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Found 15 results

  1. I have a Cooler Master HAF 932 ATX Full Tower Case, and I've been planning to put casters on it, but since CSR department is extremely lacking in all areas, since December I was hoping I could get some answers here, if you have any idea as to the type and size casters are needed for this case I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.
  2. Hello CM Community, I have a HAF 932 and want to replace the side window to give it more looks. I was planning on getting this: But it's permanently out of stock. So I was gonna get the HAF X side panel: But that's out of stock. I'm running out of options. Where can I get a side panel similar to the ones listed up above?
  3. Hi, does anyone know if there is an x-dock for this case that has the key to preventing the removal of harddisks without? something like this:
  4. Disappointed in this Cooler Master product. I have decided to keep it, but will think twice on my next purchase if this is a sign of things to come with the Cooler Master HAF product line. Very cheaply made. Screw holes in the sheet metal do not line up very well. Lots of conveniently placed thumb screws, but the misaligned holes and poor threading makes them very difficulty to use. Use of space per cubic foot area is poorly done. Cases with this volume normally sport 6-8+ bays, this one has 4 x 3.5inch HD bays and two CDROM bays. With todays push towards 2.5 inch form factor you would think they would have employed this into there design to utilize the space more efficiently. Power supply buts up extremely close to the two internal 3.5 HD bays. This will make changing out these hard drives a nightmare if they fail. You will have to take the two sides and top off, disconnect all power supply leads , then remove the motherboard tray and finally remove the PSU to access the HD SATA and power connectors. This is a shame as the drives slide into the bays quite easily with the provided clip in rails. Also, with every insertion and removal of screws and trays, the black paint comes off.
  5. Brand new HAF XB EVO - here is my review. Quality control is a major issue, either that or the race to the bottom price has caught up with CM. I have an older HAF case I love, so I decided to purchase a new one for a new pc build. All new parts, all from newegg direct. Gigabyte MB, Intel i5 7500, Gskill 3200 DDR4, SeaSonic bronze certified PSU, CM 212X Cpu fan. Onboard video for power to bios testing. First issue out of the box - the 200mm top case fan is NOT 200mm. The rubber grommets in the mesh are not even square, but rectangle. Second issue on first power on - the SATA power connector of the hotswap board LITERALLY caught on fire! (Pictures) The sata power cable to the PSU is a high quality Thermaltake braided line I've used without issue in my old machine. I chose to use the thermaltake power cable, because the SeaSonic ones were not braided and seemed lower quality. Plus the one I used was proven good. Third issue - I have no idea, the damn thing caught on fire. After I pulled the hotswap board, the machine fortunately powered on to the BIOS. I have not tested any of the functionality, as I haven't had time to re-install new power cables, and directly connect the drives to MB. I hope the SDD primary 120g OS drive and 1TB 7200 storage drives are not damaged. It appears the damage was contained to the connector, so hopefully the surge didn't hit the drives...... I'll update after I test the drives, and hear back from my service ticket here at CM.
  6. First full picture of the new HAF series case has been spotted, courtesy of @JayzTwoCents on Twitter. No official details on it so far, but it appears to have x2 200mm front intake fans, x3 140 top and x1 140 rear exhaust. Don't know if they are RGB or not. Front panel is 3 sided angled piece, and not just a center glass/plastic piece as it may appear upon first glance. It will be part of the MasterCase series, under the MasterCase H500P moniker. So I would guess that's just the normal MasterCase vertical GPU bracket in use there. Does not appear to be any easy to remove front or top air filters, will likely have to detach the full front and top panels to clean those grilles. A bit annoying for maintenance but it does allow for a nicer looker. From the way the side panel is detached there, I am guessing the case being displayed is using the MasterCase tempered glass side panel. Hopefully they will stay the course and offer base models for a lower price and allow us to buy the specific addons/upgrades we want. Based on the $160 US price of the MasterCase Pro 6, I am personally guessing this case will be in the $200 range. My current, 6+ year old, system is in a HAF X. So if this case releases at the right price I'm buying it immediately. I already had a new build planned, but had been going back and forth on what case to buy. What I see here settles that debate for me, so long as they don't fail with it in some major way. Base model needs to be below $250 and needs to offer a minimum x3 3.5" drive bays being such a massive case. Edit: It's so hard to tell just off this one picture, but those front fans may even be 230mm. They look an awful lot like the 230mm front fan on the HAF X sitting next to me. I took the panel off to get a good look at it, and the sticker on the spindle and everything looks to be about the same size. These are just a newer version with the LED coming off the spindle, compared to the one in my case where the LEDs are on the outer ring. Edit 2: After further review of the of the picture, it appears that if this does indeed use the MasterCase Vertical GPU Bracket, it does not mount the same way as it does in the other cases. If you look at this picture below from the MasterCase 6 Pro official product page, the Vertical GPU bracket mounts directly into the expansion slots, blocking access to any of the remaining PCIe lanes on the motherboard. But if you go back and look at the picture of the HAF case from Computex, the Vertical GPU bracket is mounted in the dead space between the side panel and the expansion slots. Which would still allow access to the remaining PCIe slots, depending on exactly what you installed in them. This, combined with the fact that it appears to be using 230mm intake fans, reinforces just how wide this case is going to be. Especially compared to other MasterCase series cases. This mounting makes sense since in that otherwise unused area of the old HAF X, Cooler Master provided a place to mount a GPU support bracket. Which I am actually using for my EVGA 1070 FTW due to how big it is. So I hope that also means that Cooler Master will again be shipping this new HAF series case with a GPU support bracket. Edit 3: Things are looking more promising I the RGB department. They just announced MasterCase Pro RGB fans. Interestingly they have a switch that allows them to be set in straight blue, straight red or RGB modes. Which lines up with the all blue we see in the picture here. Only 120mm and 140mm fans have been announced, but that makes sense since these big 230mm fans will be unique to this one case and not sold as a regular product for use in just any case. New pic of the rear side. 200m fans confirmed as RGB.
  7. I would like to know what the maximum motherboard size for the HAF XB II Evo Case is. I know that the Form Factor is ATX...I would like to know the maximum dimensions in inches. Thanks for any help!
  8. Arcis Modz

