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  1. David Lloyd-Jones

    Very Disapointed with Cooler Master

    What can I say over £50 down and NO solution for faulty goods sold to me by cooler master. I have been told it is better if you live in other country's but I live in UK and here is what the case is here, Brought a cooler fan didn't work so I registered the cooler and requested a replacement fan all OK, Then after 6 months replacement fan failed so I took the fan off and fitted some other fan's (None Cooler Master), problems started. The Cooler wasn't filled enough with coolant (read forums common problem) so requested a RMA, took about 2 weeks to get a RMA. The UK service desk told me to post a RMA with a address for the Netherlands on to a UK address, Now these people work in RMA department surly they know you can't post something to 2 addresses but Apparently my fault for posting to wrong address but its the address on the RMA form ?, so anyway seeming that it was actually a cooler master service center it was posted to they decided to post it back to me with fee's, So anyway my broken cooler finally arrived back home after about 8 weeks on being to the Netherlands etc and costing me a lot in postage and return fee's. Now I know someone looked at my cooler as the pipes are broke and there is No coolant what so ever in the box not even a coolant stain. So how this happen NOT only have cooler master sold faulty good's but they are willing to do anything to cover up including damaging people's property I threatened to weigh the cooler and split it on YouTube as a test of how much coolant was actually in the unit but now thanks to there criminal damage I am unable to do it, and as they have returned the cooler I am unable to claim off the royal mail so just shows don't complain to them they are power hungry. Now I have spent more than the cooler is actually worth trying to get it replaced I just hope 1 person reads this and decides to buy another brand of cooler it has been worth my time. Thanks,
  2. David Lloyd-Jones

    DX Lite 700w

    That don't sound to good, Firstly I can't see how the motherboard can effect the gcard, if the cards to fast it will slow itself down this is a case with AMD's as AMD's normally support PCI-E 2.0 and Intel PCI-E 3.0 but as you got a intel this shouldn't be a problem I can see why your friend said about the motherboard but it is more of bottle necking with the i3 that was the problem and at a guess it was a PCI-E 2.0 board P65 chipset. Secondly I can't see it being the power supply, Does the PC switch on and fans spin when turned on ?. What as I would suggest is plugging in your monitor into the on board graphics with the Gcard in slot to see if that's where your output is going, if so it could be that your PC is set to boot on board first but more likely that your Gcard is faulty, Is it new and can you RMA it as MSI have got a very good RMA service. else I would test another power supply with it, Does it run the computer with your old card ?, and had you seen the card working b4 you fitted it and anyway of testing it in another system ?
  3. David Lloyd-Jones

    Nepton 240m Pump Rattle/Noise/Ticking

    Don't blame you it wasn't the money for me. I have a real passion for helping people and bringing more people into the fold, Last year I sold over 20 ASRock Motherboards as they were my preferred make of board then I had problems with 1 (No sound) so I tryed to RMA, Same story they had to have pics of board and socket so I provided and waited then they said to send it back and got bounced straight at me as it was incompleate, So I mailed again and they stated that it was becasuse of having packaged with the wrong SATA cable (From another ASRock board) so I stopped useing ASRock and moved to MSI. I can explain how PPM works and how factorys are measured but to much to get into here, But the end of the story is that if they can get you from returning it (lost in post) etc they don't have to call it a defect so they can carry on building shoddy goods, at the moment I am led to believe that in every 10 iphones produced they are rejecting on avarage 7 and thats one of the best manufacturing plants in China, Now who really cares about coolermaster best advice to give is just stay away from the brand as if they produce in china and no quality control there quality is deteriating badly.
  4. David Lloyd-Jones

    Nepton 240m Pump Rattle/Noise/Ticking

  5. David Lloyd-Jones

    Nepton 240m Pump Rattle/Noise/Ticking

    I wouldn't RMA it unless you are prepared never to see it again (my experience anyway). I had a EVO 212 to use while I was waiting but ended up buying a new Nepton from the local shop so they can have the headake of swaping it if I have a problem with it, But I tryed to protect myself as much as possible so I got the shop to bring most there stock out so I could check weights and I must point out that even without scales you can tell some are heaver than others.
  6. David Lloyd-Jones

    Nepton 240m Pump Rattle/Noise/Ticking

    Sounds like you done everything right and you need to return the cooler, I suspected my cooler (That I doubt I will ever see again as I sent it to cooler master on a RMA over 3 weeks ago) of being only half filled as was a lot lighter than one I compared it to in a shop, and when you moved the rad upside down it you could hear the water moving down the rad so there must of been a lot of air in there, The point is that I had the same problem as you but more intermediate they must be trying to save money on saving on coolant and my box stated (factory filled and tested for years free maintenance) bollox lol.
  7. David Lloyd-Jones

    Head Office Address

    lol best thing is that in manufacturing you will have a 3 mil ppm on just the cooler that you sold me, if you need help with engineering metrix PPM is parts per million most companys will aim for about 5000 ppm, lol.
  8. David Lloyd-Jones

    Head Office Address

    I have mailed you the details NOT to get a reply, All I have had is rude service, Because you don't know that you can't post to 2 addresses and have put the wrong address on the RMA I have to suffer, From what I understand NOT only did I have to pay for postage to the neverlands I have to now wait for its return to redo the RMA and pay for postage once again, WHAT's this annoy the customer untill they give up ?, and the other reason I want head office address is because of the service I have got off you. I understand that I was angry and said somethings I shouldn't but you just got me to pay for postage to another country with what is actualy a heavy item, Then I get ignored for days and then have to play a waiting game for something if I hadn't of replaced it on my own back would of cost me money. So if you have recieved my cooler yet please inform me and please provide me with what I have asked for I will spell it out H E A D O F F I C E A D D R E S S.
  9. David Lloyd-Jones

    Do Cooler Master Own Powercool.

