many similarities to Ents. Best Regards: Balazs Szabo - BaluC ------ Introduceing Myself: ------ Hi! My Name is Balazs Szabo, from Hungary. More Known as "BaluC" or "BaluC Modder". I make Mods more then 20 years and has won numerous Hungaryan and International Trophies. At the last five years I was at DCMM - Gamescon, and on almost ewery Modding contest in Hungary. I'm known over my totally crazy Mods: Aquarium PC, Gloves-Mouse, Rat-Mouse, Ripped off Alien head, a Full size Predator, Pandora's magical jungle from Avatar, Moveing fire spitting Dragon, and so on... I'm proud of my 2014 DCMM-s "24H Modding Challenge"-s First place with my teammate, and my Predator costume which in a previously unknown "world" (Cosplay) I won not only a Trophy, but a lot frend as well. Modding is a great pleasure for me. I like to create new, unusual, astonishing creations. I have heard in several times art lovers, that modding is a kind of modern art. But all my success, it would not worth anything, without the love and support of my family. I am grateful to have Them! Best Regards: Balazs Szabo - BaluC