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Found 3 results

  1. - I’m Nick with Termuda-Square-Tech and this is my first modding competition and actually my very first ever mod and would love to take my passion for pc’s a step further. I’m very detail oriented and am used to building custom cars, so for this build I wanted every millimeter and every aspect of this build to be modded and serve a purpose but yet something that could be seen as a practical system. My personal rule is, If it doesn’t look good from a inch away I will remake it until it does. - This build interior is based off a military type clean cut feel “stealth” so to call it. A reversal of contrast ! Bright on the outside ,dark on the inside. Pc Spec’s - Coolermaster Mastercase 5 - Coolermaster GPU support bracket - Coolermaster Accessory(top radiator bracket & cover) -Coolermaster vertical GPU mount - Asus z97 sabertooth mark 1/usb3 - 16gb Evga Memory - Intel i7 4790k - Evga RTX 2060 XC Ultra - Barrow RTX 2070 Waterblock - 6 x InWin crown 140mm fan’s - InWin commander III 800watt Desert Fox PSU - EKWB 420mm SE radiator - EKWB 280mm SE radiator - EKWB D5 PWM pump - Gscustomz cable extensions - 2 x Samsung Evo 860 ssd 500GB in Raid - Barrow Reservoir - Barrow pump top - Barrow pump shroud - XSPC 14mm petg - 12 x XSPC 14mm fittings - 2 x Barrow bulkhead fittings - 4 x Barrow 90 degree fittings - Extra sleeving & heat shrink from Gscustomz - Thermaltake Drain fitting (only reason for mix matching components and fittings- there wasn’t much available in matte black) - EKWB Supremacy Evo CPU waterblock - XSPC White fluid - Mayhems non stain yellow dye
  2. Hello CM community, I've been researching quite some time about Mechanical Keyboards in general and it stroke me that the availability of certain CM boards are very limited. For example: - The promised Quickfire Rapid-i [QFRI] Blue's/Red's switches with corresponding lighting are still not released after a year of the Browns; - The Quickfire Rapid-SI (Stealth version of TKL Intelligence) not released after a year, after the announce at CES 2014 (A year listed on the website, but not even released? Why not delete the Rapid-SI then?); - The Quickfire Stealth TKL seems discontinued, only a couple left at amazon; - The regular Quickfire Rapid seems discontinued, only a couple left at amazon. Why do I ask this question? Because I wanted to buy the Rapid-i here in The Netherlands. But I found out that LED's tend to break sometimes after a month, half year or a year. Well you can request an RMA for repair, but what if they break after 2 years of warranty? And you can't use your keyboard for a few weeks when it is out for repair. So I am searching for a Cooler Master TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard with no backlighting and preferably Brown or Red switches. Because I am not really fond of backlighting. I would like a simple TKL keyboard under 100 euros/dollars. I am not interested in the "TK" variants, I find them odd in use (I tried at a friend's house) and the FN button which you need to hold to use certain additional functions is not really a clever designing decision. There are no other TKL keyboards out there with better price/quality wise, not as good as the Cooler Masters. For instance, Ducky's are similar in quality but too expensive. Filco ditto, Razer has no durability, Corsair has worse build quality. So CM Boards are the best, here, I can say it as free marketing lol. But the stock/availability is really bad. Massdrop with his Quickfire Stealth's at $65 ended and probably won't start anytime soon again... I find plenty of Quickfire Stealth video's on youtube which are over 1 year old (Tek Syndicate, JayZ, Newegg), but the board isn't available, feels very weird to me. All this to promote a keyboard that doesn't even exist anymore. My hope is that this question get's forwarded to the staff, so that they may realise that there is a demand for the new CM keyboards in Europe. I would like to know some ETA on shipments. I can't wait any longer really, if in 2014 was promised one thing and in 2015 still no new deliveries arrived - it looks bleak.
  3. I have never used a mechanical keyboard before, so please give me some recomendations based on my preferences: _red switches? (75% gaming, 25% typing) _TKL _No LED My two candidates are the CM Storm Quick Fire Stealth and the CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid. And to my understanding, the only difference b/w the 2 of them is the location of the print on the keycaps correct? If so why is the QFR a bit more expensive than the QFS (about $5.00 difference on the cmstore-usa)? EDIT: I just checked cmstore-usa again, and noticed both models are out of stock. Are they discontinued? If not then when will they get restock? Thanks in advance