    The coolermaster is a great case have owned it for years now and its what got me into cooler master, In the day when all cases were same design PSU at top bla bla bla, Then I brought my case, I was amazed nothing like I seen b4 it had PSU at bottom pulling air in from the side and venting out the front, Desktop or Tower though depended on what DVD drive you had lol, Started with a Core2Quad in there with a 6850 though it was a bit cramped never had a single problem though I had to give my Zalman cooler a centre parting lol​, Then upgrade the case started showing its age, i7 16GB of Ram, SSD, R9 270 with a EVO 212 cooler, Ops didn't realise size of the cooler it just stuck straight out the side of the case couldn't put the side back on at all, Can't have a PC without the side on, Lucky the motherboard had holes for socket 775 so I was able to put on the old Zalman, After a while I started to want more power so I brought a additional 270 card, This generated to much heat so I decided to change case, So not wanting to part with my case I built a second computer around it taking into consideration heat, So I kept the same board with the 775 fixings so I could reuse the 775 cooler added 8GB of Ram just 1 hard drive, and 1 of the 270's I upgraded the other to a 280x not quiet as much power as 2x270's but more memory and a single slot, but anyway the case is still used today under my TV as a media centre/family computer that plays the occasional GTA 5 and BF4 so as you can see it has defiantly stood the test of time, I am thinking a Sedion 120V would fit lovely with the RAD and fan on the side of the case would just have to be super careful if I ever had to open it lol. or is there any other coolers I would fit in there ?.
  10. David Lloyd-Jones

    Seidon 120V, are there enough screws?

    Hi Andrea I think I got 4 long screws and 4 short screws with my cooler and you can set it up however you want m8, For the setup you want you would have the rad attached to the case with the short screws and the fan on the inside of the computer on the long screws, However some cases (like mine) don't allow you to attach straight to the case so you do need that second fan, But you ever considered having it pull though the RAD as you can have the direction of the fan blowing whatever way you want just turn it around.
  11. David Lloyd-Jones

    Seidon 120v installion installation

    Good question I had the same problem, just doesn't seem to be quiet tight enougth, But with mine I had no problem paranoia ended up getting me tightening them using a big flat headed screwdriver but all I managed to do was to jam one of the pins which I had to end up cutting off as it would just spin in the backplate, then I ended up pushing all pins towards the cooler this ment it went really tight and didn't wobble, But did it effect the temputure, NO not 1 bit so I would see what temps you getting and decide from there, I also got a i7 what generation is yours mine is a 3k. socket 1155, But I would suggest going for a slightly better cooler as I was running the sedion on mine and getting about 70 degrees on load now I am running a nepton 120V and getting 50-60 as the i7 expecially the 2 and 3k's generate a lot of heat unless you delid them.
  12. David Lloyd-Jones

    Head Office Address

    I will have to point out I was given 2 addresses I was told to post to Cooler Master Europe BV Unit 401 Houldsworth Mill Houdsworth Street Reddish SK5 6DA UK But the email also stated that I must have the RMA clearly on the front of the box. and the RMA had a address assigned to it. Lodewijkstraat 1b 5652 AC Eindhoven The Netherlands and the woman in the post office said that I couldn't send it that way as if the RMA was on the front of the box with the address visible it will have to go to that address, a secondary address means that it won't get posted in the UK. and as I can't log onto your support anymore I had to make a call, Hope this information is helpfull if you can't return my cooler please tell me ASAP and supply me with head office address so I can make a claim. Thanks
  13. David Lloyd-Jones

    Head Office Address

    Not 100 percent sure, I sent the cooler off a couple of weeks ago, I was annoyed as the ticket was closed and I couldn't contact support again as it looks like your Facebook token isn't working how it should, So I sent the cooler off as I wanted it sorted ASAP even though I had some concerns about the RMA, First I had to pay for the postage myself ? (From UK to Netherlands) isn't cheap in fact it cost me about 1/3 of the price of the cooler and never had a RMA where I had to pick up the costs, Because of this I wrote a note with the cooler asking for advice and to be contacted on delivery of the cooler (something that hasn't happened), Anyway I can go on for a while but I will just leave you my RMA number and you can sort from there. 1435844979
  14. David Lloyd-Jones

    I think the pump may have gone in my SEIDON 120V

    2 Weeks now still waiting.
  15. David Lloyd-Jones

    RMA Replacement Delay - Crappy (never buy from cooler master)

    Exactly UK you have to pay your own postage as well then they steal you cooler and don't reply to any email's/forum messages and the support page don't work, Now I can logon with another account but my warranty for my cooler isn't on there and won't let me add to more than 1 account, Cooler Master are not a very good company anymore.