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Found 1 result

  1. thechoozen


    Once again it´s time for the CM Modding Competition, so we wanted to join, like every year In the last years we built a lot of systems but only a handful were built for our personal use. And this will be one of the handful It´s planned to be used as my personal CAD/Video Editing/ Gaming System so one of the requirements is: It should get nice hardware with a decent custom watercooling loop. It will be build completely out of Plexiglas in a black / red color scheme. The complete design of this build aims to the position in which the build will be placed when it´s done. It will be placed on a cabinet in a corner to another cabinet beside it´s TFT so it´s a really closed space which brings a lot of restrictions which we have to deal with. And now let´s Start with a quick rendering which i made to show my idea to my brother and a few other people, so it´s not really detailed and a lot of stuff is missing, but you can get an imagination in which direction this build is orientated. And like you could imagine we already ordered a lot of black plexiglas so that we could start to cut out the first layers of the base.... And after a few hours of work we got this...... (already the most parts which will be used to build the bottom part of the case...) as next we´re going to cut out the next parts which are needed to build the upstanding part of the system which will hold the hardware....