    Vault - Tec

    Hey Guys, ARCIS MODZ here, this is my 2nd year in the cooler master case mod contest. This casemod is inspired by the Fallout 4 Game. I'm going to use a custom liquid cooling system in this build. I will also be doing some light modification on the Motherboard. So please stay tuned and hope you guys enjoy the project. Hardware List: Below is the list of parts/hardwares to be used in this build. Specs: CPU: I7 6700K - ✓ MoBo: Asus ROG Impact VIII - ✓ RAM: - GPU: Asus Strix GTX 980ti - ✓ SSD: PSU: CASE: HAF Stacker 915F Water Cooling: CPU Block: EK Supremacy CPU Block Nickel Plexy - ✓ GPU Block: EK-FC980 GTX Ti Strix - Nickel - ✓ Rad: EK-CoolStream SE 240 (Slim Dual) - ✓ Pump/Res Combo: EK-XRES 140 DDC 3.2 PWM Elite (incl. pump) - ✓ Fittings: EK-HDC Fitting 12mm G1/4 - Black - ✓ Fittings: EK-AF Pass-Through G1/4 - Black - ✓ Hard Tube: EK-HD PETG Tube 10/12mm 500mm - ✓ Coolant: EK-Ekoolant Pastel YELLOW - ✓ MODS and Misc: Fans: Led Lights: White LEDS - ✓ Sleeves: ARCIS MODZ cable sleeves - ✓ Hardware Shots:
  9. I was thinking of buying the HAF XB EVO for a new lan build. I have a very long power supply and it wouldn't fit in the HAF XB. I was planning on removing the X-Dock, which would provide me with plenty of room for the psu. The only problem is the hole in the front panel that would be left. Is there any easy solution to this? Thank you for your help.
  10. From the album: Nepton 240M, HAF 922

  11. Hi All And thanks in advance for your answer Anyone know if the Nepton 280L can fit on Haf 922 case? My idea is Radiator, inside at top, and the fans outside at top
  12. Hello! I just purchased the HAF X and I decided to add a white LED strip to the inside of the case. I know that the votlage of the red LED on the front is 2v. And my LED strip is 12v. That obviously can't work, so I need suggestions! A friend told me I could use one of the power supply's cables with 12v and connect the strip to that cable, but I'm not really sure about that. Help would be very much appreciated.
  13. Hoping for a "WELCOME to the CM club" The HAF STACKER 935 is my first CM case and i had a question (as it is currently being shipped to me as we speak). I couldn't help myself to looking into all of the after market CM offers for their products. I've never seen a manufacture dedicate so much resources into after market accessories for their products. My question now is could i use a HAF XM Right side Panel on my HAF 935? I do great cable management, although i always have a bulge. I have alot of cables. here is the link to the XM right side panel. . Thank you everyone! I'm looking forward to being a part of this community!
  14. I want to run 9 hard drives in the Haf Stacker 915R and 915F for a total of 18 drives. These drives will almost never be used. As an example lets say at most 1 hard drive will be used a week, and that the hard drive will run for less than 10 hours or less for the week. My question is how to cool them? I could just put 3 fans in each case for awesome cooling, but this would be VERY wasteful running all those fans when it might be days days/weeks/months between hard drive uses. It might be better to have something temperature or use based... While I have ideas and have researched some, I was curious if anyone else tackled this situation or one like it, and if so how did they do it? Thank you! -Bill Full Description of the scenario: I bought the three piece Haf Stacker (935+915F+915R) with the intention of using it as a media server with 24 drives connected to it (six in the 935, Nine in each of the 915's) The 935 will be the day to day storage powering the DVR, and will see it's hard drives used nearly 24 hours a day, but the 915's will have hard drives filled with media archives, meaning they will see VERY little